CAN you change the course of your destiny? Is there more than one potential future ahead for you……more than one possible outcome?

I absolutely believe so. Okay, it is true that we don’t have control over every last thing that comes our way. There are some things that happen that we definitely did not create or invite in (I know that the purist new – age advocates would have us believe otherwise), and then all we can do is decide how to respond to those things. However, throughout the course of our everyday life, we are constantly creating through the ideas we follow up, and the choices we make.

We are either plodding along (albeit busily), or we are motivated by inspiration or desperation……and in my case, it is usually the last one! Let’s face it, most of us continue down the same pathway, thinking, saying and doing the same things, until life throws a hand grenade our way. And then we react. Now, there is nothing wrong with busily plodding, if that is what we genuinely want……if we have consciously, deliberately chosen that for ourselves, and accept what comes with that choice. But what if we have just become caught up in everyday life, or have become complacent? What if we have never given it a second thought, assuming that this is all there is? Or what if we believe that everything should stay exactly the way it is, and that we are entitled to a smooth pathway? Then that hand grenade is going to blow us apart, mentally and emotionally speaking.

But what if life is trying to show us a bigger picture, and the only way it has been able to reach us is by using shock tactics? Harsh, I know……but if you are like me, even though you are always thinking, planning, analysing and wishing, it often takes a swift, hard kick up the rear end to make you aware of other, bigger, better possibilities, and to put your money where your mouth is!

overSo…..we lose our job, or our business runs down. Can we accept the struggle, accept the discomfort, put our thinking caps on……and use our imagination? What ELSE could possibly be out there, beyond the limits of our comfort zone? Are we willing to move backward or sideways, if needs be, in order to go forward? Is our list of ‘musts and shoulds’ too restrictive……can we stretch ourselves, and be open to things we did not previously consider?

So…..a relationship is proving to be just too problematic, or almost non – existent. Have we decided that this is all we are likely to get, and that we have to just keep hanging on, losing ourselves, inch by inch? Have we convinced ourselves that we cannot live without this person, and that real love is made up of high and lows, pain and self – sacrifice? Or can we remember that we functioned perfectly well before he or she showed up, and that if we can feel love for someone who doesn’t consistently respond to us with respect, honesty, kindness and consideration, imagine how much we could feel for someone who does…..and vice versa!

So……we don’t have enough cash to live the life we want to. What are we going to do about it? Do we believe we have no options, other than winning the lottery (which we don’t believe we will, because we never win anything), or making ‘easy’ cash as in a compensation claim (because we are entitled to it, and anyway other people are doing it)? Are we only open to either ‘get rich quick’ schemes (been down that pathway!) or nothing? Or do we have ideas, skills, talents, knowledge or other resources we could develop, on our own or with help?

Back to the original question: Can we shift the course of our destiny? The answer has to be yes…….we are imaginative, creative creatures, with the capacity to survive against the odds, and to start afresh, again and again if necessary. We can do this by building upon what we have already experienced, what we have already learned, and what we have come to understand. But we either have to really WANT it, or to desperately NEED it (put both together and we could blow the bloody door off!) otherwise we are going to need a hard – hat and a fall – out shelter.

And if we require temporary assistance to help us to see our own bigger picture, we should seek it out and accept it. That’s why there is more than one human being on planet Earth… that we always have access to someone who knows what we need to know, or has skills we can benefit from. One of God’s better ideas, I reckon!



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