I love what I do – but I hate the modern psychic industry and the dark s**t it dresses up as ‘spiritual’!

As the title of this blog reveals, I am finally coming out of the closet and publicly announcing that although I love what I do… I hate being part of the psychic industry! And I mean hate – not just disliking it a little or feeling a  bit disappointed with it: I am completely uncomfortable with the way in which it has developed over the years and how it is presented to the world. I am fully prepared to be accused of being horribly negative and highly unprofessional – but, I make no apologies because it is how I feel!

So, let’s start with the positives:

Intuitive work is intimate; it requires you to tap into the most personal and private place that exists: the energy field and inner world of another human being (or ‘engine room’, as I call it). In order to ‘read’ for a person, you need to have a sense of them, to feel something of their essence. Because virtually all of my work is now conducted online (via audio recordings delivered by email), and all I have in front of me are some words on a computer screen – I have to stretch my own intuitive energy field out to wherever they are on the planet and link up with theirs. Isn’t that, in itself, amazing? To realise that we human beings are capable of such a feat, and that geographical distance is not enough to prevent us from being able to connect with one another at a deeper level, to one degree or another? To me, that is magical.

The capacity for intuitive thinking and assessment is a gift to the whole world, and is, in my opinion, a God-given skill. It exists to help us all, as we manoeuvre our way through life on Earth. In the earliest days of man (and woman!) there was much yet to be discovered and understood and much to be feared, I imagine. The capacity for intuitive thinking must have been absolutely vital, and in fact probably played a major role in the continued existence and evolution of mankind. Logical and rational thinking alone would not have been enough… developing humans also had to feel their way through life. Don’t you view that as miraculous (and aren’t you grateful for your own existence, which is only possible because of those who went before us, bravely entering into the unknown and learning not only how to act, but also how to think?).

I am heartened by the fact that the years I have invested in intuitive work have allowed me to be able to genuinely help a number of my fellow human beings to positively and productively change the course of their own destiny. Not every person I have worked with, of course… but a satisfying number. The sole purpose of intuitive assessment and guidance is to deliver valuable insight and information that can be used in a productive way as we cut our swathe through life… but we still have the luxury of free will to decide whether or not we use it. And that’s another great thing, this time about the human mind: the possession of free mental, emotional, and spiritual will! 

We teach what we learn and we learn what we teach; my involvement in the intuitive arena began with a fascination with the journey of life and death and how they fit together, the human experience, and the capacity of the human mind. Although there have been many tough years the overall experience has probably taught and changed me more than anything else could possibly have done. That, and producing children and sharing a life with them. Some pretty powerful and meaningful stuff there, wouldn’t you say?

So, what about the hatred… you know, that thing ‘spiritual people’ are not supposed to feel, think about, or… God forbid… admit to?  

I hate the modern representation of intuitive intelligence. I hate the word ‘psychic’ – it has now become a cheap and dirty word that too often has dodgy and dubious connotations. The sad thing is, there are genuinely decent, sincere and effective people out there who labour hard under the title of psychic – and who are in increasing danger of being tarred with the same grubby brush used by those who dwell in the dark under-belly. I used to use the label ‘psychic’ myself, many years ago, but was never happy with it – and delighted to off-load it in favour of ‘intuitive consultant’. I am aware, whilst writing this blog, that I sound like a snob… and maybe I am! But, I have such a belief in and passion for the journey of life, and the sacred role played by intuitive intelligence, it makes me want to scream and spit to see it reduced to nothing more than unhealthy psychic fast food! There is enough room for anyone who has even a modicum of developed intuitive skill, combined with an honest and intelligent approach, in the intuitive arena. There is a never-ending tide of people requiring help, insight and guidance, I promise you. But, the soul and the spirit of this industry is being destroyed by ruthless competitiveness and the modern demand for instant everything. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to have a psychic reading on the internet 24 hours a day. The psychic fast food industry is now an oversaturated market, with flashy neon-sign websites, and a zillion readers to choose from.

Out of curiosity, I recently Googled the most expensive readers/consultants on the internet and the cheapest – and the results were very interesting.

I came across a blog listing the world’s 10 most expensive psychics (although it is probably a bit out of date by now), and learned that the charges range from $200 to $1,200 per session. Most of them had appeared on television (something that seems to cause people to believe that they must be the best if they have featured on TV and therefore are willing to pay more)… and all of them had not only supporters, but also haters (I read the reviews) – and dear God, some of the haters were vicious! However, it was obvious that at least some of the negative reviews were posted by jealous rivals (you can just tell, somehow!), which is a sad indictment into the way the industry is heading. I suppose that the more a person charges for their services, in any industry, the more is expected of them. One polite but disappointed man commented that he thought that because the reader in question was so expensive, and because there was a lengthy waiting list, they were bound to produce an astounding consultation… which, in his opinion, they didn’t. Clearly though, despite their critics these people have customers queuing up, although I am not sure why someone would pay $1,200 for a 60 minute consultation – but, if they can afford it, why not? I don’t automatically judge a person for placing a hefty fee upon their services, though it does seem that the moment they can boast a ‘celebrity’ customer, the cost shoots up out of all proportion! You just have to hope that the same applies to their level of skill…

