Whether you believe it or not… you DO have an aura!

I remember making my way around Tesco, late one Saturday afternoon, and bumping into all kinds of things, in the strangest of ways… I felt as if I was somehow ten times wider, and seriously struggling to manoeuvre my way along the aisles. I recognised that it wasn’t my physical body that had suddenly extended itself, but my energy field (or aura). I had just completed a group booking, which included a number of individuals who were definitely not in good place, and who were awash with with varying degrees of bitterness and hopelessness, and I felt as if I had absorbed, and retained, a whole load of heavy energy… which in turn caused me to feel physically bloated and stupidly clumsy. I finished shopping as quickly as I could, and got the hell out of there, before I brought down an entire display!

Of course, there is no scientific proof that every sentient being has an auric field, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it isn’t true (well, in my opinion, anyway). It is the aura that intuitive consultants are ‘reading’, whilst tuning in to a customer, but they aren’t the only ones who do it… we all connect with the energy field of other people, usually without even realising that we are doing so. We can find ourselves being attracted to, or repelled by, people we have only just met, without being able to explain exactly why; it is just a ‘feeling’, we tell ourselves.

We can also be unconsciously drawn to another because there is something within our auras that match… and it doesn’t always have to be a healthy thing! In the past, I had a history of attracting angry, aggressive men into my life (good old childhood programming!), which I finally woke up to and worked on. However, old habits die hard, and one day as I was driving home, I passed a young man thumbing for a lift, on the opposite side of the road. Now, for obvious reasons, I don’t normally offer lifts to strange men, especially when I am alone in the car or with my daughters, but something made me turn the car around and head back to pick him up. He was incredibly grateful, explaining that he had to get to get to a town about 20 minutes away, but had no money for bus fare. I told him that I would take him, and as we travelled along, he poured out his tale of woe.

He was being taken to court by his ex, for harassment and a number of other issues, but didn’t have the train fare, and so was hoping that the benefits office could help him. He had also fallen out with his mother, over his involvement with drugs, and needed to find somewhere to live. As we neared his destination, he pointed to a young woman pushing a baby buggy, and informed me that she was another of his exes, and the mother of his baby… but that she was refusing to allow him access to the child. I dropped him off, gave him all of the change I had in my purse, and wished him well. He was genuinely grateful, and I drove away feeling good about myself. But then it clicked with me. Yet again, I had inadvertently been attracted to the energy of an angry, frustrated, aggressive male… without even a word passing between us! Wow, I thought… still some work to be done, then.

I do believe that, like a store room, our aura requires a clear out every now and then. We really need to be aware of what we consistently allow into our minds, and who we regularly associate with. We can also assess the state our own energy field, by recognising how we are habitually feeling, the kind of thoughts we have that tend to dominate, and the ways in which we usually react to the world. We also need to be aware of the energetic impact we have have upon others; do we uplift them, or drag them down? Are we aligning with them positively, or negatively?

I also believe that, when we have finally come through a tough time, we can absolutely benefit from aura/energy clearing, and that we will probably need a number of sessions. Of course, we are likely to get more out of it if we feel that we are ready to start moving on, but we can still benefit even if we aren’t quite sure… after all, every little helps (said the old lady, as she wee’d in the sea!).

I haven’t even scratched the surface of auric/energy fields, in this blog, but at least it is a teeny weeny bit of food for thought. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do for a living, where you live, or how much money you have – you DO have an energy field that collects and retains information about you and your life experiences. And it is a magnetic force field; if you are consistently attracting people and situations that are hurting your life, you might need a de-cleanse… but if you have one, make sure that you DON’T go muddying it up again by falling back into old habits!


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