Is it possible to experience a ‘psychic attack’? I have to say yes…..

It had been a long working day, and I was driving home in the dark, tired and with plenty on my mind. I felt it coming before it hit me…or should I say passed through me. A rolling ball of negative energy, a spiteful torpedo, specifically intended for me.

I wasn’t surprised, or even frightened, but I did feel like hell. I knew exactly who the sender was, but I couldn’t be sure it was deliberate. The person in question considered herself to be incredibly ‘spiritual’, but displayed signs of emotional disturbance, played out through bizarre behaviour. I had stepped on her toes, not through malice, but through circumstance……..and I suspected that her particular brand of spirituality had its roots in some pretty dark stuff. I was very, very low for a while after that….physically and mentally….and I felt trapped within a darkness in my own mind. I can’t remember how I got myself out of it, but I do know that if I had not been in a vulnerable state, if I had not been coming out of a very tough set of life experiences, the ‘psychic attack’  would have bounced off me. In fact I may not have felt it at all. 

On another occasion a bolt of negative energy shot through my very core, but this time it was a warning…..short and sharp…..from what some would call a ghost! At the time my family lived off the beaten track, in the middle of nowhere. Between the road and our house was an old run – down cottage, in which no – one had lived for years. I remember a lady, who was coming to me for a consultation, apologising for being late, explaining that she had stopped at the cottage to ask for directions……and that an old man had stared at her from the window, but made no move to open the door or speak to her. She didn’t want to upset him, so left, and managed to find us on her own. Her face was a picture when I explained that the house had not been occupied for years! Anyway, one night I was desperate for a nap, but couldn’t get one ounce of peace from the family. So I took a pillow and a quilt, and drove down the lane, parking up outside the old cottage. I settled in on the back seat, for about 10 minutes…….and then I felt it coming. I scrabbled into an upright position, intending to get out of the way……but it shot straight through me, like a bolt of lightning. Have you ever tried to reverse down a muddy track, in the dark, at 100 miles an hour? I have, I can tell you! “Okay okay……I am going!” I shouted. Whoever or whatever it was clearly did not like intrusion. I was not left with any negative residue… I said, it was a warning, rather than an attack, and I took the hint, and cleared off back to my noisy family!

And I have just remembered a similar kind of experience, but this time I was not alone, and the person I was with felt the wave of negativity at exactly the same second. We were travelling along a country road, heading towards home, and it was as if we had driven into an invisible but antagonistic force field. I said “Oh, I can feel something horrible”, and her head shot round, a look of horror on her face……”Me too! What is it?” I couldn’t say for sure……maybe we just passed through some other poor soul’s s**t, or the residue of something that had been and gone. Limited by our human consciousness, there is more that we can’t explain than there is that we can! Healthy scepticism is good. We should all definitely question and challenge that which does not make sense to us. However, I am bored to tears by those who dismiss everything that lies beyond their own narrow parameters of understanding…..the “I only believe what I can see and everything else is rubbish” brigade. They are entitled to their own un – researched and un – educated opinions, of course, and mostly I don’t come into contact with them. We aren’t on the same page, so we have no reason to be around one another. But every now and then one of them will cross my path, be it at a social event, or on a social networking site, believing that they are perfectly within their rights to deliver an insulting, uninvited diatribe. It’s 2016, not 1602……we’re supposed to be more enlightened now….aren’t we?


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1 thought on “Is it possible to experience a ‘psychic attack’? I have to say yes…..

  1. I know exactly which house you are talking about Leanne as I had a scary encounter with this entity when I came to see you for the first time! When I booked my consultation with you I specifically remember you being keen on my not arriving too early or too late so I made sure I set off with enough time as you lived off the beaten track but found your house easily and must have arrived about 20 mins too early so I thought I would park off the narrow road, by the old farmhouse as it looked derelict so I didn’t think I’d be in anyone’s way.

    I drove down the little lane and turned off my engine. I started to feel very uneasy and a little spooked so decided to leave the derelict farmhouse and park on the roadside just outside of your house instead. No sooner had I parked up again and turned off my engine when an almighty CRACK sounded in my car. I jumped out of my skin as it sounded as though someone had thrown a stone at my windscreen! My windscreen was fine though, and I couldn’t work out what had caused the noise. There was nothing around! Feeling really scared I switched the car engine back on and hot tailed it to your house, arriving a good 10mins too early and looking like I had not taken the slightest bit of notice about what you said to me on the phone!

    I’m in no doubt that that farmhouse was haunted and whatever it was wasn’t a pleasant entity and did not appreciate anyone setting foot on its territory!


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