Where less pricey psychic readings are concerned there are pages and pages of them on Google… and ‘cheap’ readings are big business! Cheap?? Who the hell wants to have a cheap consultation… the word speaks for itself! I saw claims such as, “world renowned psychics – readings for 66 cents per minute” (which is around 50 British pennies, I think!). Is a talented, much in demand reader likely to be working hard for their cut of 50 pence? I understand that these are special offers, designed to lure customers in so that they end up spending more… but they are literally cheapening the industry and encouraging addiction to psychic readings – something that should not be underestimated, and is something I have been warning against for a very long time. It is a highly destructive and unhealthy habit to develop and the industry has a real duty of care to its customers, which is often neglected. You might say that it is up to the paying public to decide where and how they spend their cash… but does that mean that a reader or organisation should continue to accept business from the same person again and again within a short period of time – especially when they are wanting to hear about the same situation involving the same person? It isn’t even healthy for the consultant or reader to repeatedly go over old ground with a customer because there is clearly some deeper emotional and psychological stuff going on – and it becomes draining and depressing. This is not what intuitive work is about, and is not the purpose of it, to enable souls to become fixated and trapped. I automatically refund payments to those I have firmly advised I can no longer help with a particular situation, but who purchase from me regardless. This is how I earn my living, but it has to be done.

NOW… here is something really interesting! Whilst writing this blog I received an email from WordPress asking me to approve a comment on one of my previous blog posts… and it was completely relevant to what I am talking about here (I am not including the lady’s name)!

Hi Leanne, have recently found you and very much enjoy reading your articles. I totally ‘get’ the liberation that saying ‘no’ to a client brings , it took me a long time to let people go who I felt were not having a positive effect on my working day! Just wanted to say though that I and others who work in this field are being equally savaged on a particular American owned psychic forum. A very angry and distressed colleague got her tech savvy partner to investigate some of the IP address details of the users on the forum and discovered that a lot of the users have multiple accounts. More digging was done and some of these details could be traced back to organisations with a commercial vested interest in ‘taking down’ popular and successful psychics. Anyone with any intelligence would question the ‘validity’ of most if not all of the comments as sadly in such a competitive and lucrative industry there are those who will deliberately target the competition often telling the most outrageous lies in doing so! Please don’t let this nonsense stop you doing what you do – you are fab!

How interesting is that? And now can you see why I am saying that I have come to hate the psychic industry, and the direction in which it is heading! Having said that, customers can also play a negative or positive role, and do have some duty of care themselves (although not everyone will agree with that!). If you are not part of a hugely commercial organisation but you still regularly go on psychic forums to publicly name and shame readers or consultants in a spiteful way, you are part of the problem (not that you’ll care, if you are this way inclined). And if you eagerly respond to those who are clearly doing their best to undermine a reader/consultant, by joining in with their vitriol even though you do not have access to the whole and unedited version of their story, you are part of the problem. If you play one reader off against another, or are so willing to believe any b******t that is fed to you by a ‘world renowned psychic’ that you expect the same from more genuinely experienced and ethical people that you react badly toward toward them – you are part of the problem. I am not suggesting for a second that anyone should accept a service that is clearly questionable, without a word of complaint… but there are ways of going about things. An intuitive or psychic consultation is not always something that can be judged immediately, by the very nature of it. It isn’t, and shouldn’t be, about instant gratification… it is about insight and information, which often requires ongoing consideration… not to mention the allowance of time to pass in order for predictions to unfold.

The internet is killing the intuitive industry, and the demand for instant, what-I-want-to-hear answers is helping the slaughter along at a rapid rate of knots. Did you know that in order to become a ‘psychic’ reader with a number of online organisations, all you have to do is fill in a form and you are in business? Have you seen just how many ‘soulmate’ and “is he the ONE?” readings are being advertised on the internet? It makes my heart sink… and yet, here I still am, 25 years down the line!

And one last thing. The psychic industry does have a tendency to attract a number of less than balanced and grounded individuals, and is often portrayed as being completely inhabited by attention seekers and weirdos, especially on social media, in the press, and on television… leading a lot of people to believe that that is how it is. It isn’t! Someone recently showed me the rantings of a popular but clearly crazy ‘psychic’ woman on Facebook, asking me if it could be ‘real’… and to say it was embarrassing would be a massive understatement! I won’t go into details because it would be easy for readers to track her down, which wouldn’t be right – but once again I felt a wave of despair, for obvious reasons. Having said that, I am glad that I got into this line of work 25 years ago before the real madness started, and I feel for those genuine souls who are just entering into it now. I wish them the very best of luck – and urge them not to become part of a cut-throat, commercial organisation, or become intimidated into telling their customers what they want to hear. It is a long-term learning and growing process, and will not always be easy… but let’s work together to keep up the fight against the dark side!

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An intuitive consultant, blogger and writer; a lover of motorbikes, Formula 1 motor racing, music, reading, walking, camping and ongoing self - improvement!

2 thoughts on “I love what I do – but I hate the modern psychic industry and the dark s**t it dresses up as ‘spiritual’!

  1. An insightful post Leanne. It sure is often true that the more you charge for your services the more people expect for their money; and you might be charging more just to keep your earnings in line with inflation or minimum wage, rather than funding a lavish lifestyle.

    Also, separating yourself from the rogues or even preconceptions people might have can be a challenge.

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