Klaus Schwab – human or monster? What really makes him tick?

This has been an odd blog post to write. It’s a bit off-piste – and is likely to attract a few negative comments  (none of which I will respond to). It was just something I decided to try, mainly because I’ve been feeling increasingly stressed, angry, and anxious about what is currently going on in the world – and especially by what is occurring at Davos, the annual meeting place of the super-rich and the wannabees. After all, I ‘read’ other people for a living… so why not Klaus Schwab? Instead of lying there in the dark, despairing, why not do what I have practiced for almost 30 years – and gain a sense of some of what is going on within his ‘inner’ world – that which most of us will never see or be aware of. So, I did – and the results are below…  

I expected Klaus Schwab to feel cold, colourless, mechanical, and joyless. Instead, my intuitive mind revealed a man who appreciates beauty, especially in nature. A man who is deeply curious, and who pays avid attention to detail. And one who loves order – everything being in the right place, for itself and with those things around it. 

I ‘saw’ him experiencing great pleasure whilst contemplating a beautiful or magnificent scene. And genuinely enjoying a clean, calm, thoughtfully laid out environment, especially when furnished with good quality pieces. And I ‘watched’ him reflecting upon and considering things. Even something as simple as a tie. He is fascinated by how things are made – and by how people think. 

So, absolutely not what I fondly imagined I would see and feel whilst ‘tuning in’ to the inner world of a man I believed to be a heartless, soulless monster. Having said that, have I now changed my mind and instead see him as the epitome of warmth and positive intention? The strong, loving grandfather figure we’d all wish to have in our lives? Not at all. Because there is more.

Obviously, there is much I don’t understand about all of this. And there will be gaps because it is impossible to be able to see and feel every aspect of another soul’s inner workings and life journey. However, it is possible (with long-term experience and practice) to be able to gain a reasonable level of insight and awareness into another’s psyche, revealing that which may not be obvious to others, or has been unconsciously repressed or intentionally concealed. Those closest to him will undoubtedly see Klaus Schwab in a completely different light than the millions of strangers who have come to fear and hate him. But then, you could say the same thing about every other despot who has graced the earth.

Something else about him that surprised me was his spirit of generosity, and his genuine enjoyment of young, sharp-minded, hard-working, high-achieving people. The pretty, friendly, confident, and efficient waitress would catch his eye. The handsome, enigmatic, energetic young male with an obvious desire to learn and grow, whose job might be to ensure that everything runs smoothly, would stand out to him. However, many others will remain invisible to him, including most of those attending the annual Davos ‘conference’. What the vast majority of the excited, intense, self-congratulatory, social-climbing attendees don’t understand is this: they are nothing to the creator of the World Economic Forum. They are of no interest, they have no influence, and they will have no power, whatsoever, in the future. They’re just a cacophony of shrill voices straining to be heard and noticed, causing unrest and dissent amongst we ‘ordinary’ folk who just want to get on with our lives. And Klaus Schwab doesn’t enjoy such disorder, or such a distasteful sound – he’s simply highly accomplished at appearing to give a damn. His own private space and his own thoughts are of utmost importance to him. What those things are doing, though, is serving a current purpose. One that is evolving. He will extract all that he needs from an individual, be it knowledge, experience, skill, or influence – and then they will, when they have nothing more to offer, be moved into a kind of exile, out on the periphery, never to return to the inner sanctum. He trusts very, very few people indeed – but it is they who are his advisors, acting as his eyes and ears. If there is anything he needs to know, he will know it. 

He does, however, have some pretty deep and heavy thoughts and feelings, periodically – frustration and disgust, and huge irritation at the stupidity and arrogance of some of those around him. I pondered his thoughts about Justin Trudeau… and, whilst it appears that there is some degree of affection there, it became clear to me that Mr. Trudeau is absolutely not viewed as an equal, is seen as a useful foot soldier, but one who hasn’t always behaved in the wisest and smartest of ways – and is ultimately disposable. I wondered about Bill Gates, too – and I couldn’t feel any particular warmth or even genuine friendship toward him from Klaus Schwab. Okay, there was a degree of admiration and some shared visions – but also distaste. As if some of the ways in which Bill Gates conducts his life and business causes Schwab to shake his head in disgust. 

It has to be remembered that Klaus Schwab is still human, even if it is easy to forget that fact. He doesn’t need a lot of sleep – certainly not in one go, and he has a bit of a sweet tooth, though I don’t believe he overindulges. He enjoys certain pieces of music, very much, and he enjoys comedy. He likes a touch of style, and maybe a certain pair of socks or a particular tie gives him a little buzz. And I feel that, in some ways, he’s becoming bored with the way in which the whole Davos thing is developing. There is much he can’t be bothered to engage with or even pay attention to. The actual intention, the ‘plan’, has little to do with most of what is being pushed as the ‘agenda’. It seems to me that time feels to be running out – that three years from now is a target, and then seven years from now. I have no idea what that means or is about, and no explanation to offer. I just feel a sense of developing urgency within the aged Swiss/German – and that an awful lot more is going on behind the smokescreen of Davos. We’ve got it all wrong (well, some of us have, anyway); he doesn’t actually want compliance, and he doesn’t need the independent news organisations kept at bay; it is a deliberate and calculated illusion that serves its purpose well. He wants us, the ordinary folk, to police ourselves, to reveal which camp we belong to (and can be placed in). The utterly compliant have no role to play in the new world order – they will be seen as having no strength or backbone. And Klaus Swchab’s vision is of a neat, ordered world, inhabited by mentally and physically strong humans, who will undertake all of the work that needs to be done. And they will be rewarded for their commitment (courtesy of the ruling hierarchy)  – and so a social system will exist. Those who are weak, those who won’t/can’t contribute, will be phased out, or used for some other, dubious purpose. He wants an efficient, clean world, and war will not be tolerated. And neither will wokeism. It might be highly useful right now, whilst the ‘cause’ is taking shape and form, but it is merely a tool of disruption – and it will not be allowed to exist in the new world. Its energy is one of weakness, separateness, and victimhood. It’ll be gone. 

