I spent almost an hour today, writing about anger, in response to questions asked on my Facebook page (Intuitive Consultations…….and the computer froze, and I lost it all. I have had a busy, pressured kind of week, and am feeling a bit dry round the edges today…..but I refused to become angry (or at least express anger!) about the loss of a piece on anger. So I turned the computer off, and took the dog out for a walk.

And whilst I was out, I received an email, on my phone, from someone who had had a consultation from me last year, instructing me to remove her from my mailing list…..she didn’t rate me, and was never going to use my services again. And she placed the word “services” in double inverted commas, to highlight her disdain. My initial reaction was to bristle, and then sigh philosophically…….of course I was going to receive that email today……it has that air about it.

But then I found myself being polite, and open to hearing what she had to say. I asked her to send me a copy of her consultation, and a run – down of what was inaccurate. And then I re – read, in my mind, as we walked the beautiful beach, all of the wonderful, complimentary emails I receive from customers, to prevent myself from going into a “Let’s face it, I must be pretty crap at this, who the hell do I think I am?” kind of slump. And I said to God, “Look, I am doing the best I can…..I think. I am out of ideas today, so bear with me. And by the way, if there are any weird little opportunities going spare, could I have one…..or two, maybe….?”

Anyway, she did respond, a little later. She said she no longer had a copy of her consultation (deleted it, I imagine, in an angry frame of mind), BUT I had not picked up on a couple of things she thought I should have done. I wasn’t wrong, or inaccurate, from what she said. The outcome I predicted came about, and that is the most important thing. She was angry about the past, and the details she felt I should have mentioned would not have altered the outcome. Anger and hurt feelings, and the sense of rejection, can really affect our sense of perspective. I said I was sorry the consultation had not worked out for her, and wished her well. But you know….I ALWAYS advise my customers to keep a copy of their consultation, no matter what they think, because time passes and memory does not always serve us as well as we imagine it does. Plus, they can safely use it against me, if needs be! 

So you see, we all face days of loneliness (when no – one seems to want us, or be interested in us or what we have to offer), we all face criticism, we all face days when life likes other people more than it likes us…….and those days suck. I can promise you I work hard. I am always listening, learning, delving into my own psyche…..and I still feel like the kid with her face pressed up against the sweet shop window, more often than I want to. And I bet you do, too. But you think the others have it sussed. Sometimes they just don’t….they are just good at bluffing. Sometimes life says “Hey you. Yes….YOU. Don’t get too cocky, there is still a mountain of stuff for you to learn”. But I reckon life is akin to the parent who well – meaningly and lovingly doesn’t want her kid to think life should fall into his lap. She loves him, but she wants him to work for his achievements, so he appreciates and values them all the more. And no matter how old we become, we are still the children of the universe. 

Ps……here is an email I received recently, that I added to my Testimonials page…..and I used it to counter – balance my negative emotions today. What could possibly top this?

Hi Leanne,  Just a quick email to firstly thank you for sending my reading on to me. Just to let you know that even though the reading only took place last Thursday, it has already changed my outlook on life. I walked into work the next morning and my colleagues commented that there seemed to be a change in me! I have my first few nights of pure sleep in ages, and I’ve even managed to talk things through with my husband. I’ll come and see you again towards the end of next year as suggested.

From the bottom of my heart….I thank you


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