The human race is in desperate need of healing. Here are 9 ways in which you can help.

The world we are currently living in is one I no longer recognise – and I know that others feel the same way, too. It’s become unbearably complicated and messy, and planning ahead seems pointless, given that the ‘truth’ changes from one minute to the next. And although corruption appears to be at an all-time high, maybe it isn’t – maybe it is just more visible now. Shame does not exist amongst those who are neck-deep in greedy, manipulative, self-serving behaviour, as they plunge their dirty fingers into everyone else’s pies. Distraction and deflection are the order of the day, constantly pointing us in this or that dubious direction. So, given the unpredictable nature of the life we are waking up to every day, how do we prevent ourselves from disconnecting and living on autopilot, in an attempt to protect ourselves? How do we remain hopeful and motivated? What do we do in order to not only survive but thrive?

My answer would be, by starting with conscious awareness. Too many of us are busily drifting, mentally and emotionally battered by the trauma of the past three years, functioning in a kind of waking sleep… getting by, but joyless. And this way of being won’t suddenly end, as if it never existed – we have to choose to end it for ourselves. If we don’t, we’ll become so weakened that future body blows will take us down before we even see them coming. The energetic state of the world has sunk into one of tangible turmoil, conflict, and disorder, and we are all living in its backwash. It has become darkened and dirtied. However, the healing has to start with us; we have to save ourselves first, in order to be able to save the collective. The fight between good and evil is escalating, with much of the evil being falsely presented as ‘good for us’. We can’t afford to sink into the abyss of depression and futility… and we certainly can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand. We need to be, as I said, aware and awake, and we need to be willing to do what needs to be done, for the sake of the present and the future.

You may have noticed, during 2022, that life wasn’t easy, despite the pandemic being ‘over’. It wasn’t all bad, of course, and most of us still have plenty to be grateful for. However, an ocean of negativity had seeped into all areas of life, and curve balls were coming from every direction. I experienced it in my own life, mostly in the form of aggressive, confrontational behaviour from outside sources. Also, in poor, lacklustre service teamed with an apparent inability to listen or take appropriate action. I recognised that it was happening in other’s lives, too, including those of family, friends, and customers. Selfish, thoughtless attitudes and behaviour were consistently creating stress and heartache for others. And so we all became even more frustrated, wary, and anxious. Which further tainted the collective energy field, adding to its chaos. Most of us have been doing our best to keep going, putting on a brave face, acting as if everything is now ‘back to normal’ – whilst struggling inside. Nevertheless – and maybe I’m naive – I don’t believe that evil will win out in the end – but it’s certainly giving us a good run for our money right now. What needs to be healed and lifted more than anything else in this world, over and above every cause that society deems to be of immediate importance, is its energy field… the collective spirit of the human race. And we can only be fixed from the inside out, not the other way round. The only way of doing that, obviously, is to start with the individual. So, where do we begin? 

Well, first of all, we have to accept the fact that we aren’t all in it together. That’s a lovely, idealistic notion. For example, there are many apathetic human beings on the planet who will spend their entire lives believing that everything is always someone else’s job. A section of society who don’t have the will or the desire to change anything or do anything differently… because they simply can’t be bothered. Then there are those who will go through their lives wearing blinkers, open only to the narrative that causes them to feel safe and validated, furiously dismissing anything that challenges that. And, of course, we have those who view the world as their own treasure trove to plunder and ransack, taking everything that their black hearts desire, regardless of the impact upon their fellow human beings. Which leaves the rest of us to get on with the job of lifting the collective energy field and repairing the open, bleeding wound that has been viciously inflicted upon it. 

And here are my suggestions as to how to go about this task:

1) Do your research, using a wide range of sources, and educate yourself. If you don’t understand something, or it doesn’t make sense, seek answers. Don’t jump on any bandwagons, and don’t take other people’s word for anything – listen to all sides and then reach your own considered conclusion.

2) Be informed, but without allowing yourself to become overwhelmed. Recognise if you are sinking into a pit of despair and futility, and step back for a while, turning your attention to something more lighthearted until you feel replenished. 

3) Speak up, when necessary, in an informed, calm, consistent way. Don’t be closed down, even by those you love, or allow yourself to be belittled and ridiculed. However, it is important not to waste time and energy on those who are obviously closed-minded and completely resistant. With these folk, restrict your conversation to small talk, or avoid them as much as possible.

4) Be grateful to those brave souls who clearly have our backs – the ones who have been determinedly vocal and proactive, regardless of the pushback and repercussions. We need to show them that we support them and that we have their backs, too.

5) Be friendly. Don’t make assumptions about another’s beliefs – give them the opportunity to express themselves before you make your mind up about them. As the old saying goes, we can’t judge a book by its cover.

6) Try not to adopt a self-righteous, superior mindset. That’s how they lure you to the dark side…

7) Recognise the red flags, when they are waving in your face! Some discussions are not going to be worth having, and some battles will not be worth fighting. Some people are spiteful and vengeful, especially when hiding behind technology. Stepping away from them, or not responding, doesn’t mean that they’ve won. You just don’t want to engage with their energy (or bad ju-ju, as my daughter calls it).

8) Take care of yourself. Give each day your attention, and genuinely do the best that you can, in all your endeavours. Push yourself, physically and mentally, but do have a break when needed – it’s imperative to have some fun and to plan things to look forward to.

9) Feed your spirit by being creative. Our spirit is childlike and it loves creativity. And it really doesn’t matter what form it takes, or how ‘good’ it is deemed to be. Write, paint, cook. Sing and dance. Walk. Rearrange your furniture. Upcycle something. Plant things. Share your knowledge with others. Learn something new every day. Wear something different from your wardrobe. Engage with nature. The world can be falling to pieces around you, but if you consistently fail to replenish your spirit, you’ll flatline and your life will become joyless. Of course, it is difficult to motivate ourselves when we are facing specific problems in life – but it helps us to do what we can when we can. Tough times will come to call and we may need to go into retreat when they do. But we shouldn’t set up permanent camp there, because we’ll hurt ourselves and we’ll crush our spirit. Remember – the healing and well-being of the human race begins with the healing and well-being of the individual self. You matter, and you are needed!  

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4 thoughts on “The human race is in desperate need of healing. Here are 9 ways in which you can help.

  1. Really enjoyed your writing. It explains so much that our thoughts all seem to have similar feelings in our situation. It would be easy just to sit back and pretend nothing has changed but have to accept we do not where this will end. It is quite frightening but reading this made me feel “we are all in it together” . which is very comforting.


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