Make your goals visible and colourful, and engage with them every day!

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My positivity board is fixed to the wall in my cozy little office, as a colourful reminder of some of my hopes, dreams and intentions. When I created it, I was focusing on the main things that were on my mind at that time, but I now feel that I need an additional board, covering two other goals that are highly important to me. I am going to start collecting relevant images, words and phrases this weekend.

To some, it might all just seem to be a bit of silly stuff… childish, even, especially for someone in her 60’s. Well, all I can say is that the board always gives me a little buzz of pleasure, when I turn slightly in my chair to gaze upon the cheerful images and messages… some of which have actually become a reality in my life.

I am certainly happier with my neck (something that had really started to bug me), and don’t seem to notice the bit of looseness that used to cause me to feel ‘old’. I don’t know that anything has changed; maybe I am taking a bit of extra care with it, but I believe that I have just come to accept it, which means that it no longer haunts me!

I am definitely happier with my teeth, and have even found a decent, reasonably priced dentist!

My finances improved a little, allowing us to buy a new mattress and bedding, and some nice pictures for the bedroom (a new bed was an absolute must).

I am definitely fitter than I was when I created the board, which is a major plus point.

(I am still waiting for a nice big fridge freezer, with the fridge on the top, putting an end to having to crouch down, whilst moving everything around in order to find a packet of ham or a yoghurt!).

The next board will focus on my goals for my writing career, and on leisure… specifically motorbiking. Both of our bikes require mechanical attention, and ideally I want to attract/acquire a trike for my partner; due to health issues, he can no longer handle a heavy bike. For myself, I want to hang onto my little old beloved bike, whilst also attracting/acquiring a new one. Obviously, money is the answer (plenty of bikes and trikes out there), but I have come to believe that it is important to add emotional energy to our aims and desires… to sell our story to the creative force of life, with feeling, enthusiasm and passion… to explain what we want that money for! And apart from that, if we have consistent, physical reminders of what we say we want to create, achieve and realise, it becomes so much easier to see it all as potentially ‘real’. Maybe it is psychological, but then, isn’t everything? We can persuade ourselves to believe anything, and that our beliefs are absolutely correct and true. We will also seek out anything that validates and supports those beliefs, using it as ‘evidence’ of our smartness and accuracy! Better to nurture productive, hopeful beliefs, than those that are limited, restrictive and colourless!

Maybe some people are so focused and strong minded that they don’t need reminders like positivity/wish boards; I wish I was one of them. I can sink as easily as the next woman (or man), and I can lose sight of my own big dreams at the drop of a hat, especially if I have had a difficult patch. But I am afraid to give up and give in; I am afraid to stop believing, and I know for sure that I will continue to be a work in progress until I take my very last breath… and I believe that the same is true of every other human being on the planet. If you could do with a bit of a playful boost to your hopes and dreams, something encouraging to gaze upon on the grey, dull, hopeless days, find a board (an old bit of cardboard box, even!), some magazines, glue, and a pair of scissors – it’ll take a bit of work, but you will love the end result, because it will a representation of your own wonderful, inner world!

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