Intuition is for life… not just the fortune tellers!

Do you believe that intuition doesn’t actually exist? That it is something dreamed up by weirdos and con artists? Or, are you aware of your own intuitive capacity, without really understanding how it works and why?

You know, I have found intuition to be a difficult subject to write about, because it is multi-layered, and people have differing interpretations and understanding. Often, ‘intuition’ is lumped in with the modern version of ‘psychic’ (which generally doesn’t have a good reputation, sometimes for good reason). This means that it tends to be dismissed as rubbish, remaining largely unexplored… which is a real shame.

To explain my own position, and how I personally use my intuitive capacity, I will describe how I work, and what I believe to be true:

For me, intuition is largely about feeling, but I also use my capacity to ‘see’ with my mind (something we all possess, and use whilst dreaming), in order to make sense of what I am tapping into.

Now, this next bit is only how it works for me, and I am not casting any aspersions, or implying that others are wrong! I personally do not believe that I am receiving intuitive information from the spirits or higher energies when reading other people or situations, unless I am working in a mediumistic capacity. Obviously, then, I am linking (to one degree or another) with the energy of a soul who is now physically deceased. I believe that all souls who enter into the human experience are naturally equipped with intuitive intelligence and reasoning, as well as rational, logical intelligence and reasoning – (you could say God-given, dependent upon your beliefs) – and both are equally important. There are those who feel that only rational and logical thinking can carry any weight, and those who feel that intuitive thinking should be enough; both are wrong, in my opinion – we have access to both for a very good reason: jointly, they allow us to be incredibly powerful! Separately, they allow us to tell only part of the story, or see only part of the picture.

I have been using my intuitive capacity for more than 25 years, and so I should have some degree of understanding and skill… but it will always continue to be a work in progress! And I believe that the purpose of intuitive reasoning is two-fold: it allows us to energetically link with other sentient life-forces, allowing us to feel, and therefore understand, a little about their personal existence, and to provide us with information and insight. Over the years, intuition has been misunderstood and mispresented, distorted and manipulated to fit individual agendas. It is now seen by some as a magic wand that should be able to fix all of their woes… because it has been presented to them that way, in order to entice them in.

It’s tricky, too, because we often cannot immediately make sense of something we are seeing and/or feeling; years ago, when my 28 year old daughter was around 6 or 7, an image of her with an egg-shaped lump on her forehead flashed across the screen of my mind, and as she was just about to put on a pair of roller-blades, I took them away from her, smugly assuming I had averted a potential accident. Later that day her father took her and her brother and sister to visit their aunt… and she returned with an egg-shaped lump on her forehead. She’d tripped over a paving stone. This kind of thing has happened sooo many times, and it is interesting but bloody frustrating! And I know that it happens to others, too. It is, largely speaking, just the way it is.

On the other hand, I have been pretty certain about other things I am seeing and feeling, even though the evidence suggests otherwise, or I am working with someone who is adamant that I am wrong… only for it to emerge that my intuitive assessment was correct. There are no laurels to be rested upon here when this happens, because, in physical, human terms, using intuitive intelligence to glean information is always going to be a bit of inexact science… even for the most experienced.

I said earlier that intuition allows us to ‘read’ sentient beings, but we can also use it to drawer information from non-sentient objects, such as stones and shells, or personal items, like jewelery or keys. Even things that are not ‘alive’ have the capacity to retain energy from their surroundings, and from those closely associated to them. It takes practise, but you can develop your ability to pick up little nuggets of information from anything you can think of, to one degree or another! A plastic biro that has been at the back of a drawer for months or years on end may not yield much of interest, but a ring or a bracelet could throw forth all kinds of feelings and/or images! Even a pebble on the beach has its secrets… it originated from somewhere, possibly even hundreds or thousands of years ago – imagine the history that is bound up within that little chunk of planet Earth!

Although everyone will use their intuitive capacity quite spontaneously and naturally (and often without even being aware), we can consciously work on developing our skills, especially once we have recognised how we personally process intuitive information. With me, images generally flash across, or present themselves upon, the screen of my mind, and I often become aware of a strong sense… a kind of knowingness that is felt. I then begin to piece them together, interpreting as best I can, where necessary. However, sudden, spontaneous intuitive flashes generally come to me as either an image, or a feeling, or even a word or phrase that I hear, but not with my ears (if that makes any sense!). So, it is through vision (clairvoyance), and feeling (clairsentience), and the odd bit of hearing (clairaudience), that I myself process information intuitively. You yourself may recognise that you are largely aligned with one of these more than the other two, or a mix of all three… exploration and practise will help you to figure it out!

