Course – Develop Your Intuitive and Psychic Ability

Audio/Video Course

Welcome to my new course!

I have been professionally involved in this line of work for 29 years – more than a quarter of a century! And I really wanted to share with you some of what I have learned – because I know how many of you are fascinated by intuition, and how keen you are to develop your own abilities.

So, who is this course for? Particularly beginners – but even those who have already been involved in intuitive and psychic development might find something of interest… maybe even a bit of a refresher.

I am a believer in keeping things simple and straightforward. Having said that, we can’t deny the fact that delving into the world of intuition is an amazing experience – otherworldly, as they say.

What is the course about? It is about the conscious development and enhancement of our intuitive ability, leading to the development of our psychic ability (psychic is a honed version of intuition – but hey, that’s all explained in the course!). As ‘feeling’ is the foundation of intuition, there is a strong emphasis on exploring our ability to receive intuitive information, not only through the physical senses, but through an inner ‘knowingness’. We can see and hear the world around us – but can we ‘feel’ it, too – and can we also feel that which cannot be seen with the eyes?

The course includes fun exercises that allow us to engage in and strengthen our ability to connect with the energy of other people, objects, and situations.

The course comprises 9 modules:

The 9 modules are:

Module 1: Introduction and What is the Difference Between Intuitive and Psychic? (10 minutes)

Module 2: The Four Clairs (14 minutes)

Module 3: Tuning In – includes practical exercises designed to develop your intuitive ability (19 minutes)

Module 4: The Candle Exercise (18 minutes)

Module 5: Spirit Guides: an Explanation (16 minutes)

Module 6: Spirit Guide Meditation (22 minutes)

Module 7: Progressing From Intuitive to Psychic – includes additional guidance and advice (9 minutes)

Module 8: Bonus module – The Energy Field (13 minutes)

Module 9: Interpretation and Signs (20 minutes)

The modules will be delivered via Gmail, to be downloaded and opened. You will receive three emails in total. You can then listen (or watch) at your own leisure, revisiting those modules that you find the most helpful.

Following payment, please email me at, or the ‘contact me’ page, and I will send your course modules within 24 hours.

9 audio/visual modules – £39.95.