2 servings of food for thought! Breaking bad habits and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

First serving of food for thought: Become aware of the consistent little habits that are having an unhelpful impact…..and break them!

Well, at least begin the process of breaking them today, and then continue with the process tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next…..until you no longer need to, because those darned habits no longer exist! 

I am nestled in bed as I type this, with a soft, plump cat curled up against my leg, and the first cup of tea of the day on the bedside table. Not a bad habit and not one that I want to break. However, I automatically reached for a packet of cheese Quavers, my favourite breakfast snack…..and stopped myself. I am not hungry right now. I would have mindlessly opened them and shovelled them in, whilst typing (albeit sharing with the cat), without even really tasting them. The Quavers aren’t the problem. The problem is the habit of mindless eating, and one I intend to break…..starting from now!

I also have to be aware of the habits that kick in the second I begin to emerge from sleep. The first thought of the day can so easily be “Right…WHAT do I need to tackle today?” Followed by “What time is it, how much business do I have in, how much money have I got, what do I need to pay, what else can I do….?” This stuff makes me feel ‘safe’, because it gives the illusion of control, and is familiar to my ego and my body….but it is a ‘blocking’ habit. It blocks the actual flow of creative energy, and reinforces the story of struggle I have long been sharing with the energy of attraction (see my previous blog!). And even though I kind of already knew about my first – thoughts – of – the – day habit, thinking about it, putting it in black and white and reading it back, has given me a jolt. What have been I doing to myself and my goals?? Talk about getting in your own way!

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Second serving of food for thought: Re – set and refresh your conscious mind! 

Instead of allowing another day to do its thing, whilst you tag along, remind yourself that time just disappears, and prod your conscious mind out of auto – pilot mode. Just because you always do this and that, and have the same conversation with the same people, and watch and listen to the same kind of stuff, it doesn’t mean that life IS this way…it means that life has BECOME this way! Some degree of routine is necessary and helpful, but routine has the capacity to rise up and take over, demoting the conscious mind to a bit – player in the film of your life!

Whenever we are living unconsciously, we are allowing the subconscious to run the show. Think about all of the things we do automatically, whilst we’re caught up in thinking about something else. Driving a car. Everyone gets from A to B without being 100% aware of what is going on, most of the time. So WHO is driving the car? Our subconscious! It knows what it is doing, because it has been programmed that way. It willingly takes the wheel, only handing it back to the conscious mind when something ‘unusual’ occurs, such as the car in front suddenly and unexpectedly braking.

And that is because the subconscious doesn’t think outside of its own box, and doesn’t create anything new…..it is a store of programs, that we ourselves, using our conscious mind, have created and filed away. ALL of the stuff we now know how to do without deliberate, conscious awareness. We don’t have to re – learn how to drive a car every time we get behind the wheel (well, most of us, anyway!). We don’t have to ‘think’ about how to make a cup of tea, get dressed, read the paper, put the washing in. The subconscious mind is there to allow us to live and develop and grow. It frees the conscious mind to think and imagine and create, and form programmes to file away for future use (the third aspect of mind, the UNCONSCIOUS, is a deep, dark cave filled with all of the stuff even the subconscious can’t handle, but that’s another story for another day!).

The subconscious retrieves information for us, too, stuff we know but can’t bring immediately to (conscious) mind. I was once trying to remember a particular person’s name, but had to give up. That night, lying in bed and almost asleep, the forgotten name suddenly flashed across my mind….I could almost hear my subconscious proudly yelling “Got it…found it!” It had obviously rooted through its filing system until it located the correct info, but then had to wait until my conscious mind was out of the way, in order to be able to deliver it. I love it when that happens! 

The problem is, WE can become lazy and unimaginative, and use our conscious mind less and less, relying heavily on our subconscious to get us through the day. And we can use our conscious mind negatively, programming our subconscious with really unhelpful and self – destructive beliefs, knowing that it is never going to argue with us….it just accepts, and continues to deliver!

And if we are not updating our subconscious regularly, with new and helpful programmes, we cannot possibly change, and we cannot grow and develop. We will grow older, in our body, with the same old mind we always had. Age alone doesn’t produce wisdom and vision, which is why there ARE ignorant old people on the planet! If we are prisoner to our routines, if we fail to feed our subconscious with new, healthy and interesting information, we will continue to think, believe, feel and act in the same old way, leading to the same kind of experiences, which will further strengthen those programmes that are preventing us from exploring our greater potential…..it’s a treadmill no – one wants to be stuck on! And God himself couldn’t give predictions of health, wealth and good fortune to the person who’s subconscious mind is running the same old, over – used, non – fresh programmes that have been in place for so long they are gathering dust!


It’s simple and obvious. Think consciously, often and regularly. Be open to new information and ideas. Be aware when you are slipping back into auto – pilot, and take control of the wheel. Use your imagination positively. Involve yourself in some form of creativity, even if you aren’t a master. Listen to interesting and informative stuff on the internet, whilst you are getting dressed, cooking the tea, doing the housework (there will always be SOME degree of time available). Don’t keep filling your head space with crap, such as nasty soaps, ‘real life’ stories of abuse and deceit, and celeb drama (or at least seriously limit your exposure to it). I have heard people say “Ah yeah, but I LIKE that stuff….it’s fun!” No it isn’t…..it is s**t, and if you force – feed it to your subconscious, you might as well eat a daily diet of s**t yourself! 

If we want to keep growing and developing, and exploring, and creating new possibilities, we have to become consciously conscious, as often as possible! The energy of attraction is always aware of where our real focus is, even if we pretend that WE aren’t! And once we become aware of something we know we need to address, we cannot become unaware, even if we behave as if we have. So we might as well go the whole hog and regularly create new, inspirational programmes (habits!), repeating them until our subconscious accepts them as ‘truth’, and files them away for ongoing use!#subconsciousmind 




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