With far fewer people in the world, and those who do exist being intelligent and mentally and physically durable, much, much more would be achieved. I believe that Klaus Schwab was raised as a Catholic, though I don’t know whether or not he believes in God; nevertheless, I do feel that he feels that the Creator has got some of it wrong – and that he himself has the power to put it right. Occasionally, he feels defeated and wonders what the point is. Almost as if he has started something he’s not sure he wants to finish. But that doesn’t last long – and it is his inbuilt, highly developed sense of what makes sense and what doesn’t, that motivates him. Even as a child, there were people he loved but whom he could not understand, in terms of their attitudes and actions… stuff that seemed illogical to him. He feels that most human beings are irrational, reactive, selfish, and stupid. They can’t make the best and right decisions. He wants to reshape and run the world, in a much more efficient and effective way – and he can’t do it alone. So he has to trust some people. I don’t believe that he has the stomach for some of what is going to need to be done, where his vision is concerned – which is where others come in. Others who want to survive, and who want stability for their families. Who would work for reward, and be protected from their own impulses and poor choices. Those who would refuse to allow the lower sector of society to drag everyone else down. People would be able to walk the streets in safety, there would be no hiding places for the wrong-doers. No one would be allowed to eat themselves into ill health, or indulge in self-destructive behaviour. And the average life span would be increased – though possibly not for everyone. We’ve been imagining and fearing that the dark intention is to create a global, social state, that it will be an expanded version of socialist China – an existence we will all be forced to adopt and tolerate. And some of the so-called world leaders appear to actually want that, imagining that they themselves will be on the side of power and control. They’ve been enthusiastically implementing that which they believe will earn them a seat at the wedding table. 

However, I’m not sure that that is what Klaus Schwab has been envisioning. I don’t like or accept what he is planning – or the fact that so many are hitching themselves to his cart, desperately hoping for a fat slice of that poisonous pie. The good news is, it’s a huge mess. The bad news is, the minions who can start certain, contributory balls rolling, are weak, ridiculous, self-serving rats who will abandon the ship at the first sign of failure. Having, in the meantime, done more than enough damage to cause us all to suffer in innumerable ways that will take years to put right. They are utterly blind to what they are doing because they lack wisdom. Eckhart Tolle said “Wisdom arises out of awareness. Intelligence without wisdom is dangerous – and it becomes destructive.” Never were truer words spoken. Our immediate, most pressing threat is coming from all of those out there with their own personal agendas, all imagining that they are in the process of saving the planet… believing that they are the chosen ones. They’re like the candidates on The Apprentice – pretending to be team players whilst all the time desperately trying to shine in their own right. Look at me, listen to me, aren’t I amazing?

And what else did I ‘see’? Mines, all over the world, being stripped of their precious resources (stored away for the ‘greater good’) – by strong, subservient workers. Body parts and organs being created and nurtured. Stores and stores of everything we need, allocated to us, based on our perceived worth and value. Reprogramming centres. Our children ‘educated’ in a way that is deemed beneficial to the hierarchy. No one allowed to travel, other than the chosen few. Nations and cultures forced to abandon their old ways of being – individual beliefs and lifestyles obliterated. But, long before that, I saw a disease that will leave its victims looking white, somehow… waxy, chalky skin is the only way I can describe it. And mainly affecting old and frail people. With no cure. I saw Klaus Schwab himself, seated in a chair, upright, being attended by a concerned female – as if he was having some kind of health problem. I was aware that he’s likely to have blood pressure issues and digestive discomfort, at some point. But he isn’t about to vacate this planet anytime soon – in fact, he intends to be here for a whole lot longer. 

However, it’s all just a set of possibilities, written on the face of the universe. Some aspects of the future are written in stone – whilst many aren’t. We do have some degree of control over our individual and collective destiny, and the sole purpose of intuition is to gain insight and information. That’s it, nothing more. Predictions can be treated as warnings or completely dismissed and ignored. Of course, there’s always the possibility that I’m wrong. In any case, I doubt that a small, self-elected posse of human beings will succeed in ruling the world. Anytime soon, at least. The bigger, more vocal crowd of self-appointed saviours of the planet are mostly idealistic idiots who couldn’t be trusted to organise a p**s up in a brewery. God, Mother Nature, human nature – I don’t believe that these forces have seriously been taken into account by those who believe that they have the right to dictate every aspect of our future – and I think that they’ll probably be in for a massive wake-up call. But not, however, before committing atrocities that will change the way in which the world operates, and perpetrating some pretty savage injustices. Something’s got to happen, and something is going to happen. It’s completely inevitable right now. The question is, are we going to simply comply with whatever is coming our way, behaving as if we have absolutely no say in the matter?

Anyway, that aside, I was genuinely surprised that my foray into the inner world of the formidable Klaus Schwab revealed that he does in fact have a very human side – something I seriously doubted. Which, arguably, makes the whole Great Reset/New World Order plan even more questionable; after all, who’d intentionally set out to make that happen?

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