RUN WITH ME, FALL DOWN WITH ME, SUCCEED WITH ME……but don’t come with half a heart!

KEEP ON believing. Keep on having faith. Keep on going back to the drawing board, as often as is required. Be willing to re – invent the wheel of your life, again and again. Strip yourself down to the bare bones, pick out the unhelpful stuff, and put yourself back together again. Keep on keeping on.

THESE ARE NOT JUST IDLE WORDS, OR SELF – HELP PLATITUDES. They are the tried and tested foundation of all growth, and all success. 


But do NOT become hooked on the struggle, the martyrdom of it all. Do NOT become a life – long seeker who uses the self – help industry as a form of procrastination. Take action, every single day, and if that action isn’t working, change it.

DON’T be afraid of slipping backwards, and remember that ‘trying’ means trying until you get to where you want to be, or you grow old and die……whichever comes first. And when you do reach the place you said you wanted to be at, look for the next place.

If parts of your life aren’t working too well, face up to it, and figure out why. Don’t hide behind defensiveness. Defensiveness and stone – walling are two of the most destructive modes of behaviour that exist. Don’t be too proud to admit that you need to change aspects of your own thinking. Be grown up,  and be willing to look at the bottom line……there is only one way from that point, and that is UP.

Don’t be muddled or vague. Talk clearly and honestly to yourself. Saying “I just want to be happy, safe, content, secure, successful” is NOT going to get you anywhere worth going, anytime soon. Don’t believe that superficial affirmations, no matter HOW often repeated, are creative. Get real, get deep down inside of yourself and MEAN what you are saying. And if you can’t mean it, WORK on meaning it.


Stop telling yourself you are at a crossroads, stop using excuses, stop following affirmations up with negative and contradictory thoughts and feelings. BUT remember, before you can stop doing that stuff, you have to be aware that you are doing it……you have to be committed to being aware. And DON’T say “I don’t have time”, the number one excuse used to explain away anything and everything we don’t want to tackle. Statistics tell us that the average person has between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute……are we taking time out for each and every one of those thoughts? NO! We are still going about our business. So, keep thinking and doing, but change the nature of your thoughts, consciously and deliberately, day in and day out. Year in and year out. Until your last breath. Yes, REALLY. 

If you are reading this you are already open to the desire to push yourself further, to prove to yourself what you can do. People who just want to scrape by, or who don’t accept personal responsibility for how their life unfolds, are looking elsewhere. If only one other human being is positively influenced by this blog, receives a much needed second wind and gets back into their adventure, then it will have been worth the time and energy invested in the writing of it. If no – one reads it, or feels inspired in any way, at the very least I have reminded and inspired myself!

I have been an as***le. I have fallen down. I have failed. I have made unwise decisions. I was at where I was at, and I am now at where I am at. I am 59 years old today, and I STILL believe that I can get from here to THERE. I KNOW what THERE looks and feels like……I have been working on it for years, working on my own unhelpful beliefs and attitudes, training myself to BELIEVE and not just talk as if I believe. And it has been hard. I am still a work in progress. I have had to learn to be genuinely grateful for everything that my life is about RIGHT NOW, but without settling for less than I know that I want to be and do and experience. And I know that it has to come from within me, and I know that tiredness, slow business weeks, negative feedback, life’s curve – balls, the disinterest or dismissiveness of other people cannot be allowed to cause me to throw in the towel…….even though I have been tempted to do so, on a number of occasions. I only have myself to answer to, when all is said and done.


We cannot know the light until we can see the dark. We cannot appreciate if we don’t know what lack feels like. We cannot savour success without having tasted the sharpness of failure. We cannot enjoy the big things in life if the small things are insignificant to us.

BUT we also cannot dismiss the big things in life, making them less worthy than the small things. We cannot claim that being content with only what we need makes us better than those who strive to create more and more, and who desire to experience all that other human beings have created. We cannot allow fear and apathy to lead us to believe we are morally superior to the ambitious. Our goals are own own. Be they a desire to create a wonderful, warm family unit or a billion pound empire. As long as the fire is alight within us, we have to keep fanning those flames. And we need to recognise the difference between a vague interest and a desire that never goes away, never shuts up. The first is just day – dreaming…….the second is potentially life – changing! Run with me, fall down with me, get back up with me, strive and achieve with me……and celebrate with me! #succeed.


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