The Law Of Attraction – no need for intensity!

I really needed a pair of flat boots or trainers, to wear when I go walking with the dog. I have several pairs of boots and shoes with heels, but only two that are flat… and both are literally falling to pieces. So why didn’t I just go out and buy a pair?

Well, firstly, my money is all earmarked for other things, mostly bills. Secondly, right now, finding the time to actually GO shoe shopping is tricky. And thirdly, I kind of wanted to see whether or not a pair would just show up. And today they did… sort of.

I was out on an errand, and passed a little charity shop that had randomly sprung up, amongst a row of houses. There were a couple of racks outside, displaying an assortment of boots, shoes and slippers, all in good condition. And all were priced, except for a pair of trainer-boots, which happened to be in my size. I took them into the shop, and asked if I could try them on. They fitted just fine, but then I discovered that they cost a fair bit more than all of the others on display, and I wasn’t so keen (what does that say about me?). Anyway, the lady kindly knocked a couple of pounds off the price, and the deal was done.

The question is, was that the work of the Law Of Attraction, or not? Some will say yes, and some will say no. Some will believe that the trainers should have just shown up, if it was genuinely down to the LOA, without any physical effort on my part. But you know, having seriously studied and researched the subject, I can say, with hand on heart, that behind any notable thing that has manifested in my life, there has always been either strong emotion or action – and more often than not, a combination of the two.

And I have reached the conclusion that life is the Law Of Attraction, in motion, 24 hours a day. It isn’t just something we pick up and use, in order to attract stuff; its thread weaves through the fabric of our life every second of every day. And it operates in different ways, and at different levels… but it never, ever ceases to operate. 

Anyway, back to the trainers. It is true that I went to them, and not the other way round. I could just as easily have passed the shop without a second glance, and returned home empty handed. It is also true that I was consciously aware that I was in need of appropriate footwear, for the purpose of tramping over hill and dale… and so I was looking out for them. However, had they been priced, I would not have even bothered to try them on. And if the ‘other’ lady had been working in the shop that day, the chances are she would not have reduced the price (or so I was led to believe!), and so there was an element of ‘chance’ involved!

There was a time (especially after The Secret was released), that it was believed that visualisation, positive thinking and affirmations WERE the way to acquire anything that could possibly desired – and a lot of people ended up feeling incredibly disillusioned. I tried it myself, and like so many others, felt like a failure when my life became worse rather than better (it felt worse because I was waiting for it to magically transform!). But that was because I didn’t yet genuinely understand, and even now, I am still figuring it out.

I thought about all of the major stuff and experiences that have come into my life, just when I needed them, and I realised that there was always a lot of emotion involved, and a lot of genuine need. And always some degree of action.

For example, I ‘attracted’ my first motorbike because I didn’t go to a bike rally I had planned to attend. My partner and I had decided to go to a rally that was many miles from where we lived, because our ‘anniversary’ was coming up, and it had been at that particular annual event that we’d met. However, we realised that we couldn’t afford to go. The cost of petrol, entrance and camping for the week-end (fairly pricey), plus spending money… we just didn’t have enough. We were disappointed, but I decided to look online, and I came across another rally, nearer to home, which was going to cost quite a lot less, and so we set off. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made! Not only was it THE best rally we have ever attended (Last Wolf Mcc I applaud you), not only did we laugh more, harder and for longer, than we had done for a long time, but we met a guy who became a beloved friend, and he sold me a bike that became beloved – something I so desperately wanted – and he allowed me to pay for it in 4 parts, and he bought it to Anglesey, from the Wirral, in the back of a van. Now that was the Law Of Attraction at its sparkling best! 

But it still has to be said that conscious action was involved. I had no idea that that week-end would lead me to acquire my little bike (which I proudly rode, all the way to Cheshire, to the next Last Wolf rally!)… but it did. I feel I was led – but it was me who listened and responded. 

And I have found two homes, when the need was absolutely real, and against several odds, by listening, and responding with action. I have wanted many things that have not come my way, but then I didn’t have either the absolute need, or the absolute desire. I can’t say that is the way it works for everyone, but it definitely seems to work this way for me. 

Someone once asked me if the Law Of Attraction ‘works’. This lady was incredibly bitter, and could not see that in actual fact it was working perfectly in her life. She was not working on healing her mindset, her outlook, her beliefs, or her attitude, and her experience of the outer world was absolutely matching the darkness of her inner world. She thought that the Law Of Attraction should be about good stuff for her, about things going the way she thought they should, whilst she continued to boil and blister with rage. She was really into revenge and punishment, and proving others wrong, so that she could be right. She wanted what she had lost, without recognising that she had lost it because she wasn’t functioning in a healthy and productive way, in the first place. She first spoke to me about 24 months ago. And when she contacted me again, to ask if the LOA works, she hadn’t moved one centimetre from her previous stance.

And this brings me to the conclusion: the Law Of Attraction appears to respond productively to strong, meaningful and productive emotion, and it responds productively to passion, and to real need and desire. And some form of decision-making and action is usually required, in order to pull everything together – which is highlighted in a little story someone shared with me recently.

She was shopping, and noticed a large chocolate cheesecake, for sale at one particular stall. She thought “Ohh, I’d love one of those! Well, maybe next time!” The following week, she went to the same stall, to buy a small, individual version of the cheesecake, and the guy gave her, for free, the big one! He explained that it was a competition prize that had not been claimed, and so she might as well have it. She viewed this as the work of the Law Of Attraction… and it probably was. But if she had not taken action, if she had not physically taken herself to the stall, with the intention of purchasing what she could afford (the small one), she would not have acquired the large one! And okay, we can all come up with stories about random things that have found us, without any action at all, but more often than not, either our own, or someone else’s, action, allows the Law to help us to be where we need to be, in order to benefit from whatever it is we have been ‘ordering’!

There is something I have observed, that is worth mentioning: intensity doesn’t seem to work well, where the art of ‘attracting’ is concerned. Forcing it, trying too hard, becoming too invested in a specific outcome, in a specific way; demanding, reacting with impatience, resenting others who appear to be doing better than we currently are – none of these seem to speed or ease the process, and in fact are more likely to hinder it. So, if we want to enjoy the fruits of our manifesting labour, we need to keep it light!

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