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Does the world really need another book about intuition? Probably not. However, there are many ways of looking at things, and there are different viewpoints to be considered.

Author, Leanne Halyburton, believes that intuition is not a gift that is bestowed upon only a select few – it is natural to all of us! It is something we use in everyday life, often without even realising it; however, there are also times when we consciously and deliberately turn to it for insight into the bigger issues of life. From the work of psychic detectives, to the insight and prediction provided by intuitive consultants, this book examines the roles that intuition plays in our lives – and explains why we couldn’t survive without it. It also discusses the following:

The differences between a psychic reading and an intuitive consultation

How each aspect of our life operates from within its own energy field

How intuition transmits via energetic channels

How intuition and ‘good luck’ are connected

Why intuition is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and can sometimes be unclear or patchy

The mindset and approach that works best with intuition

Leanne Halyburton is a professional intuitive consultant, with a career that has spanned 26 years; her approach to both her work and her writing is straightforward and down to earth. Her insatiable curiosity, her humour, and her committed belief in the power of intuition, flows from the pages of this easy to read book!

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Isn’t ‘dead’ a harsh way of referring to those we have loved, but whose time in this physical world has come to an end? Of course it is… and the title of this book is intended to be a little tongue-in-cheek! Meanings of the word dead include, “no longer living, deprived of life, lifeless”; however, anyone who has ever experienced even the briefest of connections with a loved one who has – how shall we say it? – gone ahead, will know that those descriptions have nothing to do with human souls! After all, how can something that is ‘lifeless’ communicate with us? How can it be sensed, and felt? The answer is, it can’t. Only something that is life-filled can do those things. Just because one physical journey has come to a conclusion, it doesn’t mean that the story is over. A page, maybe… but definitely not the whole story.

However, in this book, the term  ‘dead’ doesn’t just refer to those souls we have known, loved, and lost. Connections are sometimes made with souls we have never met… and, of course, it wouldn’t make sense not to talk about spirit guides!  

How The ‘Dead’ Connect With Us – And Vice Versa, explores the different ways in which ‘they’ can connect with us, and us with them. Leanne Halyburton writes in her customary candid, down-to-earth way, weaving warmth – and a touch of humour – throughout the pages. She reassures and encourages, whilst approaching certain subjects in a rational way, including:

★ Intuitive development
★ Mediums
★ Spirit guides
★ Hauntings
★ Ouja
★ Trapped energetic ‘recordings’

Bonus material
The first chapter from, Our Life Beyond Death – An Incredible Journey
Two beautiful, heartfelt poems.

If you are looking for a fascinating, easy read that will leave you with a little food for thought, whilst reassuring you that you are NOT going crazy when you experience a spontaneous connection with a lost loved one, then, How The ‘Dead’ Connect With Us – And Vice Versa, might just be worth a try!

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Can we believe that life continues after death? And if so, do we lose our sense of individual ‘self’, our character and personality? Or, is it simply the beginning of the next phase for each and every one of us… all unique souls, in our own right? Leanne Halyburton worked as a medium for 25 years and, ‘Our Life Beyond Death – An Incredible Journey’, is a collection of her perceptions, observations, and conclusions. She doesn’t attempt to convert you or persuade you to see life beyond death in the same way that she does – she only wants to share with you her absolute belief in the continued consciousness of the human soul, and why she believes that ‘life’ and ‘death’ are inextricably linked. A straightforward and thought-provoking read which includes a selection of heartwarming stories about those who have ‘passed’. Leanne has always been fascinated by the essence of communicating souls, has always wanted to understand more about who they were and still are, even though they are no longer with us in the physical sense… something she endeavours to bring to life within the pages of this engaging book.

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Contains some strong language. Daniel Jackson was an ordinary 15-year-old boy, with his whole life ahead of him… until he forgot to look both ways, running into the pathway of a car that catapulted him into a whole new existence. Surprised that he still felt very much ‘alive’, and that being dead was actually quite pleasant, Daniel slowly began to adjust to his new ‘life’, with a lot of help from a very surprising source. And then he found them – his beloved grandparents, Bill and Brenda… and other souls he somehow ‘knew’, without having any memory of them! Daniel learned how to communicate in a non-physical world and how to visit his grieving loved ones, reaching out to his devastated mother through her dreams. But even death has its dark side, as he was to discover, on a disturbing visit to a place in which the lost souls hideout until choosing to be rescued. Daniel’s story is inspired by the observations and experiences of author Leanne Halyburton, a retired medium… and it ends not with an ending, but with a new beginning! Warm characters, love, laughter, lessons, and a few tears: Daniel’s fascinating experience of life beyond life! Fast-paced novella.

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Biker rom-com, contains some strong language.

Venus Lombardi, lean, mean, biker queen, is not the kind of girl a guy takes home to his mother… and she is not the kind of girl to let Nick go, either, no matter how hard he tries to escape her clutches. So, he’s tired of her tantrums and the fact that she’s got to have the attention of every bloke within a 100-mile radius? Well, that doesn’t mean that he can just jump onto that s***heap of a motorbike and ride off, straight into the arms of a goody-two-shoes blonde marshmallow. Nick might be a really nice guy – and good-looking too – but he soon learns that taking the coward’s way out isn’t such a good idea after all… as he loses everything that he’s gained, in the most heartbreaking way. However, love hasn’t completely abandoned him and throws a second chance his way – with a bit of help from a couple of interfering friends… and Rod Stewart! Modern, fast-paced biker rom-com about love, lies, heartache – and new beginnings!