Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities – An Excerpt

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Spirits, Ghosts, and Troublesome Entities

Leanne Halyburton

Copyright © 2021 by Leanne Halyburton


Only my beliefs!

This is a book about what I believe to be true. You will not necessarily agree with some – or maybe even all – of it. I am starting the ball rolling by stating that my intention is not to coerce you, the reader, into seeing things my way. We all have those things that we feel strongly about, and I have certainly expressed my own views somewhat passionately in one particular chapter (the one about ghost hunting!). However, all I ask is that you hear me out, before coming to your own conclusions. As a mostly retired medium, and currently active professional intuitive consultant, I have been around the spiritual arena for more than twenty-six years; it would be odd if I hadn’t formed a few firm opinions during that time! 

     Within the following pages I discuss the difference between spirits and ghosts and how they interact with and affect this world. I also share my thoughts about our multidimensional existence, and how the ‘layers’ sometimes overlap, leading to sightings and hauntings. However, I am happy to admit that I have barely scratched the surface; it is a vast and complex subject – one that no human soul can truthfully claim to be an expert in. I am merely presenting my observations and conclusions for your consideration – and I hope that, even if your views differ from mine, you enjoy some parts of this book!

     Before going any further, I should probably explain what I mean when I use the terms ghost and spirit. To me, a ghost is not a thinking, responsive being. Well, not in the way that a spirit is. A ghost can be a drifting energy with limited awareness. It could pass obliviously through your home without seeing, feeling, or acknowledging you. Sometimes physical coldness accompanies a ghost, causing the temperature to temporarily drop. Or its presence can affect the air in the room, making it feel as if everything has slowed down, which often results in a residual sense of melancholy. And, although I don’t believe that a ghost consciously picks out a particular human soul to haunt, it seems feasible to me that it can be attracted by incredibly low mental and emotional energy – and then continue to hang around, becoming dependent upon the source of its nourishment. Of course, this is an extreme example, and most ghosts will simply pass through and continue on their way, often unnoticed. There can be multiple ghosts passing through or attached to a particular location without actually being aware of each other… leading me to conclude that a ghost’s existence must be a lonely one. Were ghosts once human souls? I think that some probably were, which is sad; ghostly energy is flat and low on life force. A spirit would have to drift deeper and deeper into unconsciousness, and further and further away from the ‘light’, in order to deteriorate into such a state of being. Doubtless, other non-physical life forms also fall prey to the grey realm – rather like an astronaut being cut adrift from his station before floating off into space.

     A spirit, on the other hand, is a thinking, responsive life form, even if it emanates from a dimension of awareness that is low in vibration and density. And not every spirit that we encounter has necessarily experienced an Earthly incarnation; however, that’s a subject we’ll discuss a little further down the line! 

(Readers of my previous books will know that I usually do not refer to the deceased as spirits – or use the term collectively – preferring instead to describe them as ‘souls’. However, for this book, spirit is probably a better fit!).

Chapter 1

One busy house!

One section of my old house was a hotbed of activity of the non-human kind. As I prefer to avoid becoming unnecessarily involved in anything of a paranormal nature (unless there is a genuine reason for doing so) I did my best to ignore it. This is my long-held philosophy: let them, whoever or whatever they are, do their thing and I’ll do mine. However, it started to bug the pets and other members of the family. For instance, I received a text message from one of my children, in the early hours of one particular morning, saying, “Mum, there is something weird going on in the kitchen!” – and so, of course, I had to drag myself out of bed. The dogs, who slept in the kitchen at night, on an old sofa, were becoming increasingly agitated, and one of the cats was staring at the closed door with eyes the size of saucers. 

