5 reasons to have an intuitive consultation!

1) Sometimes we just can’t see the wood for the trees. We are confused about what it is we are actually feeling, and what is even real. Our friends and family are not always the ones who can help us…….they are lovingly biased (or destructively critical!), and a neutral source of insight and guidance can be incredibly useful.

2) A decent intuitive consultant CAN see things we can’t……that’s their job! They are equipped to to outline the various potential pathways that lie ahead, so we can be pre – informed. The purpose of an intuitive consultation is to gain insight into where we currently stand, and where we are potentially heading.

3) To assist us in avoiding wasting time and energy on situations that are never going to work out the way we ideally want them to, and guiding us towards what is going to be healthier, happier and more fulfilling for us, in the bigger picture.

4) To help us assess our plans and goals……warning us, informing us, and furnishing us with new ideas we maybe hadn’t considered!

5) To help us see our own wonderful potential! So many people cannot recognise their own worth, and are too willing to settle for less than they really want. A decent intuitive consultation is akin to a mirror being held in front of us…….a reflection of our outer AND inner world! #Intuitiveconsultations

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