What would be an example of spontaneous intuition? Well, the egg-shaped lump on my daughter’s head, for one! And the time I walked upstairs, experiencing a sudden, strong need to pop the key into the electric meter to top it up… which I ignored, thinking, “I will do it later, I can’t be bothered to go back down right now”… and seconds later, the electricity went off, to howls of frustration from the bedrooms of those deeply immersed in PlayStation games! On another occasion I heard, out of the blue, “***** is pregnant” – and it turned out that she was! And, not so long ago, I took a short cut along a narrow back road that rounded a bit of a bend. Within seconds a very unpleasant sense descended upon me… and as the bend straightened up, I realised that the road ahead was blocked by an ambulance. I assumed that that was what the feeling was about, and began to reverse. However, to cut a short story even shorter, within one minute I found myself involved in a rather nasty argument with a pretty vocal man-in-a-van. Aha!

What would be an example of deliberate, considered intuition? Well, my everyday work, which requires me to ‘tune in’ to paying customers, interpreting and delivering whatever I see and feel, and placing it on a timeline where I am able to.

We also use intuition in other ways, such as when making decisions, although we may not be consciously thinking, “oh, I am being very intuitive here”! For example, I believe that Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave McLaren for Mercedes was an intuitive choice; okay, he was courted and persuaded by the very sadly missed Niki Lauda, but still, most people thought he was crazy! What was he thinking? It should have been the kiss of death to his career. Instead, he went on to win a further 4 world championships (and as I type this he may well be on the way to making that 5). He trusted Niki Lauda, but it was still a massive gamble… and yet, intuitively, Lewis seemed to feel something that others couldn’t.  

When we dream, we ‘see’ with our mind… clairvoyance works exactly the same way.

Do we need intuition? Can we live without it, or at least without consciously acknowledging its existence? Well, I think that yes, we can get through our lives without giving it a second thought… but we will still be using it, even if we dismiss it as rubbish, or give it another name – such as coincidence, or synchronicity. Intuition is natural to us, is a part of our operating system, and cannot be switched off or cut out like an unwanted growth!

Unfortunately, the subject of intuition is so vast that I can only scratch the surface in a blog, and much will be left undiscussed. However, here are a few extra crumbs of food for thought:

Intuition is largely about ‘feeling’, and I believe, is the language of the spirit.

To truly develop intuitive depth, as opposed to basic ‘psychic’ prediction, we need to be passionately curious about life, and to question everything… to be open to ongoing learning… to welcome and embrace those precious ‘aha!’ moments. For example, we might be able to see a certain event unfolding, but what do we intuitively understand about it? What would lead that event to come about? Why would the person or people in question do whatever it is you can see them doing? What is going on in the inner world of a particular individual (or the engine room, as I call it), and is it notably different from their outward projection? And if so, why? Human beings are complex machines, and where important matters are concerned, we cannot always just accept what is presented to us as complete, unquestionable fact. It isn’t about mistrust, and delving into someone’s mind and heart in order to dig the dirt; it is about understanding, so that we can make sense of a situation, or recognise the best way to respond to it.

We can develop and improve our intuitive skills in lots of little ways, such as picking up a pebble on the beach and holding it in our hand, whilst relaxing and clearing our mind, allowing images or feelings to reveal themselves, even in the briefest way. We can silently pick someone out of the crowd and focus on them, tuning in to their energy field, to see what shows up. It isn’t intrusive… we aren’t reading their mind, or hoping to pick up on their banking details! We are just becoming familiar with the art of ‘reading’ the energy field of other human beings… something we are all programmed for, anyway. Even if we don’t like a certain individual, by tuning in to them, we can often see a bigger picture. It might be that whilst we still don’t agree with the way in which they approach life, we at least get to understand a little more about what is actually motivating them. Conversely, we might fall madly in love with some desirable god/goddess, only to become aware of dark, dangerous corners within their engine room… very neatly hidden from public view! Whether we pay any attention is another matter altogether…

Hug a tree (when no-one is around, preferably!) and ‘feel’ its energy!

Anyway, I hope that this blog has provided a little food for thought, or put forward a plausible argument for possibly not automatically dismissing anything and everything intuitive as woo-woo (God, I hate that patronising but popular phrase!) or just the work of con artists (even though it sometimes is, I am afraid… but can’t that also be said of many other areas of life?). Pay attention to your life, and acknowledge the spontaneous intuitive insights; the more you do so the more you will experience; you just never know where it might lead you and what opportunities it could present to you… and what mishaps it could help you to avoid!     

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