     Of course, we let the poor things out and made a fuss of them, and, if memory serves me well, I gave the disrupter a good telling off (for all the good it did). What I already understood about the situation was that I was often aware of a presence, which felt masculine, in one specific corner of the room. It didn’t feel like a child – and yet at times it emitted a childlike quality. Not overtly threatening – just different degrees of disturbing… such as the unsettling feeling of being intently stared at, and always from the same corner. I did ‘tune in’ on one occasion, but it was as if the energy pulled itself back, in order not to be reached. And then there was the time I actually caught a brief glimpse of it which, according to my daughters, I described as looking like a jumbled mass; hairy, with pointed teeth of different sizes scattered here and there. And that I commented on it looking a little like Star Wars’ Chewbacca, in shape and height. Even though I’ve forgotten more than I’ve remembered where my work is concerned, I do recall that it felt incredibly sad to me. I wondered if it was an accumulation of energy left behind by some of the many customers I worked with every day, at the kitchen table. A percentage were very unhappy indeed, including poor souls who were struggling with mental health problems or addictions. Its presence was stronger on some days than others, and although it would settle down following one of my bouts of ‘clearing’, it would always return.  

     As I said, there were a lot of people passing through my doors; emotionally and spiritually speaking, not all of them were in the best frame of mind. 

However, I am not convinced that ‘dark spirits’ hitch a ride on a human soul, hopping off when they find a more attractive host or location. On the other hand, I do feel that it’s possible for certain kinds of non-physical beings to be attracted to energy that is highly charged in a negative way. Some of what was occurring could have been the result of a gradual build-up of different energies – and I probably should have given the kitchen a more regular energetic cleanse than I did! 

     The upstairs bathroom, above the kitchen, began to have its own periodic bouts of activity – which spread to my eldest daughter’s bedroom on the other side of the wall. We were chatting on the phone earlier today, and I mentioned that I was working on this book, and the subject of the old house came up. She reminded me of a number of things that had slipped my mind until our conversation… and some of it is going to sound even weirder than my description of our kitchen visitor!

     For example, the wall between her bedroom and the bathroom had become horribly damp, due to a leak that the landlady refused to accept existed. The wallpaper had peeled off and the plaster was black. As I was sitting on the loo one day, looking directly at the slimy abomination, a hole appeared. Not a hole that you could put your finger into, or see through. A dark hole – one that led to who knows where – and a feeling of genuine unease ran through me. I thought that maybe it was some kind of portal – and I didn’t fancy the idea of it getting any bigger! I am a believer in the little ritual of reflecting energy back to where it originated from, and so, as crazy as this might sound, I dug out a piece of mirrored glass and duct-taped it to the wall, reflective side in. God knows what visitors to the house imagined was going on when they used the bathroom. It was nicely decorated – apart from one, gungy, blackened wall, sporting a piece of glass held firmly in place with sticky tape! I don’t know whether or not it made any difference, but it reassured me. Meanwhile, on the other (‘real’) side of the wall, my daughter was increasingly experiencing disturbances. Periodically, she would feel the end of the bed dip, as though someone was sitting there; and, on more than one occasion, she was awakened by the feeling that she was being ‘spooned’ – which she certainly did not welcome. 

     My youngest daughter’s bedroom, which was on the other side of the bathroom, also had its share of dramas going on. In one instance the light shade began swinging backwards and forwards, with no obvious cause. She has always been a bit sensitive herself, and explained that she was sometimes aware of the presence of a young girl. Without asking for any details I was able to describe her: slim, around five or six years old, long dark hair with a fringe, and wearing a white dress. My daughter was shocked because the description was accurate and confirmed that she hadn’t been imagining things. Still, she was perplexed. “How can I see her when she is behind me?” she asked, explaining about how, one morning, whilst kneeling on the floor to use her hairdryer, she ‘saw’ an energy behind her – exactly as I had described it. “Well, what you experienced is termed clairvoyance,” I informed her. “You weren’t seeing with your eyes; you were seeing with your mind.” I also felt that the spirit, which was presenting itself as a young girl, arrived through the wall on the left side of the room – and disappeared the same way. However, there was more, and I will let my daughter tell it in her own words: 

“Do you remember when, for a month or so, I sometimes saw the silhouette of a man’s shadow passing across the wall (to the bathroom), as though someone was walking by? The shadow was not overly defined, as if it was being cast directly onto the wall… and I could never replicate it through tests, regardless of what light source was on. When I asked you about it you told me you felt the energy was harmless but (and you said this in a puzzled way) it felt like he was attracted because of the video game I was playing! I was playing Oblivion, a fantasy adventure game, and I felt reassured that it was maybe just a disembodied nerd who wanted to see the game!”

