Prediction leads us to use the Law Of Attraction in our favour!

There are all kinds of possibilities, just waiting to occur, as we move through life! However, the stories we tell ourselves definitely have the power to influence WHAT we experience, and HOW we experience it.

For example, a customer recently told me that she wanted to leave her job, but was absolutely unable to do so, because she would never be able to find another that paid the same kind of money. She also wanted to stay in the house she had once shared with her now ex – partner, but couldn’t see how it could possibly happen. She would never be able to buy him out, and so the house would have to be sold. She had come to me because she wanted hope. She wanted to believe that the future held more positive potential, more options, than she currently feared. However, if she was actually correct, then no – one could help her. If it was an absolute fact, written in stone, that no other job could possibly offer what she wanted, then she was indeed stuck, and all the intuitive consultations in the world wouldn’t make a jot of difference. And if there was absolutely no way of her being able to pay her ex for his share of the house, she’d have to leave. End of. 

And of  course there will be those out there who absolutely relate to her and her beliefs, because they too feel stuck in a similar kind of trap.

But what if those were just stories she was telling herself? What if there was a different way of approaching things, an alternative mindset, that could open up the field, so to speak? What if the pathway ahead of her was wider than she believed it to be, and winding its way towards (as yet) unconsidered possibilities? What if I was right, and she was wrong? Wouldn’t that be great? And as a repeat customer (because she’d previously found my service to be very helpful), could she at least be open to the the idea that maybe the future wasn’t as set as she feared it to be?

I guided her to try a little something. I asked, if she was living in a fantasy land in which she could do anything she wanted and get away with it, what would she do about her job? I instructed her to drop her shoulders, take a deep, relaxing breath, and allow herself to ‘feel’ the answer, rather than think it. Of course she struggled, which is usual. Fear created a block, and she shook her head, saying “I don’t know!”

I reminded her that this was fantasy land, not ‘real’ life, and that she needed to allow the response to come from her heart, and not her intellect. What was it she really wanted to DO about her job? Suddenly, a whoosh of energy appeared to rush up from her feet, causing her to catch her breath, and her face flushed scarlet: “I’d hand my notice in!” she spluttered. It was amazing to witness the impact of a fear – block being dragged to the surface, and the effect it had upon her physical body!  Wonderful! 

Now I had her in a better place. She had had the courage to really speak out, and this freed her just enough to be genuinely open to other possibilities. And I outlined a pathway I could see ahead, based on her refreshed mindset, which would open up a series of stepping stones to her, that would lead her to new career opportunities. She wouldn’t be handing her notice in today, or even tomorrow……but she was definitely on her way towards bigger and better horizons! Obviously she’d have to honour the conditions attached to the predictions, and be willing to say yes, as and when required, but she was definitely, truly, NOT stuck!

And as for the home she wanted to remain in, I predicted that, as she changed and grew into the next phase of her life, she’d change her mind. She would wake up one day, and genuinely feel that it was time to let go……and I could see exciting property projects ahead! 

Of course, she still had a bit of a way to go. There would be good days, and uncertain days. The fear would try to regain its stranglehold, but she would have the recording of her consultation to refer to, to help keep her on track. I know she will be fine…..she has, like so many of my customers, got huge potential, just waiting to be recognised, reached, and utilised.


And something that this story highlights is that prediction can lead us to use the Law Of Attraction positively and productively. Intuitive insight allows us to nurture a mindset that works in our favour, rather than stumbling on along the same old pathway. We CAN change the course of our destiny, by allowing prediction to influence our thinking, and change our beliefs. And as our beliefs are the most powerful thing we possess, we need to make sure they are geared towards our own greater good! Intuitive insight, guidance and prediction are there to assist us to become more personally empowered. There is no other purpose. 

On a few occasions I have worked with people who are definitely not in a place at which they are open to moving on, even though they say they are. These people tend to react in an angry and defensive way, because they are overly attached to some form of dysfunction, and not yet ready to release it. They kind of want to release it, but remain immobilised by the fear of doing so. And that leads them to lash out. I am not being disrespectful when I say I don’t feel I have to tolerate that……I am not a whipping post. The service I offer is this: I use my intuitive capacity to assist my customers to become more personally empowered. I am interested in the bigger picture, the possibilities and the potentials, and I want results for my customers. We have all been in a dark place, and often more than once…..and we often need a helping hand to get us back onto solid ground. Without trying to pull the person on the end of that helping hand down WITH us!  

Here’s a link to my consultations page!



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