Continued awareness, beyond death – evidence or proof?

Two days ago, around 8.30 am, I was walking through the woods with our dog. We had already been along the beach and back, and it was a lovely morning… in fact more than lovely. There was a spiritual beauty in everything – the calm, clear blue sea, the sun glinting off several high-flying planes, all leaving iridescent trails in a cloudless sky. The sweet scent of white blossom, mingled with the coconut aroma of bright yellow gorse. The birds, dipping and swooping, a robin, fearlessly collecting tiny sticks from the pathway in front of us, ducks splashing around in the river – all set to a magnificent soundtrack of rock music, blasting through my headphones. 

And then, just as I had reached my favourite part of the woods, where the river bends, and the scurrying water tumbles over and around the rocks and tree branches, something behind me and to my right caught my attention. I turned around to ‘see’ an elderly lady standing by the bench, and she was looking directly at me. She smiled, sat down, and patted the seat, next to her. I acknowledged her, but kept walking; I have been aware of non-physical people many times before, and tend to respond to them as I would to anyone ‘real’… smile and nod, and go on my way. 

However, something caused me to hesitate, and I went and sat alongside her, on the bench. I understood that she was small in height, slightly built, hair pinned at the back of her head, and dressed in black – there was something very stylish about her! Now, it is important that I explain that when I say I ‘saw’ her, I didn’t… exactly. I could see, with my eyes, that no-one at all was standing by the bench. But I could see, with my mind, that an attractive, well-turned out, elderly lady, dressed entirely in black, had sat herself down, and was inviting me to join her.

She exuded calm, and joyousness, and I just knew that this lady had been a real force to be reckoned with – and that she loved dancing, and God! She didn’t tell me this, of course. You see, the communication between those in the physical form, and those in the non-physical form, is about feeling, rather than words. I felt her joy, I felt her love of God… except that it didn’t come to me as God, it came to me as The Lord. She expressed to me that we need to be true to who we are, and that human beings sometimes struggle to understand passion and exuberance and natural joy. She let me know that The Lord understands me, and ‘has my back’… and I am sure her name was Helen, or Ellen. Until writing this, I haven’t talked to anyone about the lovely lady on the bench. I kind of wanted to cherish the feeling for a while… of the essence of a beautiful soul. 

I believe she picked up on my own energy, and the depth of my sense of gratitude and awe, for being with our beloved dog, on such a beautiful day, in such a wonderful, wonderful location, listening to my favourite music, with a head full of hopeful plans… and an underlying anxiety about HOW to achieve what I want to! I am really, really glad I stopped, and shared a few moments with her. I am unlikely to ever ‘see’ her again, but I will always feel her. 

And it probably wasn’t a coincidence, because I had been giving the subject of communication with those who have passed on a lot of consideration. I used to give public demonstrations (running into the hundreds, I imagine), but I quit, around three years ago, and I have one listing on my website for a spiritual communication consultation, but I don’t push or promote it. 

And not because I don’t believe. I have, over a long period of time, and after much questioning, contemplating and soul-searching, become entirely aligned with a much wider, broader and breath-taking aspect of existence. I have no doubt, whatsoever, that awareness continues, and that there are many, many journeys for each of us, yet to take. I believe entirely in the potential glory and power of the spirit (each one of us is a soul, I believe, and our spirit is the essence of us, the nature of the relationship we develop with everything whilst here in the physical world – and that our spirit is the only thing we take with us when we die, apart from our our sense of self).

I think that, maybe, my brand of mediumship doesn’t translate well, in this modern world – if not every time, then too many times. I always want to express the essence, the energy, the quirkiness, of the person who has completed their physical experience. I want the reality of them to be the most precious part of the communication. I ‘see’ the communicator, not as solid (after all, when we die, the solid part of us is either burned or buried), but almost as a hologram. I ‘feel’ them, their personality, how they were before they died, and I ‘feel’ their energy. I pass on snippets of gleaned conversation, that have taken shape and form in my mind… and I always hope that the recipient feels it too.