So, let’s break it down and analyse it. For some reason, that particular section of the house was susceptible to paranormal activity. I believe that there were probably more than two energies at play, though the kitchen visitor and the bedroom visitor were the most obvious. I did conduct more than one ‘clearing’, which involved the ringing of my little brass bell whilst chanting (much to my son’s consternation, when he arrived home one day to be greeted by some pretty unusual noises emanating from the kitchen!). Things would settle down for a while before starting up again, but I wasn’t too bothered. After all, there was nothing going on that was causing too much disruption – although I did arrive home late one night after work to be immediately greeted by my youngest daughter, who seemed incredibly relieved to see me! Once again, I will let her tell it in her own way: 

“I was home alone and I heard what sounded like the front door opening and someone moving around downstairs. I heard the stairs creak and a clicking noise and I called out, thinking that it was Stuart, home from work (I thought it was his clicky knee!) but got no response. When I went to check, nobody was there. The cats were clearly unsettled, sitting stiffly and staring towards the hall as though they too had heard something. I continued to hear footsteps at intervals, on the stairs and moving along the hall towards the bathroom. The most unsettling point was when the audio distorted on my TV (slowing and slurring the speech of the actors), and the screen was filled with a purple and green static colour, just for a moment – something that had never happened before (or since!). The atmosphere felt oppressive and unnerving, and I was so relieved when you came home.”

Looking back, there was a significant amount of paranormal activity going on within the walls of that outwardly normal terraced house… but yet we were mostly happy there! I don’t want to give the impression that we were living in the Addams Family home; we weren’t, and we have a ton of good memories. It was shabby, and it was damp, but it was still home for eleven years. And I think that we simply became accustomed to it all. I have been professionally active within the intuitive/spiritual arena since my children were very young, and so they grew up with it – mostly accepting as normal what others might consider strange and scary!

     However, the question is, were we dealing with ghosts, spirits – or even other forms of non-physical energy? That which presented itself as a young child to my daughter was a spirit, I believe. Remember, non-physical beings do not possess a tangible body, and many are able to present themselves in whatever form they choose. A teenage girl would be less intimidated by what appears to be a child-spirit rather than an adult-spirit – so, who’s to say that it was as it appeared? As for the ‘mass’ in the kitchen, I think that it was probably a reactive energy created by (and feeding off) the accumulated residue of many, many different highly-charged energy fields. I also believe that the kitchen was a favourite ‘haunt’ of a spirit, one that felt masculine but childlike and moody. The interesting thing is, the bathroom appeared to be at the centre of it all; below it the kitchen, on one side my eldest daughter’s bedroom, on the other side my youngest daughter’s. And, from the loft and the roof above the bathroom, water consistently poured in. In hindsight, life did become increasingly difficult the longer we lived in that house, and everything changed for the better when we moved out. And we didn’t even move voluntarily – the house was falling to bits around us, and the landlady wanted to sell it! Looking back, I must have been overwhelmed; I was so used to struggle that I accepted it as part of everyday life… and was even grateful for it. Aware that many others were far more unhappy than I was (given the nature of my work, I was around lost, grieving, or angry souls on a regular basis), I told myself that things could be worse. And yes, I am contradicting myself, because I said that we were happy there – and we were… but I think we stayed too long. Who knows, if it hadn’t been renovated and refreshed, it might have ended up like the house in the film Poltergeist – imploding into the portal! I have no idea whether the current residents are experiencing disturbances or not; nevertheless, whenever I pass it now, it is a stranger to me. It has been painted, and has new windows and a new front door – and it’s almost as if that old house no longer exists. I still look back with affection, though; that house fell into my hands against all the odds, exactly when it was needed the most. As, strangely, did the house we moved into after we left there. Except that this one didn’t have a gaping hole in the bathroom ceiling, a black wall with a suspected portal, and Chewbacca’s dark doppelganger hanging around the kitchen!

