What Does It Feel Like To Die – To Transition From This World?

“I walked in the light – it was beautiful! And there was lovely music playing… I thought that I was dreaming. And I knew that I wasn’t alone. They took me by the hands and I knew that it was important. I was shown into a room where I sat for a while; it was very peaceful, and I knew that there were other people there because I could feel their presence, even though I couldn’t see them. After a while, I became aware that I was being asked if I wanted to leave the room and go beyond, and I thought about it, suddenly realising that I could move easily because I was no longer in pain. Although I wanted to stay in that room for longer, because it was so peaceful, I knew that I should make my mind up. I wanted to go outside, but I also felt that I should say “no, thank you” and go back to where I came from. But then, I looked up and saw him, and he looked so handsome! He told me that it was alright if I wished to return… but that I didn’t have to. I could feel the presence of some of those I had loved but who had passed, and I just wanted to sit very still and enjoy it. But I started to feel weak and tired, and so I decided to stay – and immediately felt strong again!”

The above is my interpretation of a communication I received (through sense, thoughts, and images) from an elderly lady who had passed. She ‘showed’ me the room in which she rested, as she made her transition from this world, and it almost reminded me of a doctor’s waiting room! It was square, with chairs lining the walls (the kind with low backs, and arms), and although I couldn’t see any windows, the room was flooded with soft light. I knew that there was a door in the far right corner, but it was closed… and I also knew that that door led to the ‘great beyond’. It all appeared simple and ordinaryand yet it felt so right and completely uplifting. Prior to her transition, she was in constant discomfort, was eating very little, and had been becoming forgetful and confused. Life was becoming increasingly difficult, and in the end she was merely hanging on, exhausted. From what she expressed to me, it was clear that she was being offered a choice, which was presented by a man who had played an important role in her life: go back for now, or stay here. When she contemplated going back, she was reminded of how it would be for her. When she chose to stay, she felt strong again, and free of pain… and it was a done deal! 

Joe (not his real name) hadn’t reached his 30th birthday when he left this world. Philosophical, gentle, full of fun, he was a pleasure to energetically connect with. And this is how he described his transition: he was sitting on the ground, facing a small, curved, stone bridge spanning a stream. He was calm and relaxed, and clearly contemplating whether or not to cross it. And suddenly, a much older man stepped onto the bridge, from the opposite side, and walked toward him, arms outstretched. Recognising him, Joe leapt to his feet and rushed forward into an embrace… and that was it. I strongly felt that the older man was apologising to Joe, for misunderstandings that had occurred… as if his non-physical self was more aware than his physical self had ever been. It was still sad to see such a young person leave this world – but he himself was joyful, and that is all that matters!

He was late middle-aged, thought that he would have more time in this world, and was afraid… and so he was resistant to death. He really didn’t know whether or not there was more to experience beyond physical death, or whether oblivion was all that awaited him. He was a man who had always viewed life in a practical, unimaginative way, and so whilst he didn’t come across as particularly unhappy, there was a flat, cautious quality about him. Whilst he was unknowingly in the process of leaving this world, he became aware of a series of bright lights that appeared to be flashing intermittently, and he watched them for a while, confused and uncertain. And then, an elderly man he recognised appeared, informing him that he didn’t have much time – and strongly encouraging him to let go. Eventually, he did… and was relieved to discover that he was still aware – that he was still himself. However, as was his way, he didn’t greet this realisation with great joy, but instead with a kind of grudging acceptance! And, as he adapted, it became clear that he had a number of questions to ask. He’d retained a developed sense of injustice, and he was determined to seek out certain souls and ask them to explain their actions in life. However, he wasn’t enquiring on his own behalf; it was injustice that was inflicted upon others that was foremost in his mind, which revealed him to be a kind and decent man. And at that point the communication ended… so I have no idea how it unfolded for him! 

