I woke up this morning, and before I even opened my eyes, I began to think about what I have to do today. And a voice in my head (God, my higher self, my alter ego…..who knows for sure?) said “What are you committed to?”

Hmm, good question. I know what I WANT…..I go over it often enough in my mind. But am I actually COMMITTED to it……am I consistently behaving as if my intentions are of utmost importance to me? And the answer has to be no. At least, in my mind, I am not putting enough real energy behind what I say I want to acquire, and I recognised why. Doubt. I ‘saw’ the trike I want to buy/attract/acquire……somewhere in the region of £10,000……and although I love the image, I felt a stab of “Oh yeah… how are you going to make THAT happen? On your income from consultations alone? Dream on!” 

And I recognised that I have re – fallen into the habit of focussing too much on HOW it can possibly all come about (which is where the overwhelm and the doubt comes in):

Buy a trike for Dave (he is unlikely to ‘manifest’ his own!)

Buy a new kick – ass bike for myself (and have my old one repaired… I have two!)

Give my kids a financial treat

Pay off a chunk of my debts

Lose that stone I have put on and develop abs I could bounce a coin off

Okay, one of those things on the list can be achieved with a bit of effort (done it before, and all that is required is discipline and consistency). And of course there are other things that are important to me, such as writing…..entertaining and inspiring others. And getting results from my work… see my customers (well, a percentage of them!) improve their mindset, and view their lives more hopefully and productively, becoming happier and more fulfilled. But I want ‘stuff’ as well, AND the time to enjoy it!

So I have to really, truly believe. I have to have faith. I have to keep putting it ‘out there’, being open to new ideas, whilst taking consistent, appropriate action. Desiring and dreaming alone, without action, is not going to achieve anything…….and neither is unconsidered, blinkered action on its own. Nothing exists in the man – made world that did not start as an idea or a dream in a human being’s mind, that was then made ‘real’ through physical action. Nothing.  I once read that the mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality, if the imagination is being used in a big way. I have already proved to myself that I can create and attract, many times over (positively AND negatively!)…..but maybe some of the stuff on this list feels bigger than previous desires/needs.

I know people who spout about the law of attraction, and the ‘Secret’….and I know there are zillions of people getting rich from flogging the concept on YouTube, and in books. But I also know many people whose lives haven’t changed much at all, regardless of the number of books they have read on the subject, or how much they preach it to others. And I don’t want to be one of them. I want to prove to myself, big style, just how amazing, creative, powerful and productive my own mind is……and maybe THAT is more important to me than trikes, bikes and money!

So, in answer to my early morning questioner: THESE are the things I am currently committed to, and I WILL breathe life into them! Talk is cheap (unfortunately…..if it wasn’t, I’d already have a garage full of beautiful, bad – ass and classic bikes!)……and I need to put my mind, my intentions and my commitment behind my words. How about you?


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