What do you believe?

I really wanted to understand more about what other people believe to be true about spirits, ghosts, and life after death in general – and so I posted a few questions on social media (what would your answers be?):

1) Do you believe that a spirit and a ghost are the same types of entity? If not, what do you believe is the difference?

2) Do you believe that people who have died under unpleasant circumstances remain connected to the location at which their death occurred? And if so, why?

3) Do you believe that your deceased loved ones would play tricks on you, or cause disturbances in your home?

4) What are your feelings about ghost hunting?

5) Where did your beliefs about the ‘afterlife’ come from? Who or what have you been influenced by, if anyone?

I received a number of responses, though not all of the questions were addressed! 

Sam Kent

“I think spirits are energies within or around us, which may present themselves in a ghostly form to some people. Perhaps it depends upon the mind as to whether we see a ghost or not – we may be someone who can see energy in a form. So maybe a ghost, hard to say. If someone died in their house, I think the connection would be there. They might linger for a time and move around, then perhaps go home again. I believe when you die you are at peace with yourself, so you wouldn’t want to scare the pants off your granny, even if she was a pain in the butt! Or instil terror into good people. Child molesting psycho killers, that’s when you can really get creative with your powers.

Do not ghost hunt, there is a lot we don’t know! My view is that perhaps we’d be disturbing them, like yobs throwing stones at your window, or people screaming in your ear – which is why they then might want to disturb us. And they could latch onto the ghost hunter and never leave. So, let them be!”

Sarah Louise

“I believe ghosts and spirits are very different. The term ‘ghost’ was coined in order to simplify spirit. I believe that a spirit is a highly interactive being, of which there are many levels. If the spirit chooses to communicate it will. I believe it has the ability or the allowance to do so. The higher the spirit, as in angel, elemental, or demonic, the more will/energy they have to communicate. With regards to a family member, I believe the human spirit would need to evolve in order to be able to communicate. They do not have the energy density required to communicate at the same level as a higher-density being.

People who have died under traumatic circumstances are connected to the location of their death, but they don’t remain there. I believe they may have some ability to connect to places of significance. If trapped, it would be due to not recognising what has happened, or an unwillingness to cross over.

I don’t believe that deceased loved ones would play tricks or cause disturbances. That would be the work of a malevolent spirit. As for ghost hunting, I feel that it can be relevant for research. But there is often a lack of understanding and respect, with arrogant demands for spirit to reveal themselves, in order to gain fame. I don’t believe that talking to spirit with disrespect will lead to knowledge; it is more likely to cause anger and attract negative spirits.” 

Zoe McDonald

“I grew up seeing my dad visit haunted locations with a psychic medium, investigating spirits who hadn’t crossed over. This led me to become very interested in all things paranormal, especially the ghost and spirit world. I definitely believe that spirits remain at the place they died, especially if there were unpleasant circumstances or unfinished business. I think they hold on if they were unhappy before death, or their passing was quick and brutal. I believe that they may be looking for loved ones, too; there was a man in my house for a while, and I think he was looking for his wife because when she died, we stopped seeing him or feeling his presence.” 