She was only in her twenties when she died. When I connected with her I was immediately struck by her beautiful energy… loving, passionate, and completely enthusiastic! She was clearly completely at peace with herself and her non-physical existence. As she was preparing to leave this world, she felt as if she was floating, which was a very pleasant experience. She was aware of noise and movement around her, in the ‘real’ world, and was baffled because it seemed to be full of agitation and emotion. She wanted everyone to feel the way that she did, to understand that everything was perfectly okay and exactly as it should be! I asked her what she was doing now… what was her current existence like? She shared with me her strong sense of purpose, and I understood that she was saying “I want to lift the sadness from the world – I try to touch lives, and to inspire.” And I just knew that her caring wasn’t limited to those souls she’d known and left (temporarily) behind… she was also reaching out to others who were struggling with life, and whom she understood because they had something in common. She also told me that she was writing, recording her thoughts and experiences – rather like keeping a journal, I imagine!

So, you can see that the leaving of this physical world is not a one-size-fits-all experience. It is unique to each of us, and maybe even reflective of who we ourselves are, at the moment of our death. To further explain, below is an excerpt from my book, Our Life Beyond Death – An Incredible Journey:

I remember one elderly lady revealing to me a scene that I understood to be her experience of the transition from physical life to non-physical. I saw the inside of a lovely old church, and I could smell the polished wood of the pews and the beams, marvel at the sun’s rays passing through stained glass windows, causing colours to dance across pale, stone walls. The sensation was one of absolute peace and stillness, and I knew that this soul had nurtured a strongly Christian belief and an unwavering faith in her God. No-one on Earth could reasonably argue that she was delusional – this was her reality, her truth, her spiritual relationship with the great, creative force of life. And it emanated from an entirely loving place. 

     Deceased people have expressed the experience of their passing in different ways. Being lifted, or almost sucked out of the physical body, is fairly common. One lady, who had become very frail prior to her passing, showed me how it had been for her, when she parted company with her body. There appeared to be strands, connected to her head, shoulders, arms, and torso – rather like silky puppet strings – and she was lifted, gradually, until she was upright, on legs that had been shaky and weak, but no longer felt that way. A man and a woman appeared, and it was clear that they were waiting for her. She turned, glanced over her shoulder at her still, tired old body – and then stepped forward, leaving this world behind.

     Another lady described feeling as though the years were just dropping away during her transition: as she moved from the worn-out form lying on the bed, her legs felt sturdy and strong, her hair became soft and bouncy, her back straightened, and her lungs became clear. But, the fact is, she no longer had a body! How could she be feeling this way when the physicality had ceased to operate and function? I can only conclude that the awareness of self continues and that the physical body is NOT all that we have… that, in fact, it is only a representation of the energetic body: a solid, outer manifestation that comes with a sell-by date, ultimately to be recycled! It represents only a temporary version of the original, which itself continues to thrive, develop, and evolve, through an endless supply of experiences. One man, who had passed in his sixties, was keen to express the huge sense of relief he experienced when he realised that, despite being dead and minus a functioning body, he was still aware!  

It is important to live the physical life that we have to the best of our ability; after all, when we reach the final paragraph it is too late to add to or edit our story! This is only my personal belief, but I don’t refer to non-physical beings as spirits (although, for the sake of ease, I do in my little book ‘Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities’!); I see us as souls, as tiny, precious shards of the great, creative source of life. I believe that each of us possesses a spirit, which is an energetic record of everything that we have become as a result of our incarnation. Our spirit also reflects the relationship that we develop with life itself, up to the point of our death (you’ve heard of people being described as high-spirited, low-spirited, mean-spirited etc, and there is usually some degree of truth in it). And, our spirit is the only thing that we take with us when we leave this world… a bit like the educational record that follows us as we manoeuvre our way through the school system! However, regardless of all of that, if our visiting communicators are to be believed, whatever it is that awaits us beyond physical death, there isn’t anything to fear (well, for most of us anyway)!


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