Get manifesting NOW! P**s or get off the pot!

Get manifesting……right now, this minute! Begin the process of change immediately, regardless of your circumstances. You cannot afford not to……you aren’t going to spend eternity on planet Earth, so don’t waste more time than is necessary.

Double check: does your INNER world match your OUTER world? Are you genuinely ‘feeling’ what you are saying with your mouth, and what you are projecting outwardly? It is easy to have them match from a destructive viewpoint……a negative, fearful, resentful inner world (which is way more influenced by the past than the present or future) being played out in the outer ‘real’ world. Anyone can manage that. It is harder to make sure that our inner world genuinely matches our ‘positive’ outer projections……but when it does, THAT is when great things start to happen!

And to make great things happen, you really have to start with the energy that is representing YOU in the world. That energy goes out and communicates… IS your transmission. You can’t fake it.


If that energy is mumbling, it won’t help you much. Nothing of any worth will hear it. If it is screaming with resentment, it will attract those who unconsciously recognise and respond to your transmissions, but not in a good way. If it is flippy – floppy and jelly – like, it will slither around without any substance or power. If it is filled with determination, humour, gratitude, a willingness to keep pushing on, colour, imagination and curiosity (which has to be real, not pretend!), your transmission WILL reach the stuff and the people who operate at that level!

So start where you are. You may be up to your neck in debt, turmoil and dysfunction, or you may just want to make a few changes. There are no instant answers, no magic wands, and no matter how tough it sounds, your outer world cannot change until your inner world does, regardless of circumstance. You have to start somewhere. Clean up your mess. Sort your bills into an order, so you know exactly how much you owe, even though you can’t currently pay them. Change your attitude today, even though your outer circumstances haven’t yet changed. Really work out what your intentions are, how you want to feel, say in 6 months time……and don’t just say ‘happy’. Get inside your own mind and heart, and practice feeling the way you want to. And work out what you are determined to set in motion, in a realistic sense. You might want to buy a house, but you have huge money problems. Well, ‘see’ your dream home in the future, believe it exists, but do what you CAN do, in the here and now. Put one foot in front of the other. Steps add up to strides, but non – movement, just waiting and hoping for the day “when” to arrive, will keep you exactly where you are right now. Determination, not procrastination. Consistent and persistent movement, not impatience. Vision and imagination, not unexamined expectation. Hopefulness not hopelessness. Start signing better contracts with the Law Of Attraction…..NOW.


Develop and nurture genuine awareness of the current reality of your inner world, and the energy that is representing YOU, out there in the field of possibilities.

Clean up your act where necessary.

Start with one step, and then take another, and another……

Be persistent and patient, if you have a lot to sort through. If you don’t start, and if you don’t continue to take steps, you will not be demonstrating to the Law Of Attraction that you are serious. You have to do your bit, before it will do ITS bit. 

Keep reminding yourself of your intentions. Remind yourself of what it is you are determined to be, do and achieve. Seek out stories of those who have ALREADY achieved what you want to, under similar or worse circumstances. If they can do it, so can you. 

Remember that life always moves on, regardless. Your life will not be exactly the same in another 5 years as it is now. It may be worse, or a little better. But if you want to have some degree of say over the direction your life is taking, you have to adopt an appropriate mindset, and take appropriate action. And if you need help (and you will, because no – man is an island, as they say), seek it out, and use it. I can guide you, because I have been guided by others, and I will continue to BE guided, because there will always be something else I want to achieve! #manifesting 




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