The nature of our spirit is everything………it will be the ultimate measure of the life we have lived! We are born to become bigger, wider, deeper, more knowledgeable and more open…….and to embrace all experience, shaping and forming ourselves through it. We are born to EXPAND our consciousness…..and the only way we can do this is by allowing our spirit to grow, to soar, to express…….to ‘feel’ all that we can possibly feel. We are born to develop the most amazing relationship with everything….nature, music, art, literature, all things creative, and all things inventive…..and of course with God! And it is THAT relationship with everything that IS our spirit!

And the spirit we create, develop and nurture is the ONLY thing we take with us when we die, and it is the only thing we never lose. And so every single second on planet Earth counts. We are always, always in a state, be it inertia and lack of movement, or creativity. Developing our spirit has nothing to do with ‘being spiritual’……it has everything to do with being alive, and being curious, passionate, appreciative and open to wonder and awe. It has everything to do with being willing to process all of our experiences through a philosophical, heartfelt filter, rather than through bitterness and self – entitlement. We can be mean – spirited, and have all the ‘reasons’ under the sun for our adopted attitude, or we can be free – spirited, and shrug off the scorn of those who live in the ‘real’ world and only believe what they can see!

It doesn’t cost a bean to expand our consciousness, through the development of our spirit, but being constantly skint, and/or having negative beliefs about money, is not spiritual, and is not actually helpful. Genuinely being okay with very little is one thing, but having very little because of deep – seated, unhealthy beliefs is another. Financial abundance can allow us to spend less time scraping by, and more time really living, growing and contributing!

No matter where you are at in your life, you can be in the process of expanding your consciousness, and creating a wonderful, ‘out – there’ spirit, right now and up until your last breath. You can be experiencing pain in one area of your life, whilst still feeling great joy at the sight of a magnificent sky, the sound of a piece of music, the wind rustling through the leaves of a big, old tree, the laughter of a child, a kiss, a smile, a much – needed cup of tea……..all grist for the mill of your spirit! Of course others will try to dim any light you shine, and tell you that you need to get your head out of the clouds……but please ignore them!

Remember, each one of us is a soul, a part of which is our ego…….and our spirit is the child of their union. Our soul can willingly and proudly reflect the glories of its own off – spring’s achievements, and so become brighter in itself as a result! But if soul and ego are too caught up in the dramas of life on Earth, too busy fighting, OR teaming up against the world, they will produce a sickly, under – nourished, unhappy and angry child…….and the human race will be the real losers.

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