The Goddam Law of Attraction…friend, foe or fable?

You know all about ‘thinking positively’, and you’ve read all there is about the law of attraction. But there are days you feel as if it is all just idealistic tosh, and could cheerfully slap the face of anyone who smugly tells you otherwise.

Your relationship has turned into a battlefield, or broken down completely. Your job is just 8 hours a day of boredom and conflict. Your home needs an overhaul. Creditors are calling you ten times a day. You look in the mirror and see a face and body you’d trade in at the drop of a hat. You are tired of existing, and sick of other people’s judgement and criticism. And then someone, whose life bears no resemblance whatsoever to your own, swans in and tells you that it’s all your own fault……you are attracting all of this stuff, and all you need to do is change your mindset.   And this causes you to feel worse, not better, because at this moment changing your mindset feels about as easy as jumping to the moon and back.


But you know, they are right. However, they would be wrong about it being all your own fault. Circumstances sometimes occur without our input. We can make decisions, innocently, only to find they come back to bite us further down the line, because there was stuff we didn’t recognise or understand when we made those decisions. No – one deliberately and consciously chooses struggle and hardship. We can become programmed to see the unacceptable as acceptable. We can become so entangled in the here and now we cannot see any other possible future, no matter how we try. But try we must, and that trying starts with one thought, and one step. I promise you, there have been times in my own life I believed I would never escape. I couldn’t see how. Dysfunction, debt, a miserable marriage, no money, nowhere else to go. But I did move on, and I am still in motion.


So how did I do it? To be honest, I don’t know. I think the fact that no matter how bad things got, how despondent and overwhelmed I felt, I still somehow, somewhere within me, believed. At a particularly low point a friend said to me “I don’t know what to say to you…..I have never known anyone have such bad luck” and I thought “BAD LUCK? No WAY, that can’t be true! Why would I be singled out for bad luck? That doesn’t make any sense….” And I realised I needed to get my head above the parapet, to stare into the long, pitch dark tunnel that lay directly in front of me, find that pin – prick of light at the end of it, and never shift my attention away from it. My ex husband told me I lived in la – la land, whilst he lived in the real world. But to me la – la land was MY real world, and the ‘reality’ he spoke of was HIS real world. I wasn’t about to relocate, and I am so glad I didn’t. I got mad, instead!


Not the kind of mad that gets you arrested, but the kind that makes you yell NOOOOO, at the top of your lungs! “NO life, I am not letting THIS be IT! I swear I am NOT going to wake up feeling this way for very much longer. I am NOT going down without a fight. YES, I KNOW I am the one who thinks my thoughts, who forms my beliefs, who shapes my perceptions, who responds, chooses and acts. I KNOW what THEY did to me, in the past, but THEY only have power over me because I handed it over to them……and I am wrestling that power back, and will fight them to the death for it!


I knew enough to know that life WAS matching me, step by step. I couldn’t blame myself for every decision I had ever made, because those decisions had been influenced by what I knew and understood at the time. But life can be a bitch….she holds us to decisions we have made, not letting us off the hook until we either give up and just accept our miserable lot, or we commit to new decisions, based on what we know NOW. There is no sin in this, no blame. But if we recognise we are not feeling the way we want to, not living up to our own values and standards, and STILL stay put, no – one can, or will, help us. For every forward step we make, we change something, we alter the nature and quality of the energetic field from which we operate, and life matches THAT. It may take some time before we have built up enough of a change for the difference to become tangible……but sooner or later it WILL. We may stumble, but we don’t have to lose too much ground. And THAT is how it all works. Simple, but not easy, though easier when we start to experience the effects of the change we have been instigating.


YOUR circumstances may be worse or better than another’s. You may well not be able to transform your life overnight, but you CAN begin to make changes, and it is better and more empowering for you if you begin with yourself, and how you allow yourself to respond to life. And do find time to quietly rest your attention and mind on the energy of the law of attraction, the quantum field of possibilities (to quote Dr Joe Dispenza). Form a relationship with it, and show it you ARE investing in your own, refreshed, more satisfying future. It WILL listen and respond. And I am saying that not as a spiritual platitude, but as something I have experienced as the truth……a truth that can also be yours, if you really believe it, and are determined to prove that belief right.


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