My wonderful customers speak up!


I receive a lot of positive feedback, all of which I absolutely appreciate. This message is one of my most treasured:

You always give the best advice, and I’ve learned to not doubt what you say because you’re usually right whether I want you to be or not! lol
By the way your last reading regarding my internship at a mental health facility was spot on! You told me to not be afraid and that I would enjoy it and I did! I am so glad I took your advice because it was such a great experience and taught me a lot. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for your reading I may not have gone through with it. Kaye.

I love the fact that Kaye (not her real name) took a chance, and opened up a brand new door for herself…..whilst proving to herself what she could do. And THAT is why I believe that an intuitive consultation can be an investment in our future!


The only valid reason to have an intuitive consultation is to gain information. It is all about becoming pre – informed. It is smart to ask questions, to want to gain insight. The human mind has the capacity for intuitive thinking for a very good reason… assist us as we manoeuvre our way through life. We can use it in matters of love, career, finances, health and personal goals. The following, taken from an email, is another that, for me, summed up the value of an honest consultation:

 I just wanted to send you a note… I had a reading in Oct 2014, and at the time I was hooked on a man who I had no future with. You were the only intuitive that was correct. You were correct about so much. Down to the man I am now seeing. Even an exact scene/situation I was in with him. I wouldn’t say I resisted the predictions, but I was pretty upset by them.  You were so honest and blunt, but you were completely correct and I am so much happier now, having moved on.

I am sure that you have received many notes like this, but I want to add my voice and to say thank you. You are kind and compassionate in the way you are willing to deliver the truth even if it hurts. 

I will definitely read again with you. Annie xx

Annie (again, not her real name) expressed how she was initially upset by her consultation, because, putting it bluntly, she didn’t hear what she wanted to! And this has always been, and probably always will be, an inevitable stumbling block, where my work is concerned. I have been dragged over the coals on the internet more than once by angry women (never by men, for some reason), and always because of a ‘love’ consultation! There is a huge difference between fortune telling and an intuitive consultation, and the fact is that there are too many so – called readers making money by playing back exactly what they know the customer wants to hear. And I really object when I am lumped in with these con – artists…..I have worked bloody hard to develop my skills and my business model, damn it!

But I was touched to receive Annie’s  feedback, and it has helped me to re – group after having been under attack from some furious female who has been told by 10 other ‘readers’ that the man she hasn’t laid eyes on for the past 12 months is her soul mate, will change his ways and magically return to her so that they can live happily ever after! And you know, we only react defensively when we feel we have something TO defend…..and so my angry customers probably already suspected that they were being schmoozed, but as long as no – one spoke the truth out loud, they could continue to hang onto a fantasy that was keeping them afloat. We’ve all been there, to one degree or another, I imagine.


And here is another I love, for obvious reasons!

Hi Leanne, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you! I had a reading with you over a year ago, everything you said that would happen happened! I took your advice and decided to put my parents troubles with each other aside, and you told me if I booked my wedding the date would change, and it did! But we are getting married this Saturday and if it wasn’t for my reading with you, I honestly think we would have just done what my parents wanted and eloped, so thank you again xxx Claire

Ahh, I still smile when I read Claire’s message, and I hope she and her husband are happy and well. And the following is another I cherish, again for obvious reasons…….you can just feel her throwing off some of the old emotional shackles!

Hello! Just want to say a big thank you for your wonderful advice, guidance and insight. Done an awful lot of thinking these past few days and recognising my little flaws and a light bulb came on. Then I had that liberating feeling of ‘f**k it!!!! It really doesn’t matter!!! I’m realising that my perceptions are everything and a change in perception will make all the difference. I also came to realise I do need to look deeper into myself and deal with my need for reassurance. And probably most importantly – learning to be in a relationship with myself. Being happy and comfortable with myself. I think this could be the healing I need. Thanks again Leanne xx Marian.

10408661_693080797473795_7615086403970725600_n Denise Linn

And this is one I received very recently, which I found to be really interesting!

I’ve been meaning to give you feedback on these readings. I have to say that I was able to relate to many of the things you picked up as they were actually happening at the same time as the reading. When you mentioned things like redecorating, I laughed as I looked down the hall at the painter I hired painting an accent wall and putting in new tile. I thought the five-day reading was pretty fun and very accurate.

I also wanted to give you feedback on something else. A couple of readings ago, maybe a year or so back, you mentioned I would hear about someone going to India and I may actually have business opportunities in India or related to India through this person. I did a mental inventory of the people I knew and couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how that would be possible. Turns out a bit later, an old friend from high school and I reconnected and he was starting a new company with ties to India. I was later given the opportunity to be involved in it. I’ve been wanting to tell you that because it was totally out of left field for me, and absolutely so specific (especially sitting here in Texas with no ties to India whatsoever), that it completely impressed me.

Thanks for everything!

Good stuff, eh? Who doesn’t need an objective helping hand every now and then, and who doesn’t appreciate positive feedback!#intuitive




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