Clearer communication with the law of attraction!

A woman emailed me, pleading for a consultation, and pouring out a tale of woe about her love life. However, she didn’t want to pay for it UNTIL she’d had the results she desired, because, she complained, she had already spent thousands of dollars on ‘spell casters’… and still the man she was desperate to reunite with was blocking her at every turn. Her email was awash with all of the things she wanted from this man, and all of the ways in which she wanted him to behave. I felt sorry for her, because she was clearly in a huge amount of emotional pain, but there was absolutely no way to help her. What she wanted was never, ever going to happen, no matter how much money she spent, and no matter how many spells were cast. And I will explain why.

She was operating from a completely repellent energy field, created by fearful and manipulative intention. Her motivation was incredibly unhealthy, and had nothing to do with love. She had fallen into a dark pit of need, which was being fed by the raw pain of rejection. She had no interest in the well-being or happiness of the man who was doing his best to avoid any form of contact with her, and the ongoing rejection was pushing her further and further down into miserable obsession. She was blocking the light from her own life, and preventing herself from attracting the very thing she desired with every ounce of her being… to be in a loving, healthy, supportive relationship with a man who values and adores her. She was chasing the wrong dream, wishing the wrong wish; it was not the man she wanted, it was love. And she clearly had no love at all for herself,  because her words and actions were outer evidence of a belief that the only way she could possibly be loved was to demand, force and manipulate it.  ‘All I want is…’ and ‘I just want my wish to come true’ was repeated again and again throughout her email. Her mental, emotional and physical focus was so strongly on the fact that she wants wants wants, wishes wishes wishes, she was entrapping herself, and she will continue to go round and round in the same miserable loop unless she breaks it – and consciously creates a healthier, more loving and positively attractive energy field. Right now she can’t see that, and is unlikely to be open to anything other than what she wants to hear, and anyone who gets too close to her is going to be in trouble.

The good news is that she doesn’t have to remain in this self-imposed emotional hellhole. The law of attraction doesn’t care whether she does or not, but life does care (or God, the Universe, whatever name you want to give it), believe it or not. It will keep poking her, pushing her, nudging her, towards awareness, towards ‘aha’ moments, towards realisation. Life wants her to have what it is that she actually, truly wants and desires, but she has to learn how to use the creative tool that is the law of attraction, in the most appropriate way for the life she wants to live. The law of attraction itself is indifferent; it doesn’t analyse and choose – it responds, and it takes us literally.

Her email reminded me to double check my own current relationship with the law of attraction, and I realised I was slipping a bit in one area of my life! I am now consciously addressing that by fine-tuning my attitude, and taking appropriate action. You see, we are always a work in progress, and ongoing tweaking is an absolute must! Well, it is if we want to have some say over how we feel, and the direction our life is taking. If we remember that the law of attraction is a creative delivery service that doesn’t question our order, we’re more likely to be careful about what we give it to work with! Is there anything about your own current attitude and approach that you suspect could do with tidying up a bit, in order to attract more productive results, and gain fresh momentum? Is there anything you are dithering about, knowing you need to make a decision and take action? Are you struggling with inertia, promising yourself that you’ll give yourself a push tomorrow, next week, next year? Are you blaming circumstance, running critical dialogue through your mind, over and over? CAN you think better, feel better, and consciously and consistently improve your communication with the law of attraction? Absolutely… so start right now, this second!

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2 thoughts on “Clearer communication with the law of attraction!

  1. If this is really how ‘it’ works, if the loa just responds, but ‘life’ does care, then why doesn’t ‘life’ let us all start at the same place on the board?? It’s such a mean ‘system’ if you really think about it. To give everyone the same ‘tool’ to work with, yet give many people ‘disadavantages’ to start with at birth. One starts with loving parents in a democratic western country, the other starts in war with noone who gives a damn. I used to believe that there was some kind of divine justice in the universe. That if you do good, eventually good things will come to you. Maybe not from the ones you’ve been good to, but that somehow true others it would come back to you. But the older i get the more i realize that that’s not the case, and that how you describe how god and his loa works is probably more accurate. And that somehow makes me sad, cause that would mean that no matter how hard you work, or are good for others: if you happen to not ‘get’ how this little backdoorloophole called loa works, then you’re in for one shitride, and god just says Bad luck!

    If someone does their best, really tries to make the best of it, shouldn’t that have to be enough? Isn’t that more ‘fair’?
    But then, i’m probably one of the people that just doesn’t ‘get’ it…

    Love reading your blogs!
    As you call it, food for thought.
    It really is.


    1. Hello E, sorry it has taken me sooo long to reply to your comment 😦 I intended to, but wanted to really think about my response… and then it disappeared from my radar! However, I came across it this morning, and re-read the blog and also your comment, and recognised synchronicity in action! I have been thinking about writing a blog on this subject again, as one of my customers recently asked me an interesting question… and you have clarified for me how I need to address this! I absolutely understand your point of view, and can feel the heartache behind your words. Look out for a blog, in which I will include your comment, if that is okay with you.


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