Cheryl Turner

“I do believe that if you die under bad circumstances that you remain connected to that place. It is almost as if you want justice for whatever caused your death. A bit like when something bad happens in life, we can go over and over things like a broken record, playing out all of the possible scenarios, trying to figure out why it happened. Blaming myself, blaming others, asking if I could have changed it… the list is endless. I do believe that deceased loved ones play tricks on us, causing lights to flicker and television channels to change, or making the volume go up and down. I think that it’s their way of letting you know that they’re still around. I believe that there are gifted people who are able to read others and can speak to the dead (mediums). Many years ago, the house attached to mine caught fire, and a little girl died, despite our desperate efforts to rescue her. Afterwards, the house was boarded up, but every night we heard the sound of someone running up and down the stairs and sounds coming from what had been her bedroom. I believe it was the spirit of the child because I cannot come up with any other explanation. It was a regular occurrence, even on Christmas day, when it was particularly noticeable.”

Tracy Maria 

Some people refer to spirits as ghosts. It is dependent upon their level of understanding. Ghosts are perceived as frightening. I do believe that spirits can play tricks on you and hide things. They also show their presence by moving objects. Spirits will show themselves at the scene of an accident or crime, in order to identify themselves and/or assist in the investigation, or even just to provide a loved one with closure.

Clare Loxton

“I believe that a spirit is more of an aura, and an emotion triggered by a feeling. A ghost is more of an apparition connected to an event that occurred at that place – a restless soul, looking for peace.” 

Jodie Connor

“I believe that a ghost is someone who is not at peace or hasn’t accepted their passing. Therefore, they are stuck where they passed away. Spirit, on the other hand, is a person who has accepted their passing, has crossed over and is moving freely amongst their loved ones. I believe that they do play tricks on us and move things around. They sometimes even protect us from harm. I’ve taken part in one ghost hunt and I was so terrified I didn’t enjoy it. It was quite creepy and not the same as sitting in a nice room with a medium, who is asking the spirits to come forward!”

Hearing other people’s views is fascinating, and it is tempting to compare them with our own. Some are sure that the dead delight in teasing us, whilst others disagree. However, the belief that souls remain connected to the location at which they died, especially if the passing was violent or traumatic, is one that appears to be popular.

      I also asked if anyone had a story about a paranormal experience that they were willing to share, and a few very interesting snippets appeared in my inbox!

Sarah Lloyd Jones  

“I’m not sure I’ve seen a ghost as such, but I’ve had what I think was a connection from spirit. One evening, when my daughter was a few weeks old, I lay down on my bed with her, intending to stay until she fell asleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep myself – until something (I’m not sure what) willed me to wake up. When I did, I saw a bright ball of light that caught my attention; it was floating above my daughter, who’d pulled the blanket over her face, causing her to be hot and red. I believe that it was a spirit who woke me up before she overheated. On another occasion, whilst I was staying with my sister at the house in which my father had died just one week earlier, we had a very similar dream. In it, he was downstairs, seated at the table and looking better than I had seen him for some time. He apologised for things that had happened in life, and told me how much he loved me… but that it was time to go now – and although he had tears in his eyes, he seemed happy and at peace. When I told my sister about it she was shocked, because she’d had an identical dream! We both believe that he was expressing what he really felt when he was alive and that it was his way of saying goodbye.”

Beverley Hodgson

“I have had several sightings of ghosts, or possibly recordings of past events, one of which was a sailor who appeared in my room whilst I was on holiday. Another was an old farmer, wearing a smock, who was seen on our smallholding. And, at our current home, a medium-sized dog walked up and down the hallway one day, before completely disappearing. As it was the middle of the day and appeared to be so real, I thought that it was ours – only to realise that he was fast asleep on his bed! In hindsight, it was way too small to be him anyway. Talk about goosebumps!”

Graham Bacon

“I think that anything you might come across in your visual field could be called a ghost. The dictionary describes it as an apparition – something that appears and therefore has to be visual. Throughout the time that I have been spiritual, I haven’t seen a ghost. It is easy to find photographs of so-called ghosts and I ask myself the question “which came first, the photograph or the legend?” After all, we know that photographs can be doctored to show faint outlines. Hanging around graveyards and suchlike looking for ghosts doesn’t do it for me – so I don’t go looking.

If we are talking about spirits and the spirit world, that is different.

