WHAT is stopping you? And are you prioritising?

I ask myself “WHAT is stopping you?” And I have to be honest. If I can’t be honest with myself, I am never going to get anywhere. I know what is stopping me. Fear……but when I analyse it, there IS nothing to fear. Except not giving myself the chance to prove what I can do. And my perceived lack of time. I often feel as if I have a terrier snapping at my heels, as if I should be here instead of there, doing this instead of that. And it is true that 24 hours in a day are often not enough, and so I need to prioritise. I am sure I can manage the time I do have in a more efficient way, if I prioritise, and if I am disciplined.


I receive all kinds of good advice: learn more about effective social networking, read other people’s blogs and comment, in order to encourage them to do the same for you, learn more about this technology, figure out how to use that technology….and I would love to, I promise. But I also have to actually earn my living whilst continuing to find ways to expand my little empire, and do all the family stuff, and take care of a physically immobilized partner (albeit temporarily), and take care of myself. Some things are just going to have to wait, and the most important, pressing stuff brought to the top of the list, every single day. And it has to be real. We can all talk the talk, shuffle papers, do our research, make busy – ness the reason we can’t be productive, go to seminars, write out plans……but not actually make any real headway. I seriously want to avoid becoming stuck in that trap, growing old and dying and still saying “When I have more time I will do blah, blah, blah.”  



And I know I CAN move mountains, with effort. Well, big hills, at least. I have designed my own service to be comprehensive, so that my customers have something that will be of use over time, rather than an instant hit of gratification. A set of observations, insights, and predictions that can help them to make considered decisions, over a period of time. Decisions that will make life easier in the long run, in the bigger picture. My dream is to bring intuitive guidance into the mainstream of life, for it to become a natural tool, used by everyone from presidents to everyday folk like me. There is still a lot of misunderstanding attached to the subject of intuitive intelligence, but there will come a time when it is more widely understood, accepted and utilised, in everyday life. AND if I am to play my role in that, I have to manage my time as well as I possibly can!

You know, when all is said and done, no – one really cares about our excuses. We’re all busy, but we aren’t all being as productive as we like to pretend we are. We have to be willing to be straight with ourselves. We can’t have our cake and eat it. P**s or get off the pot seems to sum it up pretty well. And that applies to me, as much as it does to every other person who says they want to achieve something BUT……


So, I don’t have all of the knowledge that would help me to expand my personal empire NOW, but I do know more than I did. I don’t have unlimited funds to pay for the technology and marketing I am assured would cause me to be a rip – roaring success, but I am better off than I was. I have managed to still be in business 22 years down the line (a business which began with just one customer, who responded to an advert I placed in a local shop window), and I have accumulated a generous collection of encouraging testimonials, which I re – read every now and then. I realise, as I type this, I have done okay……. but it isn’t enough!


I know what my next set of short – term goals are. I know how much I want to earn/attract, I know the kind of customer I love working with, and I know how I want to feel, when I have reached the stage at which I can comfortably say “Right…..what’s next?” Even though I have reached THIS point, I am still pushing away at that big hill…….towards that spot over there, a few metres to the left. It is pointless pushing and pushing and becoming frustrated and exhausted. I need to write “Push the big hill” on my daily list and give myself permission to include it as a priority, so I can approach it with an organised mind, and with energy! I know what my current challenge is, workwise, and I know what I need to change, where my own approach is concerned…..and though the clarity makes it feel so much more do – able, I still have to maintain that motivation! When we believe we CAN get to where we want to be, motivation is easier to find. It is when we doubt that we can get to where we want to be that motivation becomes a struggle. See how asking “WHAT is stopping me?” blows things wide open, allowing us to reassess our own mind – set and attitude, and how we are actually using our precious time? Amazing!#timemanagement


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