Hauntings..are they real and when is action necessary?

A lady stopped me recently, at the local petrol station, to ask for advice about a ‘haunting’. It wasn’t her own home that was under seige, but that of a friend. Apparently, the previous owner of the house had admitted that it came with a ‘visitor’. However, at first there wasn’t much activity to speak of…….until recently, when a guest awoke in the night, experiencing the sensation of being choked, and a family member entered the bathroom, only to find the contents of a shelf inexplicably flying across the room.

Now, throughout my career, I have come across many, many people who say they have experienced paranormal activity, but I am certainly no expert on the subject. Infact, I no longer market myself as a medium, despite having performed literally hundreds of stage demonstrations, over the years. And some of what I have heard has not convinced me that an actual haunting is in process. However, there have been occasions when I have been utterly convinced that something ‘not of this world’ is at play……..and the most noteable occurred at a seaside bungalow in Anglesey.

I was told by the lady of the house that her husband had been becoming increasingly depressed and irritable, and as he had been struggling to sleep, rather than disturb her he had taken to sleeping in the spare bedroom. However, she said there was something odd about the room, and lately the dog had been refusing to go in. I asked her if I could take a look, and on first sight it was a perfectly pleasant place……nicely decorated and furnished. But suddenly, in my mind, the scene changed…….and the room became dank, cold and unfurnished, apart from one wooden chair, with the walls and floor made of plain stone. A huge sadness swept over me…….and I became aware of an energy form (I couldn’t describe it as human) bouncing furiously off the walls. And I recognised what had been happening. Many years earlier, a mentally disabled person had been kept in this room, day and night, the poor soul held prisoner, hidden from the world, probably by family members who did not know how to cope with the situation. The room was awash with misery and eventual insanity……..and then thankfully the scene faded, the room returning to its bright and comfortable state. No wonder the poor man was feeling increasingly depressed and angry! “Tell him NOT to sleep in this room again!” I instructed. “If he really has to sleep on his own, tell him to take the couch!” I am not given to dramatic statements, but I knew that if he continued using that room, more than likely he would end up feeling suicidal. It is possible that another person using the room would not be affected in the same way……some people are just more sensitive and more ‘absorbent’ than others. 

On another occasion, a very down – to – earth lady told me that there was a presence in her home, and it kept trying to hug her! As she was describing one particular incident, I could ‘see’, in my mind, a youngish man with black hair and blue eyes. He smelled of alcohol, had clearly been some kind of seaman….and he was looking for his mother. 

When I ran this by her, her eyes widened, and she explained that she rented her home from a woman whose children all had black hair and blue eyes, and that sadly, one of her sons had died, suffering the effects of alcoholism….and that he’d been a member of the merchant navy. And the house she lived in had been his mother’s home, though she was now living abroad. I felt incredibly sad…..he obviously thought Angela (not her real name) was his mother. He could feel a feminine energy, and he was looking for reassurance. I prayed for him, and I really hope that he moved on and found peace.

Of course, there are those who believe that people like me (intuitive consultants!), bring ‘dark’ spirits along with us, with the sole intention of dumping them on other people’s property…..and I will give you an example. Some years ago, when I was still travelling out to give group bookings, I attended the flat of a nervous young woman who told me that her friend had warned her against having me in her home, because she had a son. I was completely confused. “Which means what…….?” I asked. “Well”, she stammered. “She says you might leave ‘something’ behind…” I laughed out loud. “Oh, did she now? Well, let me ask YOU a question: do you really think your deceased relatives want to spend eternity in a little flat in Holyhead? AND, if I WAS going to leave anything behind, I am afraid I would have to charge you double!” 

Seriously though, it has to be remembered that we are part of a multi – dimensional experience, and sometimes it seems that the dimensions overlap. My rule of thumb is: if you are experiencing paranormal activity that doesn’t interfere too much with your life (as I myself have!), leave it alone. But if it begins to cause genuine problems, seek out the services of a grounded, well – respected, experienced expert. Some hauntings are incredibly difficult to resolve, and require firm but well – intentioned handling. #Hauntings




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2 thoughts on “Hauntings..are they real and when is action necessary?

  1. I love this story! I would like to hear more about your experiences with the ‘other ‘ things!


    1. Hi Elaine, wow, funny you remembering that! And nice to have my story validated! Xxx


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