Disheartened? DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Keep pushing and don’t give up!

You know what? DON’T take NO for answer, where the world is concerned! If today you feel trapped by circumstance, or lack of opportunity (and I promise you, I am familiar with that old nutmeg!), be bloody – minded and shout “Listen world, I will NOT just give up and go away! I WILL cut through the deadwood you keep dropping in front of me, and I will NOT stop or quit. I don’t care how disinterested life seems to be in my hopes and dreams, in my needs and wants……I WILL NOT JUST PUT UP AND SHUT UP!”

If you aren’t making headway in your job, and you are beginning to feel invisible, don’t waste time and energy feeling weighed down and stuck……change something, anything, right now. Stop telling yourself that there is nothing else out there, that you don’t have any options. You are going to do what is right and best for you, and your future……you are going to turn over every stone, more than once if necessary, bang on every door with both fists….and with your shoulders back, your head up and a ‘beat – me – down – if – you – dare’ kind of smile on your face! Don’t go into a slump, and every time dejection causes you to say “Well I’ve tried, but nothing is happening”, shake yourself up and shout “NO…..I am not giving up……I HAVE got something the world needs, and by God is it going to have it!”

I promise you, I am not preaching from an ivory pulpit……I am sharing with you. I AM with you, because I know how your journey feels.

If you have hopes and dreams that seem to be impossible, whilst others appear to already be or have what you want, it can be incredibly disheartening. But at least you HAVE hopes and dreams…….a lot of human beings don’t! You have to be crazy, and you have to be stupidly optimistic, and you have to develop an unreasonable, unbreakable determination……even in the face of others’ disinterest or dismissiveness! A bit like a toddler who just won’t quit, no matter how much it hears the word “NO”! Do something, every single day, that keeps you awake and moving. Keep pushing through the gluey membrane of inertia and defeat, and let fear of being forever stuck in the old place, and in the old mindset, be your motivator. And seek out the stories of those who have done the same…..there are, thankfully, loads of them out there. 

The world is awash with stories of people who were told no, and who then, because they refused to quit, went on to become incredibly successful……and the supposedly smart ‘we know it all’ nay – sayers lost out, big style! There are thousands of business people out there who will spend the rest of their lives kicking their own butts because they weren’t as clever or as savvy as they thought they were…..and lost out on huge potential commissions! Of course, we aren’t all aiming for global super – stardom, but the principles are still the same. Today, and tomorrow, and the next day…..and for however long it takes……DON’T quit until you genuinely feel you’ve gotten to where you really want to be. Or until you grow old and die, whichever one comes first! Go out with a jubilant smile on your face, not a frown of disappointment!



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