How I work…


I believe that every human being has access to the intuitive mind, and an in-built ability to ‘read’ others. However, in order to be truly productive, this ability requires ongoing development and fine-tuning, with plenty of hands-on experience.

I have been consistently working on my trade for over 25 years, and I believe that the learning never stops!

When working on behalf of the client, I sit with my eyes closed, clear my mind, and then focus my attention upon their energy field. I allow my inner ‘radar’ to start creating images on the screen of my mind, be they still frames, or short scenes, rather like video clips.

I also pay very close attention to what I sense, as in many ways this is even more informative than the images.

I have now picked up a thread, which I follow along, interpreting all that I am seeing and feeling, whilst assessing approximate timelines. I genuinely believe that whatever I am seeing will never be wrong… but it is possible to occasionally misinterpret, and so it has to be remembered that no intuitive consultation can possibly produce an entire life story, with every┬ásingle eventuality covered! Realistically speaking, there will be gaps… but what will be received is a solid framework of insights and predictions, with some food for thought thrown in!

I always remind my clients that they will not be able to understand every aspect of the consultation, at the time of receiving it, and they may not necessarily accept or agree with it all, either! It is ultra important to retain a copy of the audio recording, and revisit it periodically, in order to get the most from it.

I have a comprehensive list of currently available consultations (see my consultations page), and please check out my positive customer feedback, and also my blogs. Thank you for visiting my website today!