Your love life! What can 2020 offer you?

Are you hoping to find love in 2020? Or, would you like to feel that your current relationship will continue to develop in a positive and productive way? If you have said yes to either, you can rest assured that you are not alone!

A number 4 year

Numerologically speaking, 2020 is a number 4 year, which means that all four corners of a situation need to be clean, clear, and balanced. It is a year for sorting the wheat from the chaff, and for recognising what appears to be working as opposed to what is just an illusion, or too messy and complicated. If you need to adopt a new, considered approach, do so… don’t believe you can just roll into the new year with the same old mindset (especially if it is one that hasn’t been working for you), expecting and hoping for different results!

2020 should be about exploration, a willingness to see things through fresh, curious eyes, but with a down-to-earth approach. Smart openness (as opposed to the naive, fingers-crossed version), is important this coming year, along with fairness. Putting the desire for commitment before the needs of a developing relationship won’t lead to a genuinely loving and giving, mutually supportive outcome, and will, in fact, push commitment further and further away. Playfulness, affection, and respect will bring about much better results, overall… with the love interest who is actually interested and open. The one who isn’t will quickly drop off the radar of anyone who isn’t – energetically speaking – in a tearing hurry to nail things down!

If it ain’t genuinely progressing, clear the deck!

If you find yourself entering 2020 with a reluctant or hot-and-cold love interest on your mind, you will discover that February makes things very clear… and you will need to enter into March with either genuine, solid evidence that things have truly progressed – or, by clearing the deck and wiping the slate clean!

Operating from within a relaxed, positive, upbeat energy field is going to be even more important in 2020 because the number 4 has a childlike (not childish!) quality, and it is important to align with it, for best results! Anticipating love in a warm, welcoming way is going to trump feelings of desperation and frustration, even if we believe we have them well-hidden. Being alert to insistent or nagging love interest red-flags doesn’t have to lead to automatic disappointment, or another reason to howl at the moon with rage… they will be making themselves known for a reason and so should be appreciated!

Desperation vs inspiration!

Being fair in your attitude is particularly important in 2020; deeming all men/women as potential cheaters the second someone doesn’t live up to an expectation or miscommunicates in some way won’t cut it. Neither will automatically dismissing an interested party out of hand simply because they don’t look a certain way or appear different to your ‘usual’ type. There is a difference to being too open to any old thing that comes our way and being curiously open to new experiences… the first is an act of desperation, whilst the second is more influenced by inspiration!

Love could come from unexpected sources in 2020, a year that will invite us all to expand our horizons, and not just seekers of love. And, remember: there is someone out there who is right for you – someone who will also be entering into the new year with his/her own hopes, fears, and dreams. When we are looking to find a compatible partner we tend to forget that it isn’t all about us, and about what we feel, need, and worry about. We tend to imagine that the other person will have it all sussed and that for them it should be pretty straightforward… after all, it is us they are dealing with, and we aren’t hard work at all, or difficult to understand… are we? It should be so much easier for them than it is for us!

Patience and alignment!

As you go into the new year, think warmly and fondly about your love life, regardless of your current status. You really want to attract in alignment with positive, loving vibes, even if you haven’t yet seen the face of the person who will become so, so important to you, and vice versa. With this approach anyone who isn’t compatible will not stay, even if they do wander across your pathway… and you will need to be willing to let them go, too! And it may be that 2020 is the year in which you become genuinely prepared for love, even if you have to wait a little longer for it all to fall properly into place. There can be no conditions attached that just have to be met within a set period of time; remember, it is not a relationship and commitment that you are trying to pin down… it is honest, caring-sharing, mutual love that you are open to aligning yourself with!

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