Remember your old hopes and dreams? They still exist, within the vault of your inner – world!

You alone know what is in your mind and heart……..there is a whole world…..NO, universe…….within you, that no – one will ever explore, or even begin to really understand, no matter how well they think they know you! You are akin to an iceberg……..there is the bit that can be seen above the water line…….and a huge amount that cannot be seen, BELOW the waterline!

So, there they are, all of those old hopes, desires, fantasies and yearnings…….locked up in an almost impenetrable vault……and most, if not all, will die with you!

Unless, of course, you find the determination to recover the combination that unlocks that door. You THINK you know what is in there, but you’d be wrong. You have, consciously, forgotten about 99% of all the stuff you have filed away……including the dreams and hopes you came to believe were pointless.

What if you step out of the confines of your everyday life for a while, and see yourself as a completely equal and valid part of the creative universe……a shard of the creative force of life……and allow yourself to re – visit your old, once – precious hopes and dreams…..and see if any can possibly be dusted off and re – examined, and finally given a chance to show their worth? Can you imagine how re – energised you’d become, how newly enthusiastic…….even a little fearful, in a good way? In an exciting way?

Only YOU can decide to delve into your inner world, and pick out something that was once interesting or exciting to you, but that was relegated to the back of the vault, in favour of ‘real’ life lived in the ‘real’ world. Not your friends, partner, parents, colleagues, or children. They know you, have been a part of you and your life…..but they have no idea who lives inside your inner – world vault. And if they doubt you, or discourage you, or try to tell you you have to be ‘realistic’……do you believe them? They could be looking at you through their own filters, and either have an agenda (as in not wanting you to change in any way), or an over – dose of fear…..THEIR fear, not YOURS.

There are old treasures, buried away within you, that could bring a wealth of satisfaction and achievement. And at the very, very least, they would give you something different and re – energising to think about! There is a runner, a writer, a baker, a painter, a mechanic, a teacher, a nurse, a builder, a carpenter, a jewellery maker, a tattooist, a gardener, a collector, a shop owner, an on – line business person, a life coach, an interior designer, a seamstress, a driver…….or one of a million other people……potentially living within the dusty confines of your inner – vault. GO and re – acquaint yourself….WITH yourself! 


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