13 things to do for your future self, today.


Take some time to stop, breathe, and really ‘feel’ how your life is, right now. Be honest with yourself about how it really is, at this moment in time.

Don’t push uncomfortable feelings away, or just continue on auto pilot.

Consciously think about all of the good stuff in your life, then consciously think about the not so good stuff.

Look ahead, and ask yourself what you currently see. Not what you hope or wish for, but what you actually see, based on how things are, right now.

Ask yourself how what you are seeing causes you to feel.

If it causes you to feel hopeful, take some time to work out if you could increase the momentum.

If it causes you to feel hopeless, helpless or just downhearted, take some time to work out what you would prefer to see, that would leave you feeling better. 

Work out where you yourself could be better. Not perfect, or saintly, or self – sacrificial, but better. 

Remind yourself of all the stuff no – one else is going to do for you…the things that only you can do, for yourself.

File away an image, a feeling, a sense of the future you would prefer to see, as you look ahead, so that you can revisit it often.

Remind yourself that nothing ever stays the same, and that you will continue to move through space and time, whether you do anything different or you don’t. In another year you will be a year older, regardless.

Take one step today, toward your future self, and your future experience of life.

Tomorrow morning, do the whole thing again.



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