How I work – important to know!


Intuitive prediction, insight, and guidance

There is only one valid reason to have an intuitive consultation: to gain valuable insight and information!

As an Intuitive Consultant, I provide predictions, insight, and food for thought – and I have a very respectable track record for long-term accuracy and productive guidance. I will never take the easy road of telling my customers only that which I believe they want to hear – that would be of no use to them in the bigger picture, and it would undermine my business principles.

Intuitive v Psychic

Intuition is a natural ability possessed by everyone – whether or not they are aware of it, believe it, or make use of it.

Psychic ability is an advanced or developed form of intuition and is utilised when tuning in to other people or outside situations.

A combination of both allows me to delve into the inner and outer world of the customer. I choose not to use the term ‘psychic’ to describe myself professionally as it is generally associated with fortune-telling – and there is a lot more to my work than that. It’s about more than just being able to pick up on certain facts or past or forthcoming events. Being able to dig deeper, getting into the customer’s inner world (or engine room, as I call it) is where it all begins.

How I can help you

By answering specific questions

By offering a selection of general predictions and insights

By looking into the energy field of another person- for the purpose of gaining helpful insight into their mindset and intentions (and definitely not for intrusive or negative purposes!)

I can make a connection with a deceased loved one.

Experience has taught me that things are not always exactly as they appear on the surface. The reality of our inner world is often very different from our outer projection. We may be struggling in ways that the world doesn’t recognise, such as feeling lost, stuck, sad, or defeated. And we sometimes find ourselves getting into the same old situations without realising that we are doing so, or knowing how to break the pattern. Mere fortune-telling isn’t always enough, because, without insight, some predictions will be a lot less useful than they could be.

However, there are 3 important things to remember!

1) Be aware that you will not understand everything that is said at the time of the consultation, and will need to allow some time to pass where certain points are concerned.

2) You will not necessarily immediately accept or agree with all that is said; however, as time passes by, certain parts of the consultation will explain themselves or become clearer.

3) I’m not God – I can’t see everything! There will, realistically speaking, be some things I don’t see or feel. However, what you will receive is a productive framework of predictions and insights… with some food for thought thrown in!

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