Not so Woo Woo…intuitive business guidance can save dollars, time, energy and reputation!

The Urban Dictionary.


woo woo

Unfounded or ludicrous beliefs.

Belief in talking to the dead, belief in telekinesis, in fact any belief not founded on good evidence, the poorer the evidence the more Woo Woo the belief.


The first email I opened and read this morning set my mental and emotional mindset for the day, in a very positive way!

It was from a customer who received her recording yesterday, a ‘mini’ consultation, 5 predictions on one specific subject. That particular listing does clearly ask the customer to state the subject they wish me to focus on, and also provide a brief outline of the current situation. However, maybe 40% of purchasers don’t provide any background info, and this lady was one of those. She said she wanted me to predict on her career, and that was it.

I knew nothing about her business/career, but I explained exactly what I was seeing and feeling, whilst ‘tuning in’. Now, given the contents of the finished consultation, there was a strong possibility that it was going to sound incredibly dramatic and a bit crazy….but it was what I was seeing, and so I all I could do was explain it as clearly as I was able to.

What I read this morning made me laugh out loud, in awe and wonder at the power of intuitive intelligence, and reminded me of what my work is REALLY all about!

The customer understood all that I had explained, because the circumstances were already in the early stages of play. She recognised the person I warned her was potentially very problematic for her, and she had been feeling incredibly anxious, uncertain as to how to proceed. As a result of the consultation she had reached certain conclusions, and made a couple of definite decisions that left her feeling relieved and more empowered. I genuinely believe that that £12 consultation has the capacity to save her hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, hours of wasted emotional energy, AND her business reputation. Of course, the consultation alone has no power. The power still lies with the customer, and her willingness to be open to the insights provided, using them for her own benefit.

And you know, yesterday, I’d asked the energy of attraction to bring me a sign, within the next 24 hours, that I am indeed on track towards the goals I am working hard to achieve. So thank you (never forget to be grateful). Oh, and don’t forget that other thing I put out there at the same time, please….

I have actually read for this customer once before, some time ago, on the subject of love. And she’d responded very differently. Not rudely, but sadly. I didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear (although it was clear that she actually knew I was speaking the truth, deep down inside!). And for her to return as a customer, she must have found her previous consultation helpful, with ongoing consideration. The problem with ‘love’ consultations is that they are fraught with potential difficulty, because people are in a completely different place, emotionally speaking, especially when feeling insecure, or rejected, or lonely. But still, the reason for having an intuitive consultation is exactly the same, regardless of the subject: To gain insight and information that can be used to help us in our decision making…to empower us to make the most productive choices, and take the most empowering actions.  THAT’S intuitive intelligence at its absolute best……AND the reason I am still investing time and energy in this arena, despite the ‘woo woo’ reputation!#intuitivebusinessguidance


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