YOUR energy field IS you….make it strong, wide and ATTRACTIVE!

What if you could change your energetic field, the invisible but incredibly powerful ‘outer’ aspect of you? What if by altering the quality of your energetic field, you find you create positive changes in your life? Wouldn’t that be worthwhile?

The energetic field is something we create, and re – create, every second of our life. It is made up of our personal mental and emotional emissions. Most of us develop and live out a routine, a set of habits, that come to form our own version of reality. We think the same things, in the same way, we have the same kind of conversations, and experience the same emotions. We look backwards at the same memories, and forward to more of what has become familiar to us. Some of us even regularly say “Well, I just take each day as it comes…’s just what you do, isn’t it?”


Our energetic field goes out before us, and interacts with, or reacts against, those of other people. Scientifically we know that when two particles come together and then part, they take something from one another, obviously also leaving something of themselves behind. Unknowingly and unconsciously we are consistently transmitting the contents of our energetic field ‘out there’, attracting and repelling. If what we are consistently attracting into our life is less than ideal, we get to choose: we can just accept it as our lot in life, or we can explore the possibility of change, through altering the nature and quality of our personal energetic field. It DOES work……..millions of people have already proved that to themselves. However, we have to be willing to take a good, hard look at ourselves, in order to recognise what needs to be worked on. And we have to explore the techniques that can help us to make the changes we desire. And we have to be willing to enter into the process, in a committed and consistent way.  

I will  describe the techniques I use, though of course there may be others that work better for you:

Interrupting my inner dialogue whenever necessary. It doesn’t matter what I am doing; if my inner conversation is causing me to feel anxious, negative, resentful, fearful, miserable or helpless, AND the subject in question is one I can’t do anything about, I consciously switch my thinking to something more productive and uplifting. Some days I have to do this a hundred times. Some days only a handful of times. And it doesn’t matter how long I have been practising this technique, there is unlikely to ever come a time in my life when I no longer have to. Because I am human, I will always have to stand guard at the door of my own racing mind!


Filling my mind with as much motivational stuff as possible, whenever I can. The brain needs to be stimulated, so that the mind can grow (the mind IS the brain in action, according to Dr Joe Dispenza). When I am in bed at night, I plug my headphones in and listen to a meditation recording. If I am awake in the early hours, I do the same. When I am getting dressed, I have something motivational/educational on Youtube. I read in the bath and on the loo. Any opportunity has to be taken!


Chanting. Yes, really! I do it out loud when I can, and in my head when I can’t.

My favourite is: om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha.

This is a chant to attract abundance, and is pronounced:

om shreem mar har, laksh me ay swar har.

There is something calming about chanting, and I feel it helps to focus and balance my mind. Mind you, I did once get carried away, forgetting to chant in my head, rather than out loud, and my son stuck his head round the kitchen door, asking “WHAT the hell are you DOING? It sounds like a mosque or something in there!”


Making sure I actually ‘feel’ what I am doing, and not just going through the motions. I try to avoid using the word positive because I feel it is inadequate. Thinking positively is absolutely not enough. It is akin to scraping the surface of a deep, deep barrel. I always, always want the absolute bottom line, and spiritual platitudes are just a waste of time and energy. I NEVER put forwards anything that merely sounds good. It HAS to resonate with me, otherwise I am being inauthentic. I want to share with others that which I believe is meaningful, but I really want them to FEEL it, and not just ‘like’ it! Of course I can be evangelical in my approach, and have to realise that what is meaningful to me may not even touch another person!

I talk to the creative force of life……God, the Universe, whatever name you choose to give it…..every single day. This is based on my personal belief that, as we are part of the physical universe, and are technically made from the same stuff as the stars, we are all a sliver of the creative force behind everything that exists. It is a creative energy force, rather than a person, in my mind…..which observes us with interest as WE create, be it a mess, a meal, a business, a work of art, a war, the same old thing again and again… is ALL human creativity! 


I have a periodic ‘board meeting’ with myself. I analyse my attitude and actions, and yes, I can say with hand on heart that I do look back and cringe, every now and then! I HAVE been in dark places, and I HAVE revealed that to the world, I am embarrassed to say. However, honest self – awareness can pull us from a deep, muddy hole, and onto dry land……until the next muddy hole, and a renewed need for honest self – awareness!

I give consideration to criticism, even if initially it makes me huffy, and work out whether or not I need to take it on board. If I DO, I do. If I DON’T, I don’t. I used to be crushed by all criticism, but that leads to defensiveness, and defensiveness is a repellent form of energy……absolutely not conducive to productive and healthy expansion of the energetic field!


I keep starting over, as necessary, and I continue to believe. NOT believing is NOT an option, genuinely, even in the face of challenge or resistance! I have definitely seen productive and meaningful changes in my life, thanks to my own effort, plus input from some amazing people, and there is still so much more on my ‘list’.  I acknowledge that I can never rest on my laurels, and view self – awareness, and the growth of my personal energy field, as as important as breathing!

I hope this blog has given you some food for thought, inspired you, or spurred you on, on your own journey! There is so much wonderful information out there, so many amazing sources of inspiration, often free of charge…..there is no reason for ANY of us to become stuck, bored and uninspired!  






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