The law of attraction – “It’s such a mean system if you really think about it” – a reader’s heart-felt response.

In October 2017, I wrote a blog entitled: 

How NOT to get what we really want… remember, the law of attraction takes us literally!

And I received the following comment: 

“If this is really how ‘it’ works, if the loa just responds, but ‘life’ does care, then why doesn’t ‘life’ let us all start at the same place on the board?? It’s such a mean ‘system’ if you really think about it. To give everyone the same ‘tool’ to work with, yet give many people ‘disadvantages’ to start with at birth. One starts with loving parents in a democratic western country, the other starts in war with no-one who gives a damn. I used to believe that there was some kind of divine justice in the universe. That if you do good, eventually good things will come to you. Maybe not from the ones you’ve been good to, but that somehow through others it would come back to you. But the older I get the more I realize that that’s not the case, and that how you describe how God and his loa works is probably more accurate. And that somehow makes me sad, cause that would mean that no matter how hard you work, or are good for others: if you happen to not ‘get’ how this little back-door-loophole called loa works, then you’re in for one shit-ride, and God just says Bad luck!

If someone does their best, really tries to make the best of it, shouldn’t that have to be enough? Isn’t that more ‘fair’?

But then, I’m probably one of the people that just doesn’t ‘get’ it… 

I intended to respond, but needed to think about what I wanted to say, and then busy life took over, allowing it to disappear from my radar… until recently, when I received a question from one of my regular customers:

“Hey, if you happen to get a moment, could you give me a quick how-to for the LOA? I’ve been enjoying your blog posts on the subject.

I just feel like I’ve known about it since The Secret, but like most people it’s hit or miss with me. 

An example: if my dream is to build a successful business, do I pretend that I’m already there and try to clean up any of the “it’ll never happen” feelings that come up along the way?” 

I absolutely understand where the author of the first comment is coming from, as it is all stuff I myself have battled with, over the years.  An ex colleague once asked me why I grieve for people I don’t know, and I was baffled: why didn’t she grieve for people she didn’t know? We don’t all view life through the same eyes, and so what we see, and how we respond to it, is unique to us… and it will always be influenced by where we are currently at, in our own lives. I was loathe to even want enough just to survive, never mind thrivebecause somewhere on the planet a desperate mother was watching her child die in her arms, due to lack of food or clean water. My struggle couldn’t even begin to compare with hers, I reasoned, and the fact that I couldn’t pay my rent, or buy my own children new shoes when they needed them, didn’t seem unreasonable to me. It has taken me a very long time to heal that erroneous belief… and in the meantime, I developed pretty serious financial problems. No matter how hard I worked, I never managed to get ahead, and customers would often book in and then not show up, or cancel at the last minute, leaving me up  s**t creek without a paddle. 

Eventually, I realised that I was of more use to the world when I wasn’t coming from a poverty mindset. The poor don’t need other poor people sympathising with them… they need practical help, financial aid, and education on how they can not only support themselves, but thrive, in the long-term. My resistance to abundance had nothing to do with them, anyway; it was more to do with my own feelings of low self-worth, and the belief that I didn’t deserve anything other than to scrape by. The problem is, I inflicted that upon my children, because they had to do without, too many times. They were never hungry, and they received Christmas and birthday presents (sometimes second hand), but the phrase “we can’t afford it” was like a mantra in our home. To this day, I cannot stand those words!

And I also came to realise that I really should live my life in honour of those who have less than I do. I was born where I was born, in a part of the world that afforded me some degree of opportunity. I was born with the mind that I have. I was born with my own unique set of skills. I may have chosen that before I was born (as some believe), but I certainly have no conscious memory of doing so. So… if this is the life I was given, or chose, or evolved into, surely I should be grateful for it, and give it my best shot? I wasted too many years trying to be lesser than I really am, focusing on the world’s lack, misery, hardship, and injustice. And as a result, I contributed far too much negative energy to the collective consciousness… it was definitely a lose-lose situation!

On the subject of collective consciousness, I began to understand the potentially devastating impact of joint mentality on society. Whole nations/cultures can adopt belief systems that are destructive and unjust, inflicting suffering on the weaker or minority members, leaving the rest of the world to pick up the pieces. Every single problem that exists on planet Earth, other than natural disaster, is down to some form of unreasonable human behaviour. Human beings are still being persecuted by other human beings, made homeless, maimed, and murdered, every second of every day. 

