Future versions of YOU: which one will you align with?

Right now, there are probably several versions of yourself, alive, kicking and active, somewhere out there in the ‘future’. Some will say, “what the hell are you talking about?? Are you crazy!” And I will respond, “very possibly, but nevertheless, I believe that it’s true”. 

And to jump onto the science bandwagon, my very, very, very basic understanding of Einstein’s theory, the Fabric Of Time, is that he concluded that the past, present and future all exist simultaneously. This could, maybe, explain how it is possible to be able to predict certain future happenings, with varying (sometimes excellent) degrees of accuracy, and also how we can change the course of our own destiny, be it accidentally or deliberately. If absolutely everything was set in stone, pre-written for us prior to our birth, there would be little point in physical existence. We would be stuck with the life we plopped into, with no hope of growth, change or development. And I absolutely understand why some people believe that that is exactly how life works, and why their mantra is, “what’s the point?”: their experiences have probably been tough enough to convince them that they live at the mercy of fate, and are largely powerless. It has to be said, life may be many, many things, but fair doesn’t always appear to be one of them.

However, what if we at least consider the idea that circumstance alone doesn’t have the power to make, shape or break us? And that the beliefs we hold today, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take, are playing a big role in where we are heading next… and what we will be aligning ourselves with? Could we actually catch up with a future version of ourselves that inspires us, rather than one that is a re-run of the same old stuff, or even worse? I like to believe so.

Every human being has, within them, the potential to become a greater, more developed version of themselves. We are all experiencing our individual and collective range of ‘futures’, out there in space and time… which, of course, to our future selves doesn’t feel like the future, but rather the ‘present’ time (I may have lost you at this point, but please bear with me!). Each one of us is cutting an energetic swathe through space and time, leaving an imprint in our wake that never fades away. Right now, at this particular moment that we believe to be the present, we are (consciously or unconsciously) choosing which of our future selves we are morphing into… which is an incredibly precious and powerful piece of knowledge, and probably the most important thing we could ever understand.

For example, there is a version of me who is earning a full time living as a popular writer; there is a version of me who has achieved a black belt in kickboxing; there is a version of me who weighs 8st 4lb again; there is a version of me who has healed from unnecessary feelings of guilt and anxiety; there is a version of me impressively riding a new motorbike, as if I am merely an extension of it! But there is also a version of me for whom writing remains nothing more than a hobby; there is a version of me who settles for a lower belt; there is a version of me who never gets below 9st; there is a version of me who can’t afford to buy a new bike, and who doesn’t further develop her riding skills. I know for sure that both versions of me exist, as well as other variations… and I know for sure which one I need to do my absolute best to align myself with, because it is the one that completely resonates with me. I just have to recognise and adopt the most appropriate mindset and attitude, and work out which thoughts and actions are more likely to bring me in line with her. 

And, you know, there is a version of you who is already involved in a loving, committed, mutually supportive relationship (despite the fact that right now you are struggling with your love life, or in a pretty dysfunctional situation)… just waiting for you to catch up.

There is a version of you already in a satisfying job, getting along with colleagues, and earning a decent living… just waiting for you to catch up.

There is a version of you who is fit, and enthusiastic about your goals and plans… just waiting for you to catch up.

There is a version of you living in a home that you genuinely love, and which offers you the stability and security you crave… just waiting for you to catch up.

There is a version of you who is finally free of negative past associations, happier, and more empowered… just waiting for you to catch up.

The non-secret is that we cannot continue to think and behave in ways that are taking us further away from our best self, and still expect to ultimately align with him or her. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who was oozing frustration and disappointment, with negative, resentful statements flying out of their mouth like bullets from a gun. And then they asked when they were going to be successful, and when they were going to meet their soulmate… whilst informing me that they weren’t prepared to wait, for either, any longer! We’ve all been there, haven’t we? But still, the fact remains that beating our chest in great angst, whilst balefully howling at the moon about our unfair misfortune, will not align us with the version of ourselves that we claim to be choosing. It’s hard, I know… from personal experience, and a zillion ‘fresh’ starts. But I also know that millions of human beings are living proof that what I suspect might be true… IS true! Having studied many, many successful people, I have been fascinated by the main thing that they all have in common: they have all failed, have had to figure out what isn’t working, followed by considered, defined changes, and not just once, either… sometimes several times over. It doesn’t matter whether we are an ‘ordinary’ individual, or part of a high-flying group: the process is exactly the same. 

If you are struggling in your life right now (along with billions of others), and if you just cannot see any way that you could possibly be experiencing a version of yourself that you would joyfully choose and embrace, without the use of a magic wand, then you probably need to understand and accept this more than ever! Be willing to take a real, hard look at your life, bottom line and brass tacks, and acknowledge what clearly isn’t helping, including your own beliefs, feelings and approach. You may well not be able to make massive change immediately, but you can definitely start somewhere, taking the first step towards an alignment with the version of you, and the life, that is just waiting for you to catch up!  

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Intuitive consultant, offering predictions with insight and food for thought. Relationship advisor, blogger, and self-published author. With a black belt in kickboxing!

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