Life after death: what happens to a soul who commits suicide?

What happens to a soul who commits suicide? 

I can only speak to you about what I myself believe to be true (which is what I do, below), based on my own conclusions, reached as a result of my many years as a professional medium, and through my own meditations and research.

There is absolutely no outside judgement, and there is no punishment… and this is also true of any soul who physically dies in any way other than suicide. There are different reasons that lead people to end their own life, and there are different states of mind upon death. One person may feel severely depressed, joyless and hopeless; another may be rage-filled and motivated by destruction and revenge. Some of us will want to believe that the latter will face instant and eternal punishment, and I can kind of understand why… but I don’t believe that that is how it occurs.

It appears to me that we are our own judge and jury, and it is our mindset – and the nature of our spirit – at the moment of death, that dictates how we process the experience, and how we evolve beyond that point. We choose what we gravitate toward – we are not sent.

The soul who is worn down, struggling and defeated, and whose intention is just to end the suffering, is as vulnerable and as weak as a soul can be. This soul is troubled and bruised, and life on Earth has proved too difficult for it to be able to stay the distance. And usually, by the time a person has plunged to such a mental and emotional depth, they are unable to rationalise things in the way that those who are less overwhelmed might be. There is nothing about this that requires punishment, and no force (call it God, the Universe, whatever) that would respond with anger and a desire for retribution – is my firm, considered belief. 

Self-reflection and healing

Upon physical death, the ‘energy field’ of a soul may need to heal, especially if it has been ill for some time, or subjected to strong trauma; however, this is a soothing, releasing process, taking the ‘weight’ away, and there is no pressure. A suicide-passing will find peace, space, and time (although not in the ‘human’ sense!) to reflect upon and understand its incarnational experiences and how it processed them, as well as upon the nature of its death. I remember, many years ago, ‘seeing’ a young man who had taken his own life; he showed himself seated upon what appeared to be a hard-backed chair, elbow on his knee, chin in his hand, looking gloomy. However, all around him were what I can only describe as outstretched arms (which I could only see from the elbows down), in shining, fluorescent white… and I knew for sure that the second he decided to reach out and take one of those hands, he would be welcomed and uplifted… and there would be no time limit. 

I have communicated with other souls who passed through suicide, who have expressed no regret about the nature of their death… they just couldn’t stay, no matter how hard they tried. They are always humble, sorry for having hurt the loved ones left behind, but also hugely relieved to be released from the painful prison of their own mind and emotions, whilst in physical form. Sometimes they even use humour, in a self-deprecating way, trying to reassure their grieving loved ones that they are genuinely okay.

So, a kind of healing takes place, but the soul will still have to reflect upon all aspects of its existence, in a non-judgemental way, if it wishes to continue to evolve – and in my experience, it is a blessed relief that most would not resist.  


And I say most, because there are souls who do resist, but they are usually amongst those who have operated from an incredibly dark and destructive mindset whilst physically alive, carrying it with them into death. This could include those who violently take the lives of others, before killing themselves, in order to escape capture and punishment. It is the darkest statement that could ever be made, and the most insidious way of having the last word. These souls may not necessarily be willing to reflect, bitterly hanging onto their old beliefs, waiting for the kind of after-life they had been programmed to expect… and what they experience will naturally reflect all of that. We cannot choose to be a dark, oppressive, controlling energy-form, motivated by hatred, and still heal and evolve through the light. No outside source dictates that this is so: it is absolutely an inside job. However, at any point that the soul decides to open up and face itself (which will take courage), it can begin a new journey. Until that happens, it is only possible for it to experience a grey, joyless sense of being – a kind of self-imposed version of ‘hell’ (but, couldn’t the same also be said for those of us still living out our lives on Earth? Isn’t it our perceptions, beliefs and attitudes that dictate how we experience life, more than circumstance does?).

There are other souls who are fully aware that they haven’t lived life in the best way that they could, and they resist the reflective process through fear. I remember being told, by a trusted friend, of a young man whose father had been a cruel bully to him for years, leaving him with deep-seated emotional issues. Following the old man’s death, the son became convinced that his father was haunting him, as his presence was as strong as when he’d been alive in the flesh. I was sympathetic but sceptical, believing that the young man was struggling with understandable psychological issues that would require professional attention; however, my friend, who was experienced in such matters, ‘tuned in’ and became convinced that he wasn’t just imagining things – his mean-spirited father was hanging on to him, from beyond the grave. She and her group organised a sitting, and it was established that the old man recognised how badly he had treated his boy… and he was afraid to move on, as he believed he was going to be ‘punished’. My friend assured me that they eventually persuaded him to find the courage to face himself, so that both he and his son could find peace and freedom. This man didn’t pass as a result of suicide, but the story is an example of a soul who initially resisted… and could have chosen to continue to resist, keeping itself ‘stuck’. I am happy to say that this kind of situation is rare, so please don’t go believing, if you have lost a loved one who made mistakes and handled life badly, that they are automatically destined to suffer. Most souls are intrinsically decent, and welcome the chance to review and understand their incarnation, and heal and evolve.   

Love and acceptance

As I said earlier, these are my beliefs – the stuff that makes sense to me, based on the way in which I have processed experiential evidence. I am not suggesting that you should also view the subjects of suicide and life-after-death in exactly the same way: only that it just might interest you, or provide a little food-for-thought. 

To sum up, in answer to the question: ‘what happens to a soul who commits suicide?’, I would say, healing, time and space for reflection, an endless sense of love and acceptance, and ongoing evolution (if that is what the soul chooses). And we aren’t ‘let off the hook’ for anything by an outside source of authority… we all have to come to our own conclusions. 

I have included some of my observations and understandings about our continued existence beyond physical death, in my novella, ‘Daniel Beyond Death’, which is available for sale on Amazon. However, if you would like to receive a free copy, as a  pdf file (in exchange for an honest review!), please let me know by email (, and I will be happy to send it across to you! Please note: it does contain strong language.

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  1. What an insightful article ,I’m sure it has help to calm the fears of anyone who has lost a loved one through suicide ..


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