Frequently, I have the voice in my head… a bit like Jiminy Cricket in the Pinocchio stories, telling me what’s happening around me and reassuring me when I’m concerned about something. Sandra is a guide to me and I am always able to ask for advice and guidance when I need it. Although I didn’t know her during her life, for several years I have been in close proximity to where she lived. It’s refreshing to know that her spirit is nearby when I need it.

My wife has her own spirit guide in the form of her adored nephew, Peter, who died at the age of 50, due to congenital heart disease. Whilst alive, he had a learning disability and he was a bundle of fun. One of his favourite games was to hide objects and fall into fits of hysterical laughter when we couldn’t find them. Now, if anything goes missing, Vel will speak openly to Peter, saying things like “c’mon Pete, what have you done with it?” Within a very short period of time, we will find that the missing object has reappeared, having been placed where we could have seen it all along. Now, that’s a spirit.

We don’t tend to talk too often about these things to others because they’d probably say that we need to be certified! I can’t say that I do or don’t believe in ghosts, because I have no proof of their existence; with regard to spirits, I know that they are here with us. I don’t profess to be a medium but I can sometimes ‘switch channels’ and hear people holding conversations with each other. Although I struggle to understand what is being said, I am aware of murmurings and mumblings going on in the background. Life exists after death – that I do attest to.”


“I have three stories to share with you, but I think that number 1 was my first experience of perceiving a ‘ghost’.”

Story 1

“My grandad had just passed away, and I remember standing at the window in my grandma’s living room, gazing out across the front garden.

I clearly saw a man, who appeared to be around 25-30 years old, standing by the front gate, with his hand upon it as if he was about to open it and walk through. I recognised him as my grandad – but as he was when in his youth. He was wearing the dark green army regalia of the 2nd world war, and as he turned to glance back at the house, the expression on his face was one of, “well, that’s me done here – I’m leaving now.”

Story 2

“As an angst-filled teenager, I had a number of paranormal experiences that were odd and unnerving.

I was around the age of 12 or 13, and my last tooth to come out was painfully wobbly. Although it was reluctant to fall out, and despite the fact that it was attached to a bit of my gum, I managed to yank it out one day. And, because I was bored, I decided to colour it, using a red marker pen (as you would do, being a teenager!). However, it slipped out of my grip, falling down the plughole of the basin I was standing over, and click-clacked its way down to the drain. I thought, “ah well, that’s that gone!”

A few days later, whilst standing at the same basin, I noticed something on the floor, close to my feet. It was the red tooth that had slipped from my hand and disappeared down the plughole, before noisily making its way into the drain. I couldn’t believe my eyes. You’re probably wondering what this has got to do with paranormal stuff, but it occurred around the same time that I was receiving creepy nightly visits from something that breathed loudly next to me – like a person with serious lung problems – as I lay in bed! It absolutely terrified me. Other odd things were also going on around me at that time, including items going missing and then reappearing. There was just a generally spooky feeling throughout the house, which was really unnerving.”

Story 3

“When I was in my early twenties, I lost my soulmate to suicide. It was devastating, and it took a long time for me to heal – but a few comforting things happened after he died, reassuring me of his presence. On many occasions when I spoke about him, especially with my mother, red admiral butterflies would appear. He also visited me in my dreams – always when it was almost morning – with a connection that was incredibly strong. One day, not long after he passed away, I was in my mother’s garden and I ‘heard’ music playing from the sky. I was barely conscious of it, and although I couldn’t describe it to you, it sounded almost celestial. There were lots of little – and not so little – signs that he was still around, all of which were very special and reassuring to me.”

