Intuitive predictions: why they are often a waste of time!

The problem with predictions is that they are generally only understood or accepted in hindsight! After all, if something isn’t happening right now, how can we relate to it, no matter how comprehensively it is described… especially if it doesn’t run in line with with what we hope will, or believe should, unfold?

A repeat customer recently shared her view of why predictions are often dismissed or ignored, in a very articulate way:

“… people in general tend to discount future predictions because they are out of context of their current lives. For example: a love interest they haven’t met or cannot imagine meeting – it’s immediately got a discount factor attached. Plus, with readings there’s the when factor. I myself know this all too well… ” 

I absolutely agree with her – but if you think about it, it presents a problem for the consultant/reader, doesn’t it? People don’t come to us to hear about the stuff they already know… do they? After all, what would be the point in that? Okay, it is interesting, and a small degree of ‘past’ reading helps to show the customer that there is a connection. However, the purpose of an intuitive consultation (or psychic reading) is to gain insight and information that will be useful… to our future, not our past. If predictions that we don’t immediately accept or agree with are relegated to the sidelines and only acknowledged in hindsight, what are their actual value? What is the purpose of the consultation? It’s tricky, isn’t it? After all, we cannot be expected to just suck it all up and live our life according to the consultation – and yet, at the same time, it is prediction that we are asking for!

However, in my opinion, there is something else that an intuitive consultant provides that is possibly more valuable than prediction: insight. And insight can have an immediate impact – there is no waiting to see. Insight can lead us to change the course of our own destiny, in a way that predictions alone can’t… if we are open to it, that is. And that is the great thing about insight – it is just food for thought that no-one is forcing us to eat! It is there for us if we choose to nourish ourselves with it. It is rare that a customer accepts the insight whilst dismissing most or all of the predictions; it is less rare for a customer to dismiss the insight and the predictions. They tend to go hand in hand.

Now, here is something really interesting: when a customer relates to the insight and accepts the likely validity of the predictions – but still consciously chooses to continue down the pathway they were strongly advised against! Another repeat customer recently sent this very interesting email to me (edited, obviously!):

“… about the guy… no worries for telling me something different from what I want to hear. I’m not the type of client who gets mad with that and that’s why I keep coming back to you. When it comes to love, people can get quite blind with their emotions and don’t have much control in the fight between logic and feelings… myself included.

Regarding the situation with the guy, not gonna lie to you, I’d obviously like to have something with him (definitely not long term!) even when my brain tells me that’s a stupid move. It’s like I told you, it’s difficult when we know we shouldn’t do something but we still want to do it, you know? I hope my brain continues speaking louder than my heart and hormones!! It’s not been easy. And yes, what you said about him having certain “issues”, you’re absolutely right. We agreed for us to be friends, but, as you can imagine, that’s easier said than done. We meet frequently, we’re obviously attracted to each other… ”

I loved her honesty, and even had to smile, despite the fact that I believe she is heading in a less than ideal direction! At least she isn’t kicking-off because she hasn’t heard what she wanted to, lashing out because she wanted to hear something completely different; her eyes and her mind are wide open, although some part of her is hoping that I might possibly be wrong about his suitability as a partner – and of course, there is always the chance that I could be! Just because I generally have a good reputation for long-term accuracy doesn’t mean that I can never misinterpret anything. I can only explain what I see and feel, encouraged by past results… but I never rest on my laurels.

And that’s the dilemma that comes with every intuitive consultation or psychic reading that is future, rather than past, focused. If you know that the consultant has a respectable track-record, through personal experience or word of reliable mouth, you may be more open to predictions that don’t immediately resonate with your current situation, or run in line with your hopes. If you have no prior knowledge of that person, you are more likely to be dismissive of predictions that don’t make immediate sense. Different readers have a different style and approach and not every one of them will suit you (and vice versa). I have customers who really value the insight and food for thought, which is why they continue to use my services. But I have also been on the negative receiving end of those who don’t, and who only want predictions (I don’t actually know how to work without including insight, because if we do a) this happens, and if do b) that happens!), and they are entitled to find the consultation/reading that works for them. But even then, there is no guarantee that a-no-insight-prediction-only reading will be any different – after all, a prediction is a forecast of something yet to be felt, understood, or to unfold, and so it stands to reason that the majority of what is delivered will be an unknown quantity!

So, on reflection, the most popular and easily accepted prediction tends to be the one that we most want to hear at that particular moment in time! That’s the nature of the beast, and I very much doubt that it will ever be any different – a fact that both consultants and customers need to remember!

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