7 things to avoid if you want to be successful!

If you are working towards success in any area of your life, then DON’T do the following!

1) Make everything about the past! If your focus is more often on the pain you feel about your past, than it is on the future you still have the power to create, you are unlikely to make any real headway at all. You can’t have it both ways!

2) Have an inexhaustable supply of excuses! Sometimes we have to be patient, to be resourceful, to be crafty, to work harder, to be persuasive, to learn something new, to sacrifice time and energy, to go without, to face a fear. There can be genuine setbacks that require us to seek out a solution…..and we can choose either action or an excuse!

3) Kid yourself! Lots of people have ideas, things they like the sound of…….but not enough to commit real energy and effort to. Liking the idea of being a drummer is not the same as deciding to do what it takes to BECOME a drummer, for example. And then falling back on excuses to explain away why you COULD have been a drummer, if ONLY things/people had been different…..

4)  Be inert! Moving at the pace of a garden slug, struggling for motivation, leaving things until tomorrow, next week, next month,  next year, next incarnation…..until, until, until. This will actually stress you out, and make self – motivation even harder, because you will feel guilty, and feel as if you are failing.

5) Procrastinate! Busily moving papers around, doing non – urgent research, getting your head together, waiting until you feel more confident…again, this will just cause you to feel that you are failing, because deep down inside you will know what you are doing!

6) Blame fear of the unknown for lack of action. Everything is unknown until we know it. No – one knows how to do anything when they enter into this world, apart from the stuff that is keeping them alive….like breathing. Walking, tying our shoelaces, reading, writing, cooking, driving, playing the piano, fixing an engine, building a house……..and a zillion other things we end up managing to do with relative ease and confidence, that were once part of the big, scary world of the UKNOWN. There is always going to be stuff that is unknown……..it is how we learn and grow and develop. If you are living such a narrow life that you are able to avoid facing anything that is unknown, then you have probably put yourself into the terrifying position of merely existing until the time comes for you to face the BIGGEST unknown of them all. Oh dear.

7) Be a Jack Of All Trades, and a master of non. An eternal student who never really takes action, always looking for the next ‘new’ thing that will finally enlighten you, rather than recognising the value of that which you have already learned, and putting it diligently and consistently into action. Practice makes perfect, as they say!

You CAN be successful in so many different ways, and not just as a ‘suit in the city’! Life can be made up of a series of individual, personal successes, rather than one big single achievement. In fact, isn’t that a better, easier and more interesting way to approach success? You could have a success every day of your entire life, adding up to a huge and glorious collection, by the time you hang up your boots! #7thingssuccessfulpeopledon’tdo.


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