“Give me the low-down!” Sussing someone out, intuitively.

Is it wrong to check another person out, intuitively speaking? To gain insight and information about a love interest, a colleague, or someone whose behaviour is creating problems for us? I don’t believe so, even though they themselves won’t know that they are being assessed by an intuitive consultant!

However, there are certain no-no’s. For example, it shouldn’t be used to ‘spy’ on the existing relationship of a love interest or an ex, and it shouldn’t be used for the purpose of dishing the dirt or causing trouble. The intention behind these would be malicious, and not to be entertained.

But, if we are looking for genuine insight, and/or clarification on something we ourselves already think might be so, then it can’t hurt to receive an intuitive assessment… a bit like having a jigsaw piece or two, to add to the bigger puzzle!

The world of dating is now much more tricky than it was even 10 years ago, largely because of the internet and technology. Online ‘dating’ is a huge thing, and many developing relationships are conducted via phone calls and text… but words alone can only take us so far, when trying to really get a ‘feel’ of the other person and their tendencies and intentions.

Even if we meet up with our love interest, it can still be hard to gauge what is really going on in his or her mind and heart, especially if they are responding in a casual or non-committal way. Or, it may be that they are full-on, right from the start, and we aren’t sure whether or not they are actually genuine… or even just desperate!

And sometimes we feel we could do with some help with an established relationship; maybe we can’t work out what is really going on with our partner, or whether we ourselves are part of the problem (I do not like the question, “is my partner having an affair?”!).

We may want a bit of insight into what to expect from a new boss or colleague, or to double-check whether our instincts about a work mate are accurate… sometimes our own fear and emotions can cloud our judgement, even causing us to be a touch paranoid! It can be difficult to view a situation objectively, when we are emotionally involved.

Having said all of this, I am all for allowing things to take their own course, especially in the world of dating, and always advise against becoming too invested too soon! On the other hand, that can also be a very good reason to have an intuitive assessment… it can help us to keep our feet firmly on the ground, and maybe even avoid a broken heart!

It is important to remember, when asking for intuitive insight into a person or situation, not to be already sold on one particular outcome; if we are going to fall to pieces or become angry because we haven’t heard what we wanted to hear, we should maybe think twice about entering into the process. Of course, any psychic or intuitive consultant can tell you anything they like, with no immediate guarantee that they are being truthful or accurate. However, if you are consulting with a reader who has a good track record, or whose services you have used before and been satisfied, you should be in safe hands. And as for going from one reader to another to another, asking the same stuff about the same person… I really don’t advise it; it is a slippery, downward slope toward confusion, misery and obsession – and rarely leads to a happy ending!

So, remember: intuition is there to help us as we manoeuvre our way through life, providing additional insight and information. It is a valid service (in the right hands!), but one that should be approached in a down-to-earth way and an open mind!

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Intuitive consultant, offering predictions with insight and food for thought. Relationship advisor, blogger, and self-published author. With a black belt in kickboxing!

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