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Funnily enough, within the last week, I have given two consultations that included (by request) spiritual connection. On the first occasion, my way of working was well received, and I knew that the young lady who had died had been experienced by her friends… they felt her presence, rather than just being informed about it.

On the second occasion, the customer was unmoved and unimpressed. She had asked to speak to ‘anyone’, and I made six different links. She commented that one of the links sounded very like her uncle, who had died years before, but why on earth did he bother to show up? 

I asked her, if he had arrived in a physical sense, would she have responded in the same way? Would she have said to him, “I don’t know why you’ve bothered to come here!” She stared at me with a blank expression, and I knew she had no idea what I was talking about. He had not just shown himself, he had communicated so much about himself, and given a ‘message’, but it had all gone over her head. She went on to tell me about something she had been told at a spiritualist church, that had impressed her hugely. It was a small, relevant fact about a deceased family member (‘I have a lady here who used to ride a bicycle’), and I asked her what else was delivered – what else she got from the experience. She said, “well, nothing, but it was PROOF”. I felt really sad, again, that the spirit, the energy, the feeling of a deceased loved one is dismissed as unimportant.

And of course, there is no such thing as proof, only evidence. It all becomes about how ‘good’ the medium is, rather than the actual connection; which is why I hold my hands up, and say, “you know what, there are plenty of mediums out there who are probably better at delivering a communication in a way that most people prefer, and so I am happy to largely bow out and focus on my other interests and skills.”.

I continue to see and feel non-physical visitors, here and there, and I know for sure that the emotion, energy and passion we put into life, whilst we are here, goes with us when we come to the end of this experience called life on Earth. I will always want to genuinely feel the energy of the communicators, not just know that they wore blue shoes and a red hat… otherwise how can I know that they are still very much ‘alive’?

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3 thoughts on “Continued awareness, beyond death – evidence or proof?

  1. Wow, I enjoyed reading that Leanne, you write so beautifully and always from the heart,
    It was especially meaningful to me as on Thursday 6th April my lovely Aunty Joyce passed over who has had a lifetime of ill health and mental health problems to the extent she spent more time in hospital than out, BUT what a lady she was!! Her sense of humour was brilliant, and she had such a hugh heart, always thinking of others, especially my Mum who’s her elder sister by 2 years, no matter how low she was feeling, and although she had tried to take her own life numerous times through the years , it may sound silly but she had such a thirst for life! But even her passing wasn’t easy, I’m glad to say we got my Mum back to Manchester to say goodbye (heartbreaking) why do people assume it’s easier when your older????? But Joyce’s
    passing has really knocked her, i keep assuring her all our family in spirit, and we have plenty! Will have been there waiting for her, mums worried Joyce won’t be able to manage without her there! I’m going to show mum what you’ve written, you’ve put this up at the perfect time,
    So once again I’m thanking you Leanne for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, and hopefully easing my Mums mind if only a little


    1. Thank you so much Janet, and I send all my love to you and your Mum. You know, it isn’t so strange that Joyce struggled with life, whilst being a very vibrant being…….this physical world can be incredibly tough for genuine free spirits. She would have battled with the desire to stay and embrace the experience, and with the desire to escape and be free. Those who are more aligned with the physical, ordinary, everyday life, won’t understand that battle, and I can promise your Mum that Joyce (Joyous!) did what she, as a soul, came to do…….she bravely stuck it out, and ‘passed’ with flying colours! Yes, she weakened sometimes, yes, she thought “I want to, but I don’t believe I CAN do this life thing after all”…….but then she found a way to take another step, and another step…..and she made it! Each soul has its own journey, its own quest, its own fears, and its own reason for taking this journey. There is so much that we will never understand, whilst travelling through this physical world, and so often we will not understand the souls around us. Joyce has earned her stripes, and she is so glad she stayed the distance….and she is free of the shackles that came with her experience as a soul with a free spirit, in such a dense and intense dimension as this wonderful but challenging place we call life on Earth! xx


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