Anne Roberts

“Both my mother and grandmother strongly believed in the afterlife. It was when I was aged between 3 and 5 that I saw the ghost of an uncle, although I did not understand the meaning of death. He was grandmother’s sister’s partner, and had died at their home. They had not been together for long and I had only seen him a handful of times. I always felt afraid of him, even though he never gave me any reason to be. It might have been because he was new to the family. He was tall and thin, with strong curls and dark eyes. I lived with my grandmother and, as soon as we received the news of his death, we left to travel to her sister’s house, intending to stay with her until after the funeral. His body was laid out in the bedroom at the top of the staircase, and the day after we arrived, I was playing with a little ball, throwing it up the stairs and trying to catch it as it rolled back down. Suddenly, the door of the bedroom opened, and he walked out, moving along the landing whilst holding onto the bannister. I told my grandmother that Uncle Will was upstairs and walking around, but she grabbed my arm, saying, “come away from the stairs and don’t play there again.” And that was the end of that. I was too young to realise what had happened so I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t understand what was meant by ‘dead’ so didn’t consider it strange for him to be walking around! Years later, I still remember it clearly. 

     My second ghostly experience occurred 21 years ago, a few weeks after the passing of my partner. After he died, I prayed to see him once again – but I was terrified, and so it was a mixed experience. I was in bed, asleep, but was suddenly woken by a noise on the stairs (we had one creaky step). I knew that it wasn’t my son, who was tucked up in his attic bedroom. Although I seemed to know it was him, I froze and squeezed my eyes tightly shut. The bedroom door opened, and I couldn’t move or open my eyes. The duvet was lifted and I experienced a sense of weight upon me – pressure, rather than heaviness. I began to warm up and relax… and then I felt a kiss upon my cheek and then my neck – and the fear left me. When I awoke in the morning, there was nobody there. I told my mother and she replied, “it was him. They come once, and ONLY once, and he won’t come again – so don’t expect him. He wanted to reassure you he is okay, and will be waiting for you.” I was surprised by her attitude; she had been very fond of him, and it was as if she knew something. I also shared the experience with his mother, who gave me a long hug as she told me, “nothing more than a dream and wishful thinking, my darling.” I never did feel or hear anything more from him after that night.

     I’d like to add that my mam was Irish, from Claddagh. She was one of eight children, and her family lived in a one-bedroom, thatched crog loft, in the country, with no electricity or water. During her early life, entertainment consisted of playing cards and listening to eerie stories around the fire – very different from my father’s upbringing in Wales. I expect that there was much more of a ‘spooky’ atmosphere around my mother’s childhood!”

There are many dimensions of existence, I believe – and probably dimensions within dimensions. The idea that there are only two planes of existence is a strange one, and overly simplistic. The fact is, we don’t know enough – and will never know enough – to be able to say that we truly understand the nature of all that is. Not even through scientific means. We’ll capture snapshots, so to speak – odd pieces of the bigger puzzle – but we do not have the ability to ever see and understand the whole picture. Even the smartest amongst us. We are very much limited by our own minds and what we are capable of being open to. I cannot, and will not, claim to know what happens when we die; I can only speak about what I believe is true, on the basis that it makes sense to me. Therefore, it’s my truth, not the truth. And the same goes for ghosts, spirits, and every other possible form of non-physical being. I can share my experiences, perceptions, and conclusions – but that’s all they’re going to be. There are so many different viewpoints out there. Consider the various responses I received from my posts on social media; you will probably agree with some and disagree with others. I certainly did. Nevertheless, I enjoyed receiving and reading those responses and was pleased to do so without judgement. Although it certainly wasn’t an in-depth questionnaire it was interesting. And enlightening. Some spoke with strong conviction; others simply shared their stories and their thoughts. I believe that having thoughts and opinions on the subject is a very good thing… better than sitting on the fence (as in “Me? I’m just open-minded” or “Well, I believe that something exists… I don’t know what, though.”). We’re supposed to think, analyse, question, debate, communicate, and share; that’s how we gain different perspectives and evolve our beliefs. On the other hand, when we are certain that we know and are right, we automatically apply our own brakes – with no way of moving in any direction from that position. Ideally, we’ll place ourselves somewhere between the fence-sitters and the know-it-alls!

Spirits, Ghosts, And Troublesome Entities

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