Predictions alone have NO power. ADD something, and THEN they can become incredibly useful!

Predictions can be incredibly helpful, but alone, they have no capacity to change anything in our life. And note that I say ‘alone’. That is because something else is often required.

Even when a prediction comes to pass, it may be interesting, but has it changed anything, or made a worthwhile difference? Sometimes the answer is no. As I say, in hindsight, it can be interesting, entertaining even, to recognise that a prediction manifested into a reality…….but what use is that, if nothing was actually gained? Call me a purist, but I don’t see the point!

And in any consultation there are always going to be predictions that are ‘fillers’, situations that can come to pass, but are not really important in the bigger picture. That is because life is dotted with such experiences, and some of them are bound to show up when having a ‘reading’. However, the more meaty stuff is different, and more meaty predictions often come with conditions attached. Or they come with warnings.


I once told an elderly customer that her son was heading for heart problems, unless he took better care of himself. No, I am not a doctor, but that doesn’t mean I cannot express something I see and feel, whilst conducting a consultation, in a calm, non – dramatic way. She admitted that he was carrying far too much weight, over – ate, and took no exercise. But she also said that she couldn’t possibly tell him, because it would frighten him. I have no idea whether or not she broached the subject with her son, and whether or not he is alive and well. But I do know that the ONLY reason to have an intuitive consultation is to gain insight and information that is potentially useful to us, as we wend our way through the next chunk of our life. That prediction had the capacity to do its job, IF it was allowed to.  Pretty powerful stuff!

A woman once told me, with ‘attitude’, that I had predicted that she and her ex – husband would reunite, but that it had failed to happen. I actually remembered this lady (because of the attitude!), and I reminded her that what I had actually said was that if she was willing to forgive him, accept her own contribution to the situation, and let go of the bitterness and blame, they stood a good chance of making the relationship work. I asked her if she had stopped holding the past against him, and she said NO (with attitude!). I rest my case. 



Can you see how impactful a considered prediction can be, if the attached conditions are honoured? I could have told the lady, from the above story, that she and he would simply live happily ever after…….but it would not have been true. I could have said that they would never, ever reunite, under any circumstances (and if I had seen that, I would have said so). What I could see was that they had potential, under certain circumstances, and I outlined those circumstances.

Predictions are sometimes hard to accept or believe, it has to be said. But at least they should be taken into account, and considered, rather than immediately dismissed. They can still be of use to us, even if we don’t buy into them immediately, as long as we are willing to bear them in mind. For example, we may not currently agree with a prediction that says a particular person is not going to be a part of our future, under any circumstances, but that doesn’t mean we are wise to ignore it. We can weigh up the reasons given for the prediction (and generally, reasons WILL be given), and ask ourselves if they make sense. COULD they possibly have a ring of truth? And if we decide that no, they don’t, we can still bear the prediction in mind……just in case. 



And predictions can highlight the power we have to choose…….maybe one of their most important qualities! They can reveal the different potential pathways that lie ahead of us: if we do this, THAT will come about, if we do that, THIS will come about; if we continue with our current mindset and attitude, regardless of circumstance, we are likely to experience THIS, but if we make productive changes to our mindset and attitude, then THAT can happen! 


Questions about current problems are often answered in a consultation that looks ahead, describing future potential, though this is sometimes overlooked by the customer.

For example, I told a lady that her love interest was definitely not a part of her future, and explained why. I said that they could be supportive of one another in the short – term (though there was dysfunction and pain between them), but that it would not translate into a genuine, mutually supportive, committed relationship. I told her that I also could not see her and her husband being honestly happy and emotionally healthy together, in the bigger picture, and explained why. Too much dark water had gone under the bridge, and although she could choose to hang on in there, it would only be for survival, and would not lead her to develop herself, and create the future she really wanted…..and vice versa. Sad, in some ways, but true. I could see an amazing life ahead for her, if only she could have the courage to put one foot in front of the other, cease creating any further complications in her life, focus on her own inner healing, and remind herself of her lost, bigger hopes and dreams. Life was waiting for her, as was freedom, travel, and a re – claiming of the adventure her earlier life had deprived her of……and new, healthy love. Yes, it was going to require courage, determination and patience, and would also take some time……but this was her happier, healthier future we were talking about! She got back to me to say she needed to know more, and her question was: she was so confused…….which man should she choose…..her husband or her love interest?  

She could not hear 99% of the consultation……but she WILL always have the power of choice. As I told her, whichever pathway she chooses, there will be an outcome. Not a reward or a punishment, but a result, a conclusion. 


Whether your questions/issues are connected to relationships, work/business or personal goals, an honest, predictive intuitive consultation CAN be a useful tool. Not an emotional crutch, or an emotional painkiller, or a form of entertainment…….but a tool, a piece of a jigsaw to add to the bigger puzzle, as you shape and form the picture of your life. And anyone, anywhere, can benefit from intuitive guidance, regardless of status, culture or current situation!#prediction










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