Practical intuition – a tool everyone can use for enlightenment and success.

You can develop your ability to ‘read’ other people, without being in the same room, building, city or even country that they are. What you will be doing is connecting with their energetic field, and taking a peek into their inner world. And this is important because our inner world is where our personal reality exists; we are all external masters of disguise and deflection – even those who claim to be completely open-books. No-one ever reveals everything to the outside world… in fact, much of the time we ourselves aren’t even consciously aware of a lot of what is at play within our ‘engine room’! An intuitive consultant will have learned how to read people from the inside out, rather than the other way round, through experience and over time. So, the question is, how would it benefit you to be able to tap into other human beings in a deeper way than is usually allowed by general, superficial communication (and in that I include romantic ‘connection’, which can be a very seductive illusion!).

How can intuitive thinking benefit us?

Well, it would help you to understand more about what is really going on with them, how they are currently viewing life, and even what their actual intentions are. This would be incredibly helpful where relationships and dealings with other people are concerned, and also with business/career. There is a HUGE misunderstanding within the sceptical fraternity that those with intuitive skills should be mind-readers who can see everything coming in advance, and able to whip up the lottery numbers at the drop of a hat; well, maybe some can, but generally speaking that is not how it is designed! Intuitive work is about emotional and spiritual connection with our fellow human beings, first and foremost… which can then allow us to begin offering predictions. It always, always works this way round… connection first, predictions second!

Intuition for love

Imagine that you have a love interest, but you really aren’t sure whether or not they are genuinely interested in you… or even if they really are as you perceive them to be. It is easy to allow imagination and desire to take over, potentially clouding your true vision and judgement. What if you were able to sit quietly and calmly, bringing them to mind… and then ‘feeling’ your way around their inner world? You may discover that your POI is drawn to you, but is not mentally and emotionally prepared to engage in a serious relationship, for various reasons. Or you might recognise that they are open to the idea but need more time. Or that they are a seasoned player, and not at all the way you imagined them to be! Of course, it is difficult to be detached when our emotions and desires are involved, which is why a neutral, outside source of intuitive insight and guidance can be very helpful. However, you can learn to do this for yourself, with practice…. because it is natural to you, as a soul with a spirit who is experiencing itself in physical, human form!

Intuition for business

Or, how about your career, or your business? If you could energetically tune into colleagues or associates you would recognise things that are not immediately obvious. For example, if someone is behaving in a less than ideal way, rather than automatically jumping to negative conclusions (reacting, rather than responding), if you were able feel and/or see some of what is really going on with them, how useful would that be? You might interpret that they are indeed just nasty pieces of work… or maybe discover that they themselves are feeling insecure, and uncertain who to trust. A boss might be under more pressure than you were aware of, or experiencing struggles in their personal life that are spilling over and negatively affecting their work. Or, you might want to suss out a potential employer or organisation, or assess a particular business opportunity. Imagine how empowering it would be to be able to gain some genuine insight into the workings of another’s mind, or a potentially interesting offer or project? It is all about insight and information – valuable pieces of food for thought rather than an entire banquet… but enough to save you from wasted time, emotional energy, and even money.

It ain’t easy, but…

Now, don’t get me wrong – I am not suggesting that it is easy to tune into and read others – but it is absolutely possible to develop the ability with the right approach, and with practice. We are supposed to be doing this anyway… we are wired for it because it is a skill that is designed to assist us as we live out our lives (which are of utmost value and importance to the collective soul!); it is, in fact, a vital survival tool… not a gift bestowed only upon certain, selected individuals! And it isn’t woo-woo either – millions, probably billions, of successful people are making intuitive decisions every second of every day. One example I often like to use is Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton choosing to leave the McLaren team for Mercedes in 2012; the world thought that he was crazy, that his decision made no sense… but he went on to win a further 4 world championships with his new team, and, as I type this, he is within tantalising reach of world win number 6. He is an instinctive driver and a highly successful businessman, and I just know that his decision to leave his old team was an intuitive one.

