Shout “I AM” to the world…….and mean it!


I AM. Put enough emotion and energy behind those two words, and your brain pays attention! What you consistently tag on the end has the capacity to make, shape or break you, so you need to be completely aware of your habitual inner dialogue. I AM…….a success. I AM……building my financial freedom. I AM……moving into a new and more fulfilling job. I AM…..a great parent. I AM……worthy of a good, loving relationship. I AM……attracting new business. I AM…..happy, right now. AND you have to shout it out, with feeling, even if it is within the confines of your own mind…..I AM, I tell you, world!

You do not want to constantly be mumbling I AM bored, fed up, broke, at the end of my tether, stuck, lost, trapped, tired, let down, disappointed, hurt, stupid, angry, miserable, afraid, unappreciated, ugly, fat, unworthy, or depressed. And you cannot wait UNTIL the tide turns to be able to say I AM in a more positive and passionate way…..because the negatives will programme your brain to cause you to fail to MAKE the tide turn, in the first place!

So here are a few that are more inspiring and empowering, and more uplifting than the above!



A force to be reckoned with

Successful in my work

Completely able to hit my targets

Fabulously creative

Attracting opportunity and reward

A great role model for my children

Moving on and up


Absolutely worthy

Positively attractive

Bright and quick

Greatly in demand

Valued and respected

And you know, the brain also picks up on our body language, tone of voice and facial expression…….and it is impossible to state I AM meaningfully and sincerely, if you are slumped in a chair, wearing a droopy expression and speaking in a monotone…… will all sound like negative blah – blah to your brain!

So…..shoulders back, head up, smile……and tell the world, in no uncertain terms, “I AM open for business and I AM a winner!” And do it again, and again and again, until it becomes as natural as breathing!





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3 thoughts on “Shout “I AM” to the world…….and mean it!

  1. That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.

    Brief but very accurate info? Thank you for sharing this one.
    A must read post!


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