Reincarnation. More about the future than the past!

I have long believed that reincarnation is probably ‘real’. It is important to approach certain subjects with a degree of reasonable scepticism, whilst maintaining an open mind. Which is what I did, when considering evidence to support the fact that people who die can be born again, in a different body, and into a different life.

It has to be said, there are some strongly compelling stories, laced with pretty irrefutable facts, out there, for those who care to listen. I am sure that there are also plenty of ridiculous and dubious claims, but it isn’t hard to separate them from the more believable.

I have recently been watching a series on TV called “Ghost In My Child”, and was blown away by some of the stories. I accept that there is always likely to be some degree of embellishment and exaggeration where television documentaries are concerned, but still, some of the evidence was breathtaking. And it got me thinking about reincarnation again….and about my own life.

And I realised that reincarnation is not about the past….it is about the future. It is easy to become caught up in the drama and the spookiness, but that distracts the attention away from the most important message. That it is THIS life that counts, because THIS is where we get to heal, to learn, to change and to grow.  If we believe in reincarnation, we will probably accept that who and what we are when we die, from our current incarnation, is going to have some impact upon who and what we are in the next one. Some of the stories featured in Ghost In My Child reminded me of that, in a big way.

There are are certain aspects of my own inner world, certain tendencies and ways of thinking and feeling, that I definitely want to get to grips with before I die! There are circumstances I have created, as a result of my programming, and my own deep – seated beliefs, that I do NOT want to have to face again in a future incarnation! I want to have them sorted, healed and cleared, in THIS life, never mind the next! There is debris and clutter I don’t want to bring with me into a fresh new life….it will come with challenges and opportunities for growth, regardless, and I don’t want to be working on the same old crap again and again and again!

I have come across quite a number of people who view the subject of reincarnation as a form of spooky entertainment (a bit like watching Most Haunted!). I have come across others who believe everything that is wrong for them in this life is because of stuff that happened in a past life, which may be true, but progression and healing cannot come about in the past. The past is a record of what has been, what has gone….and the present is where we clear the ground and plant new seeds. We can become aware of certain events, explanations that lead to understanding, but we can never find the future there. 

I believe in progression. It makes sense to me that we can tread old ground, repeat old patterns, but that we don’t go backwards. Unless, possibly, we learn nothing at all from a physical incarnation, and, when we die, refuse to accept responsibility for our own intentions and actions, and their subsequent consequences. Maybe then we go backwards.

And that is why I have often discouraged customers from focusing too strongly on past lives, searching for the reasons they are unhappy in this one. Yes, examining past life memories can be fascinating, and can explain a lot, but the healing and the forward movement has to happen in the HERE and now…so that we can feel better and stronger now, AND in the next life we live!

My work is about the here and now, and the future. It is about where we are currently at, and the possibilities and potentials that lie ahead. It is about insight and information. I have a range of consultations that can help you to find clarity, and to become pre – informed….and I am offering a 25% discount on any of my consultations, to those who read this blog! Please click onto my consultations page, select which seems most relevant to you right now, and then email me through my ‘contact me’ page, using this code: pl123. I will send you a request for payment, via Paypal. 

And don’t forget to check out my videos, and my previous blogs!  


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