However, even the most intuitively astute individuals sometimes feel the need to seek out the services of a neutral, outside source of insight and guidance. It is easy to doubt ourselves when we are highly emotionally invested in a situation, and we may just need a little clarification or confirmation. No man – or woman – is an island, and we can, and should, use our intuitive capacity to help ourselves and others, where possible. Some people decide to dedicate their time and energy to the development of their skills to such a degree that they are able to earn a living from them. There used to be a popular and incredibly ignorant and misguided belief being bandied about that intuitive/spiritual/psychic ability is a gift, and therefore should be given to the world free of charge… and always by people who had an income from some other area of life, or were being supported by someone else’s hard work! To be honest, I haven’t heard it said for some years, but maybe that’s because I no longer associate with the kind of idiots who come out with this ridiculous c**p! Intuition is about growth, about advancement, about expansion, about enlightenment, and wellbeing… not treading water and living on the breadline!

The intuitive mind doesn’t react – it responds

If you want to further develop your own intuitive capacity, the most important thing you need to do for yourself is to learn how to consistently respond to life’s experiences, rather than reacting to them. This means giving yourself time and space to consider things, to feel your way around them… to gain a proper sense of them before leaping into action. The reactive mind cannot focus, and tends to automatically enter into defensive mode. Intuition is about objective feeling – which is not to be confused with reactive or overwhelming emotions. We might feel that we are madly in love with with some wonderful creature we have only just met… but that would not be an objective experience, even though it is still ‘feeling’. We need to be able to step back and view things from the outside in, so that we are in a position to hear the murmurings of our intuitive mind, to see what it is trying to reveal to us.

How I do it

And this is how I do it, when I am working. As I only usually have an email on a computer screen in front of me, I have to stretch my own energy field out to wherever on the planet the customer is based, and tap into theirs. I do this by sitting quietly with my eyes closed, bringing them to the fore of my mind… and then waiting to see how I feel, and what images take shape and form on the screen of my mind (and begin piecing them together and interpreting them). Sometimes it takes only a minute or two to make that link, sometimes much longer. And of course, if there is a specific question to be responded to, or other people to be taken into account, I also have to include these when I am reaching out across space and time. I have been doing this for long enough to be able to gain some degree of intuitive connection just from reading the email, but I still need to do the ‘tuning in’. You yourself will naturally pick up thoughts, feelings, and sensations whilst conducting your everyday life… and these are proof that you too have the natural, God-given ability that I am using in a professional capacity!


People-watching is a must for anyone who wishes to learn how to intuitively read others. It isn’t about what you are seeing, as much as what you are feeling and understanding. We don’t observe and absorb anywhere near enough in this modern world, any more. And allowing ourselves to be quiet within our mind as often as possible is incredibly important, which means not having to be constantly stimulated… always on Facebook or Instagram, for example. We don’t have to go off into a quiet room for hours on end, shutting the world out. Consistent bouts of quietness, even if they are five minutes here and five minutes there, are enough to train ourselves in the art of quiet-mindedness… which is what is needed for conscious intuitive analysis and assessment.

Sit quietly sometimes, in a softly lighted room, with a lit candle in front of you. Focus on the flame, without staring, and then close your eyes, still ‘seeing’ the candle… and just observe. If the candle jumps around, or disappears, open your eyes and watch it again, in a relaxed way, before repeating the process. Be patient with it. I did this night after night for a couple of weeks before becoming comfortable with looking and entering into the soft, endless darkness beyond my closed eyelids. And it is endless… like our physical universe. There are no brick walls or barriers… just space, shadows, and occasional colours. This is how I taught myself to see with my mind, rather than my eyes, and I know that it will work for you, too. It is the beginning of a whole new understanding, and a doorway into a vast world of insight and information… don’t be afraid, but do be open, curious, and above all, patient! It is an ongoing process, not a time-restricted race.

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