Is it possible for an experienced intuitive or psychic reader to be 100% wrong? It doesn’t make sense to me…

Is it possible for an experienced intuitive consultant, who consistently receives positive customer feedback, to suddenly be 100% wrong with one particular customer? To be honest, I really don’t know! Maybe it is… but how, and why?

Okay, I have occasionally heard people say, about this or that reader, that they were very nice but couldn’t really make a connection with them. The problem with this industry is that there are so many things that can’t properly and efficiently be measured… and there is much that is largely subjective. And so, yes, it is probably true that a reader can struggle to intuitively connect with the energy field of an individual customer – but it is also sometimes true that a customer isn’t as self-aware as they believe themselves to be, and/or isn’t hearing what they want to – and that when they relay the story of that consultation to other people, they present it as a failing on the consultant’s behalf. Those who are listening often automatically assume that that must be how it is… even though they may not know the person in question particularly well, and will probably never get to examine the offending consultation for themselves.

So, if we agree that not every situation is black and white, in an industry that cannot possibly be measured as if it were an exact and absolute science – what else should we take into account?

Well, the reader’s history and track record, for starters – which is always checkable, thanks to the internet. I always remind my customers that I am not God, and cannot possibly see everything… that there will definitely be some gaps. No-one can cross every single t and dot every single i, in any consultation. Well, maybe some readers can – but again, wouldn’t it still be subjective? How could we know for sure that every t has been crossed, and every i dotted – without, at the very least, a decent length of time being allowed to pass?

And there is something that I feel I need to throw into the mix, given the nature of the subject in hand: the fact that I am fully aware that I have my critics – along with a number of those who could confidently be described as haters – who would be more than ready to judge me as 100% wrong! But, again, how could I know, with absolute certainty, and without a shadow of a doubt, whether or not they are actually perceiving things accurately, anyway? Surely, I would need to be able to spend real time with them, following them around in daily life, observing, analysing, and looking out for where some, all, or none of my insights and predictions are relevant? Of course, realistically speaking, that is never going to happen (although it would make a great reality TV show!), and so the only answer is that this is just how it is, and always will be.

However, let’s get back to the original question: is it possible for an experienced intuitive consultant, who consistently receives positive customer feedback, to suddenly be 100% wrong with one particular customer? Well, either it is, or it isn’t… but I am not content to just leave it there – I need to seek out an explanation that makes some degree of sense to me!

So, here are 4 possibilities:

1) To quote Finnish Formula 1 driver, Kimi Raikkonen, when questioned about a less than successful race: “I must have lost my talent”.

2) Somehow, someone else’s energy was presented to me, through the customer’s email.

3) The customer is in denial about the reality of her life.

4) The customer is a smooth operator, masquerading as a polite and genuinely baffled person who cannot relate to any aspect of her consultation.

1) Losing my talent: Well… I don’t think that that has happened. I have, very recently, and as usual, received a number of positive responses from satisfied customers. So, even though we all experience days when we can’t seem to get anything right, I am not convinced that this is the problem. I hope not, anyway.

2) Someone else’s energy was presented to me: this has actually happened, but only a couple of times throughout my whole career, if memory serves me well. And one of those occasions really impressed me, even though the customer wasn’t too happy! 

It was in the days when I would receive a cheque in the post, record the consultation on an audio tape cassette, and send it in the post to the customer. One afternoon I received a phone call from a lady, asking when her consultation would be delivered, and we chatted for a few minutes. Even though she hadn’t reached the top of the list, I agreed to do it that day – and went straight upstairs to my office, and began the recording. A few days later, I received another phone call from the same customer – annoyed because she believed that the consultation was completely relevant to her sister, and not herself. I couldn’t understand why that would be, knowing how I work… until she mentioned that her sister had called me a few days earlier. “Your sister called??” I queried. “She said that she was you, asking about your consultation!” 

The lady confirmed that her sister had phoned on her behalf, but that she’d feared I wouldn’t discuss the consultation with her… hence her pretence. And I had immediately started work, tapping into the energy field of the person with whom I had just had a conversation! She had even given me the postal address, to save me having to dig the letter out. I found the whole thing amusing, whilst also irritated by the fact that I was going to have to re-do the consultation… but the customer just didn’t get it, and wasn’t at all impressed! However, it reminded me of just how amazing this ‘mind-and-energy-field-thing’ is!

So, is it at all possible that this is what happened with this recent ‘mystery’? I did check the Paypal payment slip, just in case the account didn’t belong to the customer… and there was a different name on it, but the same email address as the one I was responding to. I also checked her previous emails, but the way in which they were worded suggested that it was she herself who had typed and delivered them. So, I cannot say for sure, either way.

3) The customer is in denial about the reality of her life: well, it wouldn’t be the first time I have experienced this… but so completely? I remember, whilst tuning in to the customer, having a very definite sense of ‘darkness’, as in potential problems coming from certain people and certain situations – there was nothing wishy-washy or routine about it. And of course, as always, I offered considered guidance, and insight about the best pathway to align herself with, for the best possible outcome… but still, she reported that everything was wrong, and couldn’t even be related to the past. I didn’t even have a starting place, in order to be able to begin to make sense of it!

4) The customer is a smooth operator, masquerading as a polite and genuinely baffled person who cannot relate to any aspect of her consultation: most of the customers who have responded to their consultation with a complaint (and those have been few and far between for a long time now, so either I am getting better in my delivery, or, people are choosing to express their dissatisfaction in other ways… probably a bit of both!) have been less than friendly, and on occasions even downright nasty. This lady was incredibly polite and pleasant, wondering whether I had mistakenly delivered someone else’s consultation to her… which I knew for sure hadn’t happened – as well as knowing for sure that I hadn’t mixed her up with another customer (that was supposed to be a day off for me, but I ended up doing just two consultations, and they were completely different).  So, it might be that I have been deliberately conned… and, to be honest, I could live with that!

So, you can see that intuitive work is not just about ‘book ‘em in and get ‘em out’, without a second thought (well, not for every consultant or reader, at least!). Ongoing reflection and analysis is par for the course, as is the desire for continued learning and development. You might ask, “why is she delving so deeply into this situation? Why can’t she just accept that she was completely wrong, or just shrug it off and forget all about it?” Well… I am unlikely to ever know for sure whether or not I had a sudden and worrying loss of ‘talent’…  or whether there is some other enlightening explanation that is probably going to evade me until I do finally shrug it off and let it go! 

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2 thoughts on “Is it possible for an experienced intuitive or psychic reader to be 100% wrong? It doesn’t make sense to me…

  1. Even in the business of helping people with their computer issues I can relate to much of this! Particularly how clients don’t always give me the full picture straight up regarding some strange issue that I’m expected to figure out. I’m currently dealing with someone on ebay who I sold a perfectly working laptop to, then two weeks later they tell me it doesn’t work, and two days into communication with them they let on that the parcel arrived damaged. I do like how my spidey-sense kicks in though 😀


    1. Hi Brian, thanks for that comment… and good on you for paying attention to your spidey-sense! I hope you manage to resolve this issue without unfairly losing out. I once sold a child’s party dress on Ebay, but a few days later the customer complained that it had arrived with a stain on the front (which it absolutely did not have when it left me), and so I paid for her to return it. And yes, indeed, there was a nice big stain right down the front… the kind a child would make when spilling food or drink on itself! I knew that they were pulling a fast one, but couldn’t prove it! Sheesh!


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