Our deceased loved ones…how they communicate and what they want!

Just because people die does not mean they have finished living and growing! I don’t know for sure WHAT individuals are up to, beyond this physical experience, but I do know that it is something!


I do not consider myself to be the greatest medium in the world, but I have been involved in some pretty amazing connections. I am not able to deliver names and addresses, but I do ‘see’ the person with whom I am connecting (clairvoyance), and I ‘feel’, as in emotions and sensations. I still smile when I think of the guy who had died, who plonked a bottle of merlot down in front of my customer (of course she couldn’t see him!), and she said that he’d always bought her her favourite red wine! A very small, non – life changing thing, but REAL!

I always ask the customer who they are hoping to connect with, as in Mum, Dad, Grandma, husband, child etc, so that I can make what I call a ‘cosmic phone call’, and ask for them! I will also tend to pick up links with others, too, along the way, but I like to start with something definite. There are some who may see this as ‘cheating’, as in “you’re supposed to be able to pick up on WHO I want to pick up on!”, but I have no time for game playing and testing, only results. It is the way I work, and if it isn’t what the customer wants then they need to go elsewhere!


I don’t see deceased people 24 hours a day, because after 23 years it has become a job to me, and no – one is doing their job every second of every day! However, I do often see the odd person here or there, outside a house, in the woods, or walking along the road. I just notice them and we both get on with whatever we are doing!

A deceased man recently communicated that there is always a happy ending. I queried about those souls who seem to become ‘stuck’, and he said that they always have the capacity to move on, that they are not stuck without hope. Becoming stuck is not something that happens to all souls of course…..but sometimes an individual is a very troubled one, and may resist moving on from the life experience, temporarily.  

People who have passed want their loved ones to live, to thrive and be happy. They know that those who remain behind are sad, but in my experience they always want to explain that they themselves still exist, still have capacity for conscious thought, and are still aware. There is a limit to what any medium can pick up on, and not all mediums work in the same way. And it is unreasonable of anyone who has not developed their mediumistic abilities to harshly judge someone who has! It is what it is. We may make a great connection, or a hazy connection. We are, after all, communicating between a physical and a non – physical dimension, with ‘dead’ people…..that in itself is mind – blowing!


And the ability to predict situations and circumstances that actually come about is also an amazing idea! Sometimes people who have passed offer predictions, or make comments about stuff that only later on becomes apparent. If there is a disagreement between customer and the deceased, I always go with the communicator, because they are always right! Having said that, when we are no longer in our physical experience, we don’t become all – knowing, and we cannot influence the course of another’s destiny. However, I do know that the deceased often ‘guide’ a loved one in a particular direction, for their own good! I remember an occasion when, whilst driving in the car, an elderly man appeared in the passenger seat, and later that day I saw him again, when he showed up to communicate with his son, who had booked in for a consultation! In fact, that has happened several times, now I think about it.

I am NOT principally a medium. It is not the only service I offer. I have an excellent track record for accurate long – term prediction and productive life – guidance. I am keen to encourage customers to live well……to develop their inner and outer world, to face their blocks and fears, to use intuitive services to assist them as they live and grow (not as an emotional painkiller or a crutch)…..so they can die well! Nothing is ever wasted in this life, and we take with us all we have learned, all we have become, all of our development…..and we can continue to use it and build upon it!


I have added a spiritual communication consultation to my list, again, because this is the time of year at which our thoughts turn even more to those we love who have passed. They ‘feel’ our thoughts about them, they pick up our transmissions, and they know when we are thinking about them, and talking about them. Remember that they operate at a different vibrational level now, and communication is made mind to mind and heart to heart, not intellectually and verbally! And also remember that life on Earth is actually incredibly short, in cosmic and spiritual terms……they may have nipped off a bit earlier than the rest of us, but we’ll all be going one day, so it isn’t as if you will never be with one another again!#lifeafterdeath  




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