Life has a limited selection of little boxes, and we are supposed to choose one (or take one that is foisted upon us), and fit neatly and quietly into it. Forever. Well, ONE little box is no good to me! I need several, so I can dismantle them and fit them all together……..making a lovely big box that can comfortably accommodate all I intend to express, be and achieve. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Take my work, for example. Some people come to my website and say they are confused. What IS an intuitive consultant? They read my ‘welcome’ page and ask “Well are you a psychic or a life coach?” I have re – written that page a hundred times, trying to make it as simple and as clear as possible. And of course there are many who do understand what I am offering, and so I just have to accept that I cannot come up with something that speaks to everyone!

The thing is, I am neither. But I am both. I am not a psychic, as it is commonly understood. I am an intuitive, and I do offer predictions (Einstein’s Fabric Of Time kind of explains how it is possible to be able to predict events that have not yet been experienced!). But I am also a life guide, for want of a better title. If you do this, this is what you will experience. If you do that, that is what you will experience. If you change nothing at all, and carry on, on your current pathway, this is what you are likely to face. Not everyone wants the service I offer……they want to believe life has something great mapped out for them, and is going to deliver it any day now, regardless of what they think, and how they behave. And I have absolutely no problem with that………as long as they don’t book me, because I can’t help them with it.

So, the point is, I cannot be popped neatly into one box or another, workwise. Can you? Do you try to make your life fit into only box, by labelling yourself in some way (I am THIS kind of person, or THAT kind of person), and responding to everyone you associate with in exactly the same way? I used to work as an advertising salesperson, many years ago, and there was a comment I heard over and over again from prospects: “If I say yes to you, I will have to say yes to everyone”. Really? Why? It’s a fob – off, obviously, but not one that makes sense! Would that person approach his entire life, using the same philosophy……either having to say YES to everything, or NO to everything? As I said, it doesn’t make sense.

Take a fresh look at the box of your life. Consider the box other people think you should fit into, just because it suits them. Look at how fiercely people defend their own boxes, no matter how small or dull. Is your box big enough to section it off into a number of rooms…….and if not, can you make one that is?

Life and society like mainstream. A lot of people feel safe being carried along by the mainstream. I like unique. I like to help others to blow things open and uncover their own unique. Make a list of ALL the things you can be and do, from being a good listener to painting a masterpiece. From keeping a sparklingly clean toilet to being a great organiser. Make a list of all the things that fascinate you, from watching ants going about their busy business on the pavement, to listening to great minds communicate………it will reveal so much about all the aspects of your wonderful self! And embrace them, and try to use them as often as possible in your everyday life… matter who tries to shut the lid on the box they are trying to prevent you escaping from!

And by the way, it won’t always be easy. I am still hustling my ass out there, still telling my story, still expanding my horizons, still wracking my brains (left AND right!) for new ideas……don’t be afraid to do the same. Don’t allow your box to have the final word!

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