However, the good news is is that the human race is the new kid on the block, on a planet that is 4.5 billion years old, in a universe that is 13.8 billion years old (according to the internet, anyway!)… and we are making progress. We all just happen to be at different stages of awareness, tolerance and acceptance. And we will differ in our beliefs about the role that God plays in all of this, and are unlikely to completely agree with one another (though we could choose to agree to disagree!). I personally feel that we exist in a dimension of spiritual free will, and that it is up to the individual to think for him/herself, and to choose whether to fall in, unquestioningly, with the mass consciousness, or to challenge it. And even amongst the most troubled of nations, shining stars have risen, and will continue to rise… intelligent, unique, brave individuals who will challenge the status quo, and who will fight for better conditions.

In terms of the law of attraction, it is really about cause and effect. A nation can work together in a positive, productive way, and miracles will occur. A nation can continue to hate, discriminate, and battle, and the result will be misery. And sadly, innocent people will be caught up in this… but even then, some degree of choice always exists, even if the choices are hugely limited and difficult, compared to those of other people experiencing more favourable circumstances. I cannot explain why one soul arrives in a reasonably advanced part of the world, whilst another is born into hostility, danger, and poverty. I don’t have an answer, except to say that the sacrificial lambs clearly give the rest of us an opportunity to develop genuine empathy, a sense of responsibility for others, and a way of experiencing real gratitude for the life we are living. 

And no, visualising, whilst trying to clear up old blocks, is not enough to bring about a successful business! Okay, it definitely helps… we have to begin with an idea, a vision, something that starts to take shape and form in our mind – but definite, consistent action is absolutely imperative, before it can begin to translate into physical reality. Even those who have visualised a lottery win will have had to take the physical action of buying a ticket! And I can visualise myself as a writer until the cows come home, but the books won’t write, publish, and market themselves! The stories are created in my mind and heart, but that is where they will stay, unless I allow them to become ‘real’, through specific, definite action.

It all depends upon what it is we intend to attract: something small can come about more easily than something major. I wanted a microwave oven, without buying one, but it took months to show up (I probably didn’t want it strongly enough)! A friend texted me one day, telling me that she had one for me (almost new!), that a relative no longer needed. However, she was only aware that I wanted one because I told her I did! If I hadn’t, she wouldn’t have thought to save it for me. I was, and still am, incredibly grateful for the gift… I am just explaining that action was involved in the manifestation of the thing I wanted! I have had other experiences in which amazing things have come about, just when I needed them most, without any obvious relevant action being taken… so, maybe some things can manifest without too much physical effort!

To sum up (in a completely inadequate way… this subject is far too huge to be effectively covered in one blog!), the law of attraction is in action every second of every day, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. If we have an ongoing bad attitude, it will, ultimately, come back to bite us… not as a punishment, but as a natural consequence. And though that may not always be witnessed by the ones we have wronged, it doesn’t mean our slate is ‘clean’. And when we find ourselves running into one brick wall after another, trying and trying to achieve a particular goal, if we keep going, periodically regrouping and reassessing, we will be making a clear statement of intention that will ultimately be responded to, by the all-seeing, creative force of life… or, as we know it better, the law of attraction. It is a form of intelligence that recognises and responds to the workings of our inner world, our actual beliefs, our motivation, and our intentions. If we are feeling resentful, believing that ‘bad’ people are getting all of the lucky breaks, then that becomes the message we are putting out there… resentment, tied up with feelings of futility and powerlessness.

I finally began to understand that, if I want to make a difference, to achieve the goals I have set for myself, to create something of worth in this life, I have to consistently come from a powerful, determined mindset… no matter what has happened in the past, and no matter how many times I have to go back to the drawing board to start again. And I can promise you that it has been incredibly hard more times than it has been easy – but that it does get easier to accept, if we keep going. Some things will come easy, some will seem to require blood, sweat, and tears. We have to stand in the life we popped into, good, bad or indifferent, and do the absolute best we are able to, given the resources available to us, and work our way up from that point. We have to be strong enough to reach down to the soul below us, pulling them up with all of our might, whilst making the best use of ourselves.

To quote God, from Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations With God: ‘Betrayal of yourself, in order not to betray another, is betrayal nonetheless’. If we don’t give ourselves every possible chance to thrive, to learn, to grow and shine, how on earth can we do that for another?  

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One thought on “The law of attraction – “It’s such a mean system if you really think about it” – a reader’s heart-felt response.

  1. I think the LOA is misunderstand based on the context of actual human living. I just don’t think we are here to get whatever we want out of life, our souls have different agendas. I was watching this video some time back, and I think there is a lot of truth in his explanation.


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