Why Are We Drawn To Psychics And Fortune Tellers? What Are We Looking For?

Okay, so it is interesting to be told stuff that we already know about ourselves from someone who doesn’t know anything about us… but why do we want to delve into the as-yet unknown? Why do we feel the need to have a sneak preview into some of what the future might possibly hold for us? Well, for reassurance, mostly. Which is great, if what is revealed to us runs in line with what we want to hear or like the sound of. Not so great if it doesn’t.

However, we can’t help ourselves, because we are wired to have faith in something greater than we are – and by faith, I am not talking about religion. We want to feel that we aren’t alone in this great big world, and that something, somewhere, has got our back. We might not even be consciously aware of this, but I believe that it is a part of our primeval programming. Before organised religion existed, mankind was already developing beliefs, and looking outside of itself for answers. Mysticism and magic were a part of our early ancestors’ lives long before religion was. And so was divination… we have always had a yearning to know more! How many of us talk to something in our head, be it God, the Universe, a spiritual guide etc, when we are fearful, or seeking an answer to something important? How many of us attempt to analyse a situation intuitively, rather than taking it at face value? How often do we beg for insight or guidance from some intangible source of wisdom? Intuitive information is something we are always seeking as we manoeuvre our way through life, whether or not we recognise it. 

There are times, however, when we turn to other human beings for intuitive answers – individuals who have developed the ability to see and sense more than we are able to. We hope that they can help us, maybe by supplying answers, or shedding light on whatever it is we are struggling with. We might simply require clarification on our plans, or be feeling completely stuck in life, with no idea how to move forward. Or, we may have a ‘situation’ that is dominating our every waking second and driving us crazy!

For example, Jane had a new love interest and she wanted to know more, more, more! On paper, everything seemed promising; they had a mutual interest in music, he was presentable and well-dressed, and seemed to have plenty of money to splash around. Even though she was sure that he was ‘the one’, she continued to ask about him. I explained to her what I was seeing and feeling – that he was struggling with money, had the capacity to be moody and controlling, and, if she stayed with him, she wouldn’t be happy. She believed that I was ‘reading him wrong’. 

Until, that is, something started to niggle away at her, leading her to go through his bag whilst he was out, one day. She discovered that he was seriously in debt, paying some people off at £1 a week. Okay, it was a bit of a shock, given the way in which he had been presenting himself, but it wasn’t a major crime. She decided that she could live with it and said nothing. They got married… and then the problems started. Jane had always been a hard worker and a go-getter, but her new husband suddenly began to behave in a jealous and controlling way, making her feel as if she couldn’t do anything right. He changed from being loving and supportive to critical and argumentative. Although her life was becoming increasingly miserable, she soldiered on, trying to appease him and make him happy again. But then, sadly, he was diagnosed with a serious illness, and things got much worse. He became incredibly bitter, blaming life, and Jane, for his situation. Eventually, for her own physical and emotional safety, she had no choice other than to leave him. Writing this actually makes me sad, because I was there at the start, when he was the man she fell in love with and she was happy. And I was also there, on the outskirts, as it deteriorated into misery and ugliness. 

However, all of this took place some years ago; he has since passed, and Jane has rebuilt her life. The purpose of this story is to explain some of the reasons we seek out intuitive insight and prediction. Jane originally came to see me, in my role as intuitive consultant, because she wanted to know what was going to happen in her love life; she didn’t want to just let it unfold naturally, because a) she was impatient, and b) she was afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decision. She continued to seek insight into the relationship as it became more serious, and then into the problems it created in her life. At first, she required information, and then it was reassurance – and finally, she just wanted someone to offload to. It might sound harsh, but there was a point at which I had to step back from her. There is a fine line between receiving intuitive guidance and becoming dependent upon the consultant. And Jane did what many have done before her: she asked for intuitive insight and then ignored most of it. As I am always saying, the problem with intuitive prediction is that it is usually only accepted or understood in hindsight! But, what if Jane hadn’t had access at all to any form of intuitive guidance? Would she have been better or worse off? Even though she was outwardly resistant, at a deeper level some of it resonated with her. And, looking back, she was able to see that her husband’s unhappiness wasn’t her fault – because she had been pre-informed. It was always going to unfold in the way that it did, but at least she understood why. If she hadn’t had that knowledge, would she have been left with a sense of failure and unfinished business, wondering what on earth she did that was so wrong? I can’t say for sure, but I think that maybe she would.

We human souls are always battling with ourselves. The more important something is to us, the more we worry about it. We don’t trust our own judgement and so open ourselves to intuitive insight – and then we fight against that! Sometimes, we are hoping for a guarantee of a specific outcome to a particular situation; but, the more we want it, the more impatient we become, and the more in need of reassurance!  Would we be better off just getting on with things and trusting in fate? Some people believe that yes, that is the best way to approach life… and sometimes they are right. Fear of things not working out in the way that we want them to, or of not getting what we want, can lead us to feel frustrated and anxious – depressed, even. It struck me that when we find ourselves becoming fixated on someone or something, desperate to know how it will unfold, it is usually because we know that certain cracks are likely to appear – and we know why. But, because we don’t want it to be that way, it causes us pain. And then, when we come across someone who ‘intuitively’ tells us what we want to hear, we receive a boost of hope that drowns out the doubt – temporarily. Some souls should not have intuitive or psychic consultations, either in the short-term or ever; they are not mentally and emotionally equipped to process and respond to them in a healthy way. Unfortunately, as already discussed, the modern intuitive arena has a very dark underbelly. That which is not genuinely intuitive, and is not emanating from a good place, is sometimes dressed up and presented as if it is. This practice gives intuition a bad name, and is at least partially to blame for its lack of mainstream acceptance. 

