How I work – important to know!


Information about bookings:

In line with my current waiting list, you will need to allow up to 3 working days for delivery of your consultation; I no longer produce consultations on Saturdays or Sundays. I will acknowledge all bookings within 48 hours of receipt of payment, and provide the date upon which the recording will be delivered.

Intuitive insight and guidance

Intuition is gifted to everyone. The belief that only certain, special individuals possess this ability is not one that I hold.

However, there is more to the work of an Intuitive Consultant than just being able to intuitively pick up certain facts, or forthcoming events: being able to dig deep, getting into the customer’s inner world (or engine room, as I call it) is where the real work begins.

And, of course, there is only one reason to have an intuitive consultation: to gain insight and information!

How I approach my work:

I have spent years studying and learning about the human mind, emotions, and spirituality. I started with myself, and then applied what I understood to my professional life. Within a short period of time of beginning my career as an Intuitive Consultant, I realised that being ‘psychic’ wasn’t enough. At least, not if I really wanted to help people in a productive way.

You see, things are not always as they appear on the surface. People are often different to their outer-projection. And we sometimes find ourselves getting into the same old situations without recognising that we are doing so or knowing how to break the pattern. Mere fortune telling can’t handle that kind of stuff, and without insight, some predictions are a lot less useful than they could be.

However, my service is not for everyone, and I understand that! I am an Intuitive Consultant, not a psychic or a fortune teller (I used to use the term psychic, but I became increasingly uncomfortable with it). I do provide predictions, and I do have an excellent track-record for long-term accuracy… but I also always include insights and food-for-thought. And I will not take the easy road of telling my customers only what I believe they want to hear – that would be insulting to them, and to myself. Some people only want predictions without any insight or ‘intuitive coaching’, and of course they are entitled to find the reader who offers that service… it just isn’t me!

How I can help you:

I can help you by answering specific questions, or by offering a selection of general predictions and insights that take shape and form on the screen of my mind whilst ‘tuning in’ to you. I can look into the energy field of another person for the purpose of gaining helpful insight into their mindset and intentions (but definitely not for intrusive or negative purposes!), and I can make a connection with a deceased loved one.

However, there are 3 things to remember!

1) Be aware that you will not understand everything that is said at the time of the consultation, and will need to allow some time to pass where certain points are concerned.

2) You will not necessarily immediately accept or agree with all that is said; however, as time passes by, certain parts of the consultation will explain themselves or become clearer.

3) I’m not God – I can’t see everything! There will, realistically speaking, be some things I don’t see or feel. However, what you will receive is a productive framework of insights and predictions, with some food-for-thought thrown in!

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