The WRONG thing to declare to the Law Of Attraction! I messed up until I woke up!

I have been saying something, out loud, that has seriously been hurting my progression. And worse, I have been saying it to my customers. I had one of those sudden light bulb moments a few days ago, a sudden realisation, that shocked me and left me feeling a little embarrassed.

I have been saying, almost with pride, as if it is a good thing: “no matter how many great testimonials I receive, no matter how long I’ve been in business, I still have to continue to market myself every day… I can’t rest on my laurels!”

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

I have analysed myself, attempting to get to the bottom of what it is that has been what motivating me to adopt that belief, and turn it into a mantra. And this is what I came up with. I have been harbouring a deep-seated need for the world to recognise how hard I have to work, in order to have any degree of success. I have been nurturing a secret fear of anyone being able to point at me, saying “ah yes, but it’s easy for her to talk… she hasn’t had to deal with what we have!”

And I think that stems partly from the belief that I need to prove my worth in this world, but also from having worked with a huge number of ‘yes but’s’ over the years… those who have consulted me because they want change, but have a long list of reasons why it can’t come possibly about. Unconsciously, I developed a defence. If I can say, with hand on heart, that life is a struggle for me too, but yet I keep looking for ways to move forward, no-one can say I am preaching from an ivory tower! If my life appeared to be too easy, how convincing would I be to the ‘yes but’s’?

And of course that is all absolute b******t. Beliefs can be pretty powerful things, and have the capacity to break, shape or make us. Our whole life is a testimony to our beliefs, and when we recognise that one or some of ours are dictating how we feel and what we experience, it really IS an hallelujah moment! The Law Of Attraction seeks out and hones in on our beliefs; we can talk and talk, and create an image to present to the outer world, but the real action is taking place behind the scenes – with our beliefs as producer, director AND star performer of the show!

And here’s something else that clicked with me. We tend to think that what we manifest in life, consciously or unconsciously, comes to us. It doesn’t. We go to it! Each of us is driving our own little car along the roads of life, our GPS system being a combination of the beliefs that we hold the most strongly, and the actions we take (or don’t take). Nothing comes to us, we find it, and we collect it, as we continue on. We might be tootling along at 10 miles per hour, on some bumpy road littered with the kind of stuff we don’t really want – but yet we still often stop, pick it up and take it with us. If our roads are generally more bumpy than smooth, if we are continually disappointed with what we acquire and experience, then we need to get a new, updated GPS system. The Law Of Attraction travels every single road, every second of every day; a chameleon hitchhiker who will only ever appear in a shape and form you can recognise and identify with, given your current positioning on the map of life.

It doesn’t matter where we have been. It doesn’t matter who did what to whom. It only matters where we can go, from this point onward. It doesn’t matter if today is not the day we want to have – we have to travel towards that day, and get ourselves off the dirt tracks littered with ‘reasons’ why it’s okay for others, but different for us. The Law Of Attraction can appear as a down-and-out hobo, flagging us down for a lift to nowhere, or a smiling, well-turned out traveller, laden down with snacks and goodies for the journey.

So, clean out the life-car you’re travelling in. Vacuum out the dust, dog hair and cigarette butts. Polish your number plate. Get a sweet-scented air freshener. Set your GPS to a sunny destination. And if you have the occasional break-down, you can be grateful for the opportunity to learn how to get the engine of your own life running again!

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5 thoughts on “The WRONG thing to declare to the Law Of Attraction! I messed up until I woke up!

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