So, anyway, what is it that generally leads people to seek out intuitive guidance and prediction? Well, first and foremost, their love lives! They may not have one and want to know when they will; they may have one but it isn’t going very well; they want to know more about a particular love interest, and if it is likely to lead to commitment; they want to know if an ex is going to return, or if he/she is still harbouring romantic intentions toward them. By far, when customers specify what it is that they require insight into, love tops the list, followed by career (to a much lesser degree). Some just want to receive general intuitive insight, and are open to whatever the consultant sees, feels, and interprets, whilst tuning-in to them. However, lurve is the thing that we dream, worry, and fret about the most in life… because, the thing we fear the most is being alone. If someone loves us, we reason, then surely it proves that we’re worth loving – even if we don’t love ourselves. It is a highly emotive subject, as I am sure you can imagine!

I have come to recognise that there are only so many problems in life. They just pop up a lot. Of course, it doesn’t feel that way to us when we are overwhelmed and struggling. We tend to believe that it is only us who are going through this or that, and that everyone else has it sussed – which of course isn’t true. The following are examples of questions I have been been asked many, many times throughout the years, by different people:

Will I stay in this relationship/job/house/city/country?

Will I be happy if I stay in this relationship?

Will I be happy if I leave this relationship?

Will I be happy and successful in my life?

What should I be doing that would make me happy?

Will I ever find someone who loves me?

Will I eventually get married and have children?

Will my children be happy and successful?

You can see, from these questions, how much human souls worry about happiness, be it their own or their loved ones. The problem is, no-one can (truthfully) intuitively predict happiness, because it is what I call an ‘inside job’. It is possible to have everything that we need, and still feel unhappy. Also, I don’t believe that it’s a good idea to sit on the fence, whilst expecting an outside source to predict what we will choose to do with our life. That is not the purpose of intuition! However, we can use it to establish what is really going on in our inner world, and what it is that we are actually seeking. If, for example, we can’t explain what happiness looks and feels like to us, then how are we going to recognise it? There is no one-size-fits-all, where happiness is concerned, and it often requires some in depth consideration. Where all of these questions are concerned, there is one, underlying, common denominator: fear. Fear of uncertainty, fear of having to make decisions, fear of not being good enough, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown, fear of never feeling any different, fear of not being able to cross the t’s, dot the i’s, and fix life. And there are two things that all of the enquirers are looking for, albeit unconsciously: reassurance, and a guarantee of emotional safety. We human souls are vulnerable, and intuition is there to shed a light on our confusion and uncertainty, and connect us to our greater potential; it can warn us, inform us, wake us up, and enlighten and encourage us. But it cannot create our future; only we can do that. 

Of course, I have been asked other things too… such as:

What are the winning numbers for the Florida lottery? 

Am I going to win a lot of money in Vegas?

Will the kind of phone I want ever become available?

Am I going to marry someone famous?

When is my love interest going to leave his wife and children, and marry me?

Who is afraid of me?

Am I going to meet and marry a man within the next 12 months, who will accept me exactly as I am, and unconditionally support me and my children?

When is my ex going to unblock me from all of his social media accounts, and get back together with me again? 

We can be pretty demanding creatures, we humans! Again though, apart from the question about the phone, (and probably, ‘who is afraid of me’), there is a common denominator, which is the need for emotional safety, be it through money or love. And believe me, if I was able to pick out big-winning lottery numbers, I’d have done it years ago! There are those who believe that intuition is a gift that shouldn’t be used for financial gain; bring it on, I say! I did once have a dream in which a series of numbers were whizzing round on a carousel, and I tried my best to read them. I managed to remember three of them, but I didn’t buy a lottery ticket the following day. When I checked the results that night, those three numbers had come up, darn it! And I once used my intuitive ‘powers’ to win a game of Cluedo, against my daughters, who were pretty annoyed. It only worked that one time, though, which is a shame – poker would have been next on the list.

I am also asked practical questions, from time to time, such as, “I have recently put my house on the market. Is it likely to sell?”, or, “I have applied for a job and am wondering whether or not I’ll receive an offer?” I cannot give specific dates and times, but I can usually describe the general dynamic, offering advice and approximations. For example, I might see the house in question only attracting a little attention in the near future, followed by a sudden flurry of activity and a sense of new beginning – within, say, the next six months. I might describe one or two people who will show an interest, but who don’t purchase. I might even sense that the house requires a little bit of work to be carried out, in order to improve the chances of a sale. I remember a friend of mine wanting to know when his bed and breakfast establishment would sell; he and his wife were desperate to get out before the forthcoming Christmas, fearing that if they didn’t hurry the buyers might back out. I told him that I couldn’t see it happening until around February, but he was adamant that it had to happen sooner. He even had a dream in which I was sitting at a big desk, like Judge Judy, and he was pleading with me to let him move into his new home before the end of the year… and I was refusing! The move finally took place in the middle of February. I’m not claiming to be all-knowing, all-seeing, and infallible, by the way. I am only explaining how it works for me. I have to interpret whatever my mind presents to me, visually and sense-wise; even on the best of days, it is still a bit of an inexact science. And, as you can see from this blog post, in this line of work the consultant can, and often does, go from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again!          

Summing up, I always say that if we are going to seek intuitive insight and prediction from an outside source, it is best to approach it realistically – and to respond, rather than react, to whatever is received. If we know that the consultant or reader is said to have a reasonable and trustworthy reputation, or we have used their services before and found them to be helpful, then we can afford to be relaxed and open to whatever they are able to provide for us. It might be one jigsaw piece that we can slot into the puzzle of our life, or it might be a handful. Either way, it will allow us to see a little more of the bigger picture… even if we don’t immediately recognise it.

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