Our energy field attracts and repels! Is yours clean or chaotic?

Everything exists within its own energy field, which travels, and connects with other energy fields. Everything. And just because most human beings are not consciously aware of the nature of their own energy field, and how and what it is attracting and repelling, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

Our general energy field is made up of parts that form the whole, but it is our dominant beliefs, and habitual way of thinking, responding and behaving, that creates the substance that becomes ‘us’…the energy that stretches out before us, shaping and forming, attracting and repelling.

Have you noticed how some situations unfold smoothly, and just seem to flow positively and productively? And how some seem to be doomed from the start, with one problem after another?

Have you noticed how some people just seem to attract complications and conflict, or are somehow always at the centre of chaos?

Have you noticed that some people appear to breeze through life, making everything they do seem easy?

Have you found yourself caught up with a person who can turn the simplest arrangement into a complicated mess that generally ends in tears? Or who can take a potentially positive opportunity, and turn it into a problem? Have you ever BEEN that person yourself? I know I have, in the past, but the trick lies in recognising the fact, and doing something about it!


Recently I received a request from a lady, asking to make a booking for intuitive consultations, for herself and a friend, on a particular day. I agreed to this, but then a different day was requested, and for three people, not two. I duly booked this into my diary. On the day of the appointment, I had a very busy morning. I had three internet consultations to complete, emails to respond to, and I needed to squeeze in a shower and hair wash, before they arrived!

An hour before their due time, they contacted me to say they were lost, and had taken a confusing route. We established where they were, but they needed lengthy directions from that point, and so I spent 10 minutes typing them up and sending them via text.

They arrived, and politely thanked me for the directions.

After I had conducted the first consultation (and I hold my hands up here, I did give the customer more than the 30 minutes she was supposed to have), I went out to collect the next lady…but she informed me that she and her friend had changed their minds. They were even in the car, ready to go. I wasn’t impressed, to be honest, and the lady who had just received her consultation (and was thrilled to bits with it), was embarrassed. Anyway, off they went.

Shortly after, I received a text from one of the mind – changers to say that she hadn’t been going to have a consultation anyway, and was only along for the ride (not what she’d said when they first arrived). I checked the booking, and no, it was definitely for three people. Now, I always record the consultations and send a copy to the customer, via email, which I attempted to do, twice, for the lady I had worked with. It was returned as a failed delivery both times. I messaged her to inform her, and she realised she had given me an inaccurate email address, providing the correct one. I also asked her about the booking, requesting that, if she returned to me in future and brought others with her, could she make sure they allowed enough time, and that they actually DID want the booking! She said she’d spoken to her friend, asking her why she had told me that she hadn’t actually booked in for a consultation….and her friend replied that she’d changed her mind on the way to my house! 

In hindsight, I had four thoughts on the subject:

1) I have started to ask the creative force of life to only bring me customers I can actually help, and who are open to their consultation, and I am sure that that is exactly what it did.

2) The collective energy of the whole situation was problematic and chaotic, eating up a lot of my time and energy. They were a messy, disorganised little gaggle, and jointly their energy was disruptive and non – productive.

3) I need to remember to not be too generous with my time, and not keep customers waiting (no – one minds having more time when they are in WITH me, but some don’t like waiting too long for their turn, which is fair enough!).

4) The old me would have been drained and disheartened, but the me I have been working hard to develop contacted another customer who was desperate to see me, and booked her in for that afternoon, and completed another email consultation! I AM getting better at this energy thing!

So, take a look around you. At home, at work, within your social groups…where is there ongoing conflict, chaos or disruption? Who are the common denominators? 

Take a look at your own life, and recognise the areas that are consistently out of sync. Is there anything you could do to improve the general energy? Do you (like a recent customer) say that you’d like to meet a partner, and then follow it up with “But I have big protective walls around me”? Our love life (or lack of) has its own energy, and we need to be able to give genuine permission to the creative force of life to help us to find a compatible love.

Do you crave more wealth, more freedom, whilst saying “I can’t do what I want, I have to have security, and I have live in the ‘real’ world”? To quote Les Brown, “Seek opportunity, not security”! I know for sure that it is possible to have both, with a certain mindset, and plenty of effort! 

We have to refine and cleanse any stream of energy that is muddy and too tainted by the past. Sometimes we need someone to help us recognise that we have become caught up in the flow of muddy energy, and guide us towards the cleaner, fresher stream. I consistently do that for myself, and